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    I totally second that it is utterly rediculous to find out that the new Mac OS that Apple was raving about for months leaves pro users back to squaire one, which is back to Snow Leopard. Working with 2 screens is like daily bread to me.


    After a few days of hassling and another day upcoming to get it all back the way it was here Apple leaves me with total disappointment with their new 'flagship', which at the currren moment more looks like a sinking ship to me.

    Another 30 bucks wasted on the fly...


    I suppose that Apple was aiming for a specific market with this OS, and most likely people with just a laptop, and totally ignored the pro users with multiple screens, audio interfaces, etc.

    What they SHOULD have done is more clearly advertise the downsides of the current status when upgrading to Lion, rather they just be ignorant.

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    This is also on VLC


    Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 11.45.00 AM.png


    @Capper. you're missing out if you're trying to fullscreen videos this way, just get VLC, it's free and widely supports almost all video formats except the propietary .rm files. But who uses real media anymore, amIright?


    @CaptPicard : I expected this the first time I saw mission control having written off spaces as silly for multimonitors. But you can ignore spaces. You can even turn it off (?). But if I want to turn off mission control/spaces I'm out of luck. Having what I imagine to be a very substantial amount of the UI/UX missing from this "upgrade". I fear for this new turn to iOS for things that are not iOS devices.


    on a differernt note, I have a laptop/notebook, don't hate. I have optical audio output connected to a 5.1 receiver, and hdmi connected to a 42" TV. Don't act like I'm out of the loop here. I think you should widdle your judgment down to a macbook Air, which I can see lion playing VERY nice with.


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    This would be great if it worked on the secondary monitor. I have windows XP at work and whatever monitor you have a window on that you maximize somehow windows knows and maximizes on that monitor, Apple has really missed the point of full screen apps

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    it's just not the same, you can still maximize your application windows but fullscreen apps function differently then maximizing your window as it creates a whole ui within the application (or at least supposed to). Get better snap tool or bettertouchtool to be able to have windows 7 type edge fullscreening.

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    For now I will use TheSmokeMonster's solution in his previous post : Open display preference pane and in the second tab drag the toolbar from the first display to the second to make it your primary display whenever it is connected.

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    Well, that's kind of a hack, but have a look at this link! It should help you all to have a different app on your second display and exercice your one-handed typing skills.


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  • Stress Test Level 4 Level 4 (1,265 points)

    ToniFi wrote:


    Well, that's kind of a hack, but have a look at this link! It should help you all to have a different app on your second display and exercice your one-handed typing skills.



    But he writes:


    The point is that you can open multiple applications in full screen mode, not that the full-screened application opens to the primary display (which happens to be my external monitor here).


    So not the same, as mentioned? (Couldn't test it)

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    bump this post. any solutions yet?

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    I just tried two applications after spending my entire day off looking for a solution to this problem. QuickTime Pro 7. Works flawlessly and exactly as we would like it to. Also Virtual DJ. So the problem is with Lion. (no news there) but the bigger problem is there is already a fix and it hasn't been applied.


    I'm not educated enough to write software but it seems to me that it would be. Simple task to write a script that would allow the same option in at least all the native apple software that already exist in QuickTime 7 and Virtual DJ and send out an update to fix this issue.


    I'm not so big on fullscreen applications. I just liked the way apple applied them vs what you get from PC. I can accept the loss of the full scene applications to get back the more functional and useful dual display.

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    This worked for me. I can now see video in fullscreen mode using VLC. I can't use full screen mode on any other app at the same time, but at least I have the same funtionality for videos as I did with snow leopard.

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    I posted my Feature Request to apple here


    where I detail how I thought spaces would work and how I would like it to work. it has solutions for all spectrums of people who like the native way they're handled and supports our thinking that there should be separate content even in fullscreen mode. It's all, IMHO, really unobtrusive and a solid concept. Feel free to send your own in or use my example.

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    Honestly, I though Apple "thought different." This used to be the company that gave us freedom, now they are attempting to control us with Lion OS.  Apple, you are becoming Microsoft.  Please STOP!  I thought Steve said that he wanted things to "Just Work!"  What happend?  Why can't we have control of our OWN screens?  After we have given you all of our money and made you one of this country's wealthiest companies, you start to show your true colors.  It feels like the first time Steve left, the company was headed for destruction.  Now that he has passed on, please don't revert to your old ways.  Don't take our freedoms.  Give us back our screen control!

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    I found the solution, all you need to do is go to displays settings in the systems settings. From there go to the arrangement's tab and relocate the menu bar to the external display now when you full screen any app it will full screen on the external display.

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    Ddawk, please say what you are saying to Apple themselves, we're useres like yourself.


    @Averageappleuser this is not a solution, re read what the issue is. a better solution to what you are saying though, is to not switch the main display, but to mirror them. I gave this suggestion to a teacher (mirroring) who was asking on here what he/she could do if they wanted to make a presentation with his/her back to the second screen. you're solution wouldn't solve anything because once you did what you say, the other screen will have what we are talking about which is a fabric background. It isn't a solution, you're just moving which screen is the problem screen.