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  • niknok110974 Level 1 (0 points)

    @marz Macc


    whn apple replaced your unit.


    are you still under warranty?


    if not, how much did you pay?


    im just curios bcoz i might be heading in the same direction where you have been.



  • dakardave Level 1 (0 points)

    5 days ago Apple replaced my logic board and installed snow leopard. I have had no problems so far. 


    Now that I have my life back there is no way I will reinstall Lion until I know it is safe to do so, 



  • sspm Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Guys, same here. MBP keep crashng the moment it gets updated to OS Lion =(

    Send it for repair to get an answer that everything is working perfectly fine. Wasted 120+ bucks for nothing!! Can Apple solve this problem?


    MBP 15-inch, mid 2010, 2.66 GHz i7

  • kspes Level 1 (0 points)

    AAARGH!!!! I can't take this crap anymore! three crashes just this morning...


    I'm thinking about installing windows 7. anyone tried that? do the crashes occur in windows as well? I've seen mixed results in this thread about that..

  • kspes Level 1 (0 points)

    btw, have you guys been successful with integrated only option in gfxCardStatus? when I set that mode, my laptop freezes after a few minutes. image freezes or i can move the mouse but nothing except a restart helps. so I'm using discrete graphics only but that has the infamous issues..

  • mike33r Level 1 (0 points)

    me too.  my MBP locks up constantly.  I just want my Snow Leopard back.  I should know better than to purchase an OX within the first 6 months.

  • rgomez Level 1 (0 points)

    Went today to an Apple Store, and they just told me I can either wait for Apple to solve this issue (which I've been doing since Lion came out), going back to Snow Leopard, or trying a fresh install of Lion, which quite probably won't solve anything.


    I guess that now that Apple has aknowledge the issue and promises a software update, they won't be doing more hardware replaces, even if that seems to fix the issue.

  • ceratophyllum Level 1 (0 points)

    gfxCardStatus seems to be helping. It's been a few days of smooth sailing: iTunes, web browsing, Netflix, Eternal Lands (had to use discrete for the game), several sleep/wakes.  I keep it on "integrated only" all the time, except when using an external monitor at home. Before using gfxCardStatusI was getting a lock up pressing  Safari's "Show Downloads" button  and sometimes the downloads icon on the dock.


    However, it is kind of hard for me to judge. It's always the same with a new OS version: After a brief flirtation with Safari and some playing with the new UI elements, I go back to my old ways. I avoid gimmicky UI visual effects and mostly use Firefox. I have no use for mission control, launchpad. When I download something, my first instinct is not to click anything on the dock, but to Alt-Tab to a Terminal, cd ~/Downloads, and unzip -l  (Come to think of it, these spacey names sound a bit dated...I mean, we're no longer living in the space age, but the BS age. Anyway, that's another rant.)


    I was just thinking, back in the old days of Jaguar, Panther, there were various free/share-ware apps to turn off drop shadows, transparency, etc., for those of us who had slow macs. Is there some defaults.write voodoo in Lion that would switch off all the eye candy? At least on my mac, the black screens always happen when clicking something tied to a superfluous but pretty effect. My i5 2.4GHz nvidia 330M macbook pro is from week 23 of 2010.

  • Alan Chou Level 1 (0 points)

    I meet this issue for two months since I use the Mac OS X Lion. When I let my MacBook Pro to sleep, if I try to wake it up, it has the black screen, but the key board is lighting. I have to restart it by push the power key.


    This issue is still in 10.7.2, and even worse. If i close the MacBook Pro, and open it, it will be black screen.


    Why Apple still have no idea to solve this problem?


    My MacBook Pro is 2010 Mid with i5 2.4GHz, 8GB memory, Intel HD Graphics and nVidia Geforce GT 330M 256MB GDDR3.


    I have some friends also have this issue in their MacBook Pro with Geforce GT 330M graphics.



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    I too have a Macbook Pro which for some weeks had suffered many of the issues other owners have reported here until one morning I opened the lid to find a black screen and unresponsive keyboard. I had purchased this new from a very reputable online store and it was only 8 months old and I had not upgraded to Lion or added any other software apart from iwork which again was purchased new from the same reputable online store. To cut a long story short, the Apple store (36 miles round trip) replaced the logic board (17 August) and for the past 3 weeks I have been experiencing the spinning beachball again (this is exactly what was happening prior to all the other problems which resulted in the logic board being replaced). This is happening while being on the internet, checking mail etc. and not having any other programs open.


    I have now discovered that the Serial Number that was put onto the newly replaced logic board is totally different to the Serial number on the bottom of my Macbook Pro and on the box it came in! I have spoken to the people at Apple care and was told that they have never known this to happen as it seems that they have entered the serial number etc of another Macbook that was having a logic board replaced at the same time as mine. After a 45 minute call I was told I would need to speak to the people at the store where the logic board was replaced and they have told me that I will need to bring it in to have another logic board fitted! This is dreadful and I can't believe the trouble buying this (my first Apple computer) has caused me. I'm very disappointed and am thinking of returning it to the store I purchased it from and asking for my money back.

  • Marz Macc Level 1 (0 points)

    @ niknok110974 When apple replaced my computer yes is was under warranty i had gone like 8 months or so out of it would have been up January. Ahh they replaced the new system with the 2011 version and gave me a brand new 1 year warranty contract and 90 days phone service and everything. See the thing is its like you're getting a new computer they even give you a receipt and everything cause its a BRAND new computer. Replacing the logic board doesn't solve the issue, nor does the screen.


    Its probably too late that they'll replace your computer though since they acknowledged the problem however you could still press them.  Good luck leme know if yall have any more problems. Oh and i haven't experienced any BSOD since i got the new computer. it runs much more faster too and since the .2 upgrade even faster i just updated the ram to 8 gig too as well, found out you can even swap out the cd drive that is kinda obsolete and place a harddrive in it (SSD) but apple won't look at your computer if you have that rig( thought i'd share).

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    Does this happen always, or only when the power is connected?  Try disconnecting the power before opening the computer.

  • HarleyQuin Level 1 (0 points)

    Well after two logic board swap outs and a machine that doesnt BSOD anymore but sure as **** doesnt work how it should or how it used to my only fix is either take them to court which they welcomed with a smug sound in their voice because the only thing they were willing to do was have a service centre roll me back to snow leopard and I was not to do updates or install any 3rd party apps or programs.  So it seriously not fit for purpose, and its costing me.  It has a usb port that doesnt work, if I play a browser based flash game it over heats like a menopausal woman with hot flashes and slows right down, but because it passes that blasted hardware test I am screwed.


    4k brick.....


    Debating the court action. And the email to tim cook as this is unacceptable.

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    I am having the same issue on my Late 2007 15" MacBook Pro...Black screen after 10.7.2 update. I tried connecting it to my television and I can't get a picture there either. The computer seems to run fine otherwise. I don't know how to get a fix if I can't even see the screen. Please help! Cant afford a new computer right now..

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    This is pretty aggravating. I am experiencing BSODs all the time—sometimes several in one hour. Only solution is to hard-reboot my mac.


    Like the bulk of (on-topic) commenters in this thread, I have a mid-2010 MBP 15" i7.


    As others have noted, it doesn't sound like it's a hardware issue, as I've only had this problem since upgrading to Lion.


    Apple: please light a fire under the driver engineers and get a fix out for this. Rebooting all the time: not a very pleasant experience. Prior to this issue my mac was stable as a rock. Now, not so much.