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Since FrontRow is no longer supported in Lion, what apps can I use to replace it?  Hopefully for free, since FrontRow was free.  It also has to work with the Apple remote (pressing "Menu" should launch it)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7
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    What currently happens in Lion when you press the remote's "Menu" button?


    As for replacement, Plex is decent but cludgy, and I have high hopes for Boxee when the next update comes out in Fall.


    Where are also instructions for how to revive FR, but I haven't tried yet as I haven't installed Lion yet.

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    Currently when I press the "Menu" button, nothing happens.  And FrontRow is removed from the Applications folder.


    I did a search on here, and someone posted the files to backup before upgrading to Lion, to re-add FrontRow afterward. But since I already did the upgrade, I lost the files.

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    Fortunately, I got a Time Machine backup. But I doubt restoring front row from the back up would help. I'll try that and post here. Front row is the defacto app for me as I used it all the time to watch stuff on my HD tv. I'm going to miss it dearly. along with my hdtv and my surrond sound, it was front row that made for a perfect home theatre system, both, in my bedroom and in my living room. Wonder if its done to push the sales of apple tv.



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    It didn't work.

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    Anyone who's done this: once you "restore" Front Row by copying these files (and rebooting?) does the menu button bring up Front Row as before or do you have to manually launch the app?


    I am surprised that Apple removed this functionality without a replacement.  Seems a lot of people use it!  I know I'm not going to update until something with this functionality and works with the remote on my MBP is available.

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    Party Marty wrote:


    http://9to5mac.com/2011/07/19/os-x-lion-kills-front-row-heres-how-to-get-it-back /


    This allows you to get FRONT ROW on LION


    Unfortunally although it does get FrontRow back, none of my music/tv shows/movies from iTunes are showing up.  Only my photos and movies I have in the "movies" folder on my hard drive.

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    My fix was  a simple one although it did use a lot of memory, as i use front row a lot and failed at getting any of the other programs to play (plex, Medacenter, Centerstage)'40bucks i wont get back) i downloaded the installer listed here and copy/pasted the TV SHOWS file into the moves file, while yes this meens i have the moves saved in two spots on my computer they howerver do play and thats the whole point in the end

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    Go with Plex (www.plexapp.com).  It isn't a complete solution, but it is far more feature rich.


    Downsides:  Won't play protected files (i.e. movies), and I have been unable to get the "FrontRow" style launching to occur. 

    Positives: My 3 year old can use it quite easily, and the interface is so content rich that he can even find particular episodes of his favourite TV Shows.  You can also span HDDs.

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    Front Row can be run on Lion if backed up from SL. check this out.