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I upgraded my three year old Gen 2 20 gig ipod to a 60 gig video ipod. Recently it's starting acting odd. I have songs on iTunes that do not appear on the ipod. About 5 or 6 of them I understand, since they are copy protected. However there are several dozen tracks for which there is no reason i can think of. They transferred fine to my old iPod. The thing they have in common? Well, in my library, viewed through windows, they're in an 'unknown album' folder, although through iTunes the album title is just blank. It's infuriating and I don't know what to do. Any ideas?

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    If you are viewing your songs via the "Artists" menu, the problem may be that some songs by a particular artist have an album name, while others (the ones that are missing) have a blank album name. Try assigning an ablum name to the ones that are blank. You should then see them on your ipod under the "Artists" selection.

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    That's a very helpful, quick and good response. Thanks. I tried it and it works as a fix to the problem. So that's something!

    It is however somewhat annoying to have to give fake album names to all songs currently without album titles (about 2000 tracks). This did not occur before having updated the ipod with the latest updater, or on my old iPod.

    So thanks for your help and I'll do that for now, but if Apple are reading and looking at things to change in the next software version it would be good to revert to how things used to be!
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    Create a smart playlist of all songs with blank album names. Then select all and change the album name to a dot or something all at once. Thats what I did.

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