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    Literally two minutes after posting this my connection dropped. However it reconnected on its own within a second or two so . . . that's progess I guess? I'm very very close to actually having fully functioning wifi now.


    God I hate Lion.

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    sometimes it takes two or three resets of the pram and smc to clear the dross mine is great no drops since i done this .hope you get fixed soon cheers

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    Just wanted to post my solution here...


    I reluctantly went to the apple store and gave them the symptoms. They sent my air into the depot for repair. 5 days later my air is back and has not dropped once. I have never been able to download a large file on this laptop without a drop in wifi and having to reboot. I downloaded a 2GB file tonight and have been online for 2-3 hours with no dropouts.


    I thought this was a software problem... and was waiting for an update.


    Do not assume this is a software problem... my air has done it since it was brand new and I have been through 3 new routers trying to troubleshoot.


    It appears the only fix was hardware replacement of the wifi/airport card... hopefully it stays as reliable as it has been tonight.


    It seems as though there may be some bad hardware out there.

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    Add me to the list of disappointed Apple owners!


    My wife and I now have a $1300 Imac that we dont use because the wifi keeps dropping and we have a $300 windows 7 laptop that is now our main computer because it has a rock solid wifi connection.... every time. Neither of us are super tech savvy nor do I feel I should be. I am Apple's target customer. Someone who is willing to pay extra for something to 'just work'. I have searched and searched the internet for Apple to even acknowledge there is a problem. I cant find anything to indicate that they have.


    I moved to Apple computers when windows machine were still prone to crash. But I have to say that Windows 7 is a solid platform. The thing is that I like the Apple ecosystem and wish to remain in it, but this wifi issue is really ******* me off.

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    Take it to an Apple Store. Like most persistent issues that affect a minority of customers, Apple has not done a lot of acknowledgement of it, although they've done some. Frankly I agree that Lion is a very weak release, similar to Vista in the Windows world, and I recommend to every user that has the option, stick with Snow Leopard.


    That said, take the iMac to an Apple Store. They will probably fix it pretty easily.

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    In all likelyhood I will bring it to an Apple Store. Or authorized Apple outfit (Apple store is 200km away). I hope they can fix it. Even if it costs me another $200 it'll be worth it!


    That being said. I'm using the Imac right now and I've had a good connection for 10 minutes now since I removed all phones from the wall. (I did say I wasn't tech savvy. It was the only thing I could think of doing that I haven't read has already been tried)

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    I'm still going strong. 20 minutes now! I'm constantly switching from youtube to wikipedia which normally would shut the wifi down. But it seems good now. I know it's a bit early to post after only 20 minutes of no dropped wifi. But I am excited! Could it really have something to do with other phones around the house.... who knows?

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    It's still working! Running 2 seperate youtube videos in other tabs..... approx 38 minutes now! Never have i gone more than 5 minutes without wifi dropping.

  • Canadian Lion User Level 1 (0 points)

    Aaaaaand it failed!


    The wifi failed when I facetimed between the Imac and my Iphone. Once that connection was dropped I couldn't load any webpage in safari until I turned the wifi off and then back on again.


    Sorry for my stupid posts.


    I only put the first one up out of frustration and then the others out of joy that I went 50 minutes without the wifi dropping. Unfortunetly that's not good enough. When I'm trading stocks I really dont want the wifi dropping.

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    Canadian, what kind of security is your Wi-Fi network using?  Is it WEP?  Have you tried changing it to something more secure like WPA or WPA2?

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    Canadian Lion User wrote:


    Aaaaaand it failed!


    The wifi failed when I facetimed between the Imac and my Iphone. Once that connection was dropped I couldn't load any webpage in safari until I turned the wifi off and then back on again.


    It looks like your connection lasted about 1 hour.  Check your router for how long a "DHCP Lease" lasts.  If it lasts for only one hour, then it seems like the Lion DHCP client is failing to renew.  If there really is a hardware problem, that is causing spotty network performance, it could be that the hardware  (or driver problem) is ultimately causing DHCP renewal to fail.  If the interference from your "phones" is a problem for your "mac" or "router", then it might be that your neighbors or something else wireless created this last problem, or was doing it continuously, but the WiFi was retransmitting and making progress. 


    It's exactly these kinds of symptoms and all the associated technologies and failure modes that make this hard for Apple to solve if they are not "in your house" working on it with you.


    I'd really like to see people who are having this problem, consistently, survey all the wireless stuff that they know about and make a list.  Ask you neighbors if they are close to you (apartment, condo or other compartmentalized living spaces) what wireless equipment they have, and put that on your list.  Get make and models etc.


    If those lists were put together somewhere, there might be some particular kind of "interfering" product visible in all the cases.


    Regionally sold devices such as particular wireless phones, particular bluetooth keyboards, camera, wireless speakers, headsets, might be "noisy" and creating problems for a particular group of people.


    If the interference has always been there, that's not the issue.  The issue is that clearly, Lion doesn't deal with the interference in the same way that Mac OS-X used to.  If it's something like DHCP renewals not being retried enough times, or some other simple timeout code that is broken, that's what Apple needs to be able to find.


    I think it's great that people have chosen Apple products because of the belief that they had bought a better product.  You did, I really believe that myself after ditching windows.  But, you also have to understand how technically challenging the RF environmental issues are, and how most of the other "radio" things you use, are put on dedicated frequencies that only they use, and that's why the work "all the time".


    The 2.4Ghz spectrum for WiFi, telephones etc, in the U.S., is allocated under "FCC Part 15" specifications.  This says that the devices must not interfere with equipment outside of the spectrum, and most accept any interference and not "catch on fire" so to speak.  But, there are no guarentees, with RF, that anything will work, when there is enough interference.


    For those that don't know, 802.11b, the first WiFi standard, was a very slow speed, and it split the allocated space into around 11-14 channels (depending on country/location).  802.11g came along as a faster speed, by combining channels so that it was using multiple channels at the same time, and thus was faster, the sum of the channels speed, so to speak.   The result though, was that now there were 3 channels, instead of 11-14.  This means that there can be at most 3 different routers active, before some interference will occur, and if there are other devices such as phones in use, they'll be a problem for all the channels that they are on, still.


    The creation of 802.11a, was a boon for the 2.4Ghz spectrum, because it used allocations in the 5Ghz region that were much wider and much less used for anything.  A lot of people in the know, back in the early 2000's moved to 802.11a to avoid the 2.4Ghz problems that existed in large business complexes.


    Now we have 802.11n which provides a single channel in the 2.4Ghz spectrum for even more bandwidth, but also provides large bandwidth in the 5Ghz spectum with many more channels.  That's the place to go with wireless networks, PERIOD!


    The routers almost all provide automatic frequency selection, and there is much, much less likely hood that your neighbors' routers will be interfering.  Plus, with the added bandwidth, you can stream lots of data from your wireless devices.


    The problem is that not all devices support 5Ghz, so, for example, your iPhone will need to still have a 2.4Ghz network interface.


    I prefer to use the Netgear 600 router for places that I don't need the features of an Apple Airport device.  But, If you don't have an Apple Airport Express, I'd suggest that you'd enjoy having that for it's Airplay services that will allow you to have wireless accessible speakers that you can play iTunes through.


    The Netgear 600 supports either a unified 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network, or you can separate them, if needed.  It also supports a "public" network feature, like the Apple Airport devices do, so that you can have a network for your friends to use, that can not reach your home devices.

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    I have an iMac with OSX 10.7.2 and a MacBook Pro with same OS version. It is only the iMac that drops the connection, the MBP never did it. It only started after i upgraded to Lion and formats did not solve the problem.


    I have recently bought a new router (for other reasons) but the problem is the same - the iMac drops the connection sometimes 10 mins apart over a longer period, sometimes once every third hour.


    What I can read from this thread is that some had success with turning it in to apple support - did that help everyone that tried?

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    Did you try switching the wireless security the router is using from WEP to WPA?

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    Yes, the router is default set to WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES].

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    Hello wifiguru.  My wifi drops, hence I am looking in this thread.  The airport symbol at top shows full strength, but when I open the drop down menu from it, it shows it is searching for Networks on and off, nearly every 2 seconds.



         agrCtlRSSI: -44

         agrExtRSSI: 0

        agrCtlNoise: -88

        agrExtNoise: 0

              state: running

            op mode: station

         lastTxRate: 73

            maxRate: 144

    lastAssocStatus: 0

        802.11 auth: open

          link auth: wpa2-psk



                MCS: 7

            channel: 11



    I did not have any problems with Snowleopard.  Any suggestions?

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