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    I have the same problem over here: MacBook Pro, 27" Cinema Display and none of the things mentioned worked. Tryed the SMC reset, the PRAM reset, updated Little Snitch, I have no sharing on at all.


    That really *****. And as someone already asked before: Are apple not checking their software before releaseing it to the masses?


    Any new ideas what it can be? Also a question to the SMC reset: When pressing Alt+Option+Shift and the power button, do you usually get any feedback that the SMC reset worked (eg a led flashing or a tone)?



  • harsh from new delhi Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i had the same problem of going into sleep and when i open the lid, no display is there but the body of macbook pro was getting hot. then the only way to close the pc was SMC reset. But the reset did not solve the problem. So i went to apple store and told them. They told me that there was some defect on logic bord and they are replacing it. Will get my mac back after 3-4 days.( one more thing try uninstalling istat from dashboqrd completely and then restart hope it solves the problem)

  • harsh from new delhi Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    my model is the 2011 macbook pro 13 inch core i5

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    Nahh… search for it with eg. google. So many ppl having this issue after upgrading to Lion. Can't be the logic board defect for everybody.

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    if u hav istat installed on dashboard plz uninstall it by clicking the + sign and clicking over widgets on dashboard. then restart and check for the problem again.

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    Closing iStat does not fix the problem on my 2010 13" C2D with 10.7 Lion.

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    Sleep and wake worked fine for a few days with Lion. Then, today, I had problems waking my system up. I had to shut down holding the power button down (like a kernel panic recovery), but re-starting brought me back to the prior system state. Weird.


    I continued to have sleep problems ... no "heartbeat light" on my MacBook; had to wake up using the power button ... system crapped out a few times.


    Reset PRAM because I lost Bluetooth in one of my restarts.


    Reset the SMC ... sleep heartbeat light still not working, but the system did wake up on a power button press.


    Really weird behavior, definitely a major PITA. Hope this is resolved soon!

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    another thread talks about this cant remember which but turnoff internet sharing in systemprefs and see if that works.

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    Thanks for the tip, but the sharing setting was already turned off. My favorite Mac OS X feature, reliable sleep/wake, doesn't work! Right now, I shut down my system between sessions ... :-(

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    Called the tech support line and this is what ultimately worked for me. Caveat emptor:


    1) Trash this folder


    Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > SystemConfiguration


    2) Re-boot


    3) Now sleeps and wakes OK (so far!)


    4) Empty trash

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    no such folder or object to delete: Library\Preferences\SystemConfiguration on Lion for me.

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    I do not think this is nececessarily related to Lion.  My systems had similar problems under Snow Leopard and Leopard.  Sadly, it seems Lion has not fixed the sleep issues for my Macs.


    I finally resorted to installing PleaseSleep from dragonone software (  It is Lion compatible and works.  Excellent configurable application.

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    Am I misinformed or isn't the "close the lid and the connected screen will cintinue working" thing one of the major new features of Lion? Has anybody who has a screen connected to his Book looked in the "Screens" preferences under system preferences?

    I haven't got one connected but having problems with automatic sleep as well. What I think creates this issue is mail. It's running the whole time and when I turn it off, my Mac seems to be so tired, that he falls asleep after some defined time.

    I also tried this in SafeMode and had the same issue, so that I am pretty sure that it's not a third-party-problem like the one with "IOSurface: allocation size is zero" related to flash.

    Would be interested in your experiences.

    Aloha, [m]

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    That may well be true, but Macs not going to sleep has been a long standing issue.  That's why there are utilitites such as NMD Sleep Assist and PleaseSleep that have been around for a long time.  I do not believe safe-mode will make any difference.


    On my system, there is nothing active I can think of that would cause the Mac to stay awake - no internet sharing, no mail, no safari.  After installing Lion the Mac went to sleep just fine.  A few days later however, it stopped sleeping so I have installed PleaseSleep.  It just works and does what it is supposed to.  The Mac sleeps after the defined interval.

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    I have noticed that Mail keeps the Lion awake. As soon as I quit Mail my MacBook Pro goes to sleep. With SL it went to sleep even when Mail was open...

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