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    I downloaded Lion the day it came out and updated my 27" iMac.  The WiFi problem was terrible.  Maintenance releases didn't fix the problem.  I moved the machine closer to my Airport Extreme (and away from my neighbors houses) and the problem went away.  Who knows why.  I finally just hardwired it to my router.  All's good, and Lion has been great.


    It was time to upgrade my wife's laptop.  I wanted to take her from a MacBook Pro to a MacBook Air, but I was extremely concerned I'd get the WiFi issues (and she'd kill me :-).  Bought the Air a month ago after a long conversation with the Genius Bar guys.


    She's not had a single problem.  WiFi performance at home and when she travels has been rock solid.  Just running Lion as installed and updated from the online downloads, with no pram resets, router or other tweeking.   It just works, like it should.


    Next up I'll upgrade my MacBook Pro and see what's happens, as I'm still running Snow Leopard.  Fingers crossed that the worst I'll have to do is the pram reset described in this thread.


    Keep the faith on Apple products y'all.  They're still stellar, eventhough this WiFi issue has been a bear.

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    Suggest you return the Mac and stop whining to us about it. instead get on whatever corresponding site Windoze has, and warn them all. I too find this problem (minor fortunately on my iMac) mildly annoying, but know it will be fixed. And meanwhile I will continue enjoying my marvelously integrated suite of Apple products. This site is much more useful when we use it for suggestd fixes and improvement, rather than newbie rants.

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    long time cult member right?,  I just expect that when I spend a large sum of money on something that is sold with a slogan "it just works" that it will work, and if it doesn't that SOMEONE who built it knows what is going on and can fix it.  I came onto this page looking for help, folks tried,, I tried some of the fixes, that didn't work. I'm sorry for the whining, venting.  Others were also and I just got caught up in it. I apologize. On a footnote, I tried to return but won't take it back, they offered and tried to fix it, waste of time also. Apple folks kinda remind me of a protective parent, it's ok for them to bash their own, but if someone else bashes their "baby" the claws come out.  In the future I will bite my tongue.  Hopefully a fix for this issue can be found........ and then Mountain Lion creeps in. I've never needed to utilize support forums for any windoze computer.

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    You are not allowed to say anything bad about Saint Steven or any of his products.

    You are definately not allowed to make any comparisons to a PC (unless you trash the PC).

    What you have done is blasphemy!

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    Glad to see that smile at last, Jim!

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    Just received a Firmware Update notice for my Mid 2011 Quad Core iMac and installed it...Not sure if this fixed the problem, but we shall see.

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    That is an EFI update only.

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    I am just so ****** at my iMac that i am to the point of shipping the **** thing to APple and telling them to kiss my a$$ with Lion. This problem never occured till i update to lion. I am not a computer guru nor do I want to be. I paid 1400$ for my mac becuase they are easy to use and reliable, till lion. So to all the apple ppl kiss it, i would like a fix and free mountain lion update or refund me my 29$ lion purchase and I will resort back to snow lepord which works just fine.

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    Breeth Brother. Breeth.


    If you are having an auto join issue on your iMac running 10.7.3 (11D50b), try dumping the system configuration files and connecting from scratch. Open a terminal and do:


    cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration

    open .


    Then move all the files that end with .plist to your desktop (will require admin priv).


    Reboot. Then reconnect to your network and see if you have trouble joining your WiFi on wake. You can always get your environment back by dragging the plist files on your desktop back to the SystemConfiguration folder.


    If that does not help. Manually connect to your network, open terminal and copy and paste the following commands:


    sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Resources/airport -I


    sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Resources/airport -s


    Then paste the output to this thread and I will take a look.


    Even if and when Apple comes out with an update to correct any WiFi issue, if you install it and still have trouble the above should be your goto for trouble shooting in this forum.



    Edited****OOOOh looky. I just checked and I see a software update for iMac WiFi (not just EFI).


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    Here's some good news. It looks like Apple has released a Wi-Fi update for iMacs.



    Fire up your Software Update app.

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    I installed the update. maybe this is the fix

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    i've installed it and put my 2 month old imac to sleep 10 times ..... woke up with wifi connected every time

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    Maybe you try to install new wi-fi update...

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    i did and the update worked fine for me 

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