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  • TN-Johnny Level 1 (10 points)

    No Dadotron, I'm not talking about the one where you delete that file. Check out the post I referred to; it's on page 157 of this thread, posted on January 24; it starts off with "Tommo, would you mind trying something...".

  • ReluctantAdept Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't think this is a hardware heat/strain issue.  If I turn off automatic graphics switching and run ONLY on the nVidia GPU then the problem never occurs.  Of course my system runs hotter on average and battery life suffers, but I don't experience the black screen on wake from sleep and other periodic catastrophic failures.  I think it's a problem related to switching power states frequently.


    This has been the case on both my original and replacement motherboards, and it's the only reason I haven't been even more adamant about getting the problem solved.  I've been patient so far, but my patience is wearing thin.  Yesterday resulted in the store escalating to their engineering support with console logs et al.  I'll report back if that leads to anything conclusive.

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    Hey guys, could someone running Lion 10.7.2 (I'm on Snow Leopard) try the trick TN-Johnny suggested?

    I have a feeling he knows wwhat he's doing.

    Quoted below for your convenience:


    "[...] would you mind trying something for testing services?


    Just so we can maybe narrow this issue down a little. If you can just restart your Mac (uncheck "Reopen windows when logging back in"), and after it boots leave it for a minute or two. After that open Activity Monitor, and force quit the "WindowServer" process; it should restart automatically. Once it restarts, proceed and work with your Mac as you would, and keep it running normally to see if any of these abnormalities have been solved or are they still around.


    It's just that I'm beginning to wonder if it's the process kill that caused my laptop to work normally again, or was it indeed the upgrade itself."

  • dtabach Level 1 (0 points)

    "it gets more and more frequent with time".



    Yes, this happened also when my logic boards were fried on Snow Leopard.

    In the beginning, it was once in a while. Then it was once a day. Then it happened always when I used some apps, like iPhoto, Safari etc.

  • DioAlma Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi, another one here with the problem,

    Question1: as anyone resolved the problem with logic bord/hdd/etc swaps?im begging to think all mabook pr mid 2010 have this problem.

    Question2: Anyone here with the problem DOESNT have gfxcardstatus installed? it crossed my mind this program is to blame, i deleted it and the problem didnt happend again(i only deleted it yesterday so its not guaranted)

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    "Question2: Anyone here with the problem DOESNT have gfxcardstatus installed?"


    Absolutely.  I first noticed the problem on a clean Lion install.  Literally nothing but the default operating system installed on stock hardware.  It has happened three times in the past two days with nothing but Lion, software updates, and Aperture 3.0 installed ... and I didn't use Aperture at all two of the three times.

  • matt_mac Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine has not crashed since a logic board swap before Christmas.

  • to cheuk yin Level 1 (5 points)

    How can I go about getting a logic board swap? How will I prove to Apple that I am affected by the issue, since it occurs randomly? Roughly how long will my MacBook have to be sent in for repair?

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    Visit the Apple Retail Store by making an appointment. They run the VST (video test) for Mid-2010 MBP which usually fails if you have this issue. Mine too had this issue randomly and I could not reproduce. But the VST failed. Show them the Apple's article which talks about 2-yr extended warranty because of this issue so that they don't charge you anything (I had to do that as they were going to charge me for replacement of logic board). So far after replacement of logic board, mine did not crash.

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    I tried killing the "WindowsServer" process with no effect.

    The Videoupdate seemd to have fixed it for some Time. At least It was just a few times the BSOD happend since I made the update.


    Until a few days ago. It just shuts down again every few houres when the NVIDIA card is running. It doesn't like the MacAppStore (almost imidiatly after starting the app and movin the mouse) nore does it like Skype.


    Unfortunatly I can't afford to give it away for a test and/or a boardchange as I'm almost allways travelling around the word a need my MBP for work.


    It's just annoying to work with Lightroom or Aperture or FinalCut with no GFXpower at all...


    I hope 10.7.3 really is a fix.


    I was just curious what made the behaviour so unpredictable. I had allmost no problems at all for three month and now all of a suddon everything is bad again...


    Sorry for my poor english.

    And keep it up! It allways helps to read here and see how many people are trying to help.


  • to cheuk yin Level 1 (5 points)

    Thank you for your response Abhi. How long did it take Apple to swap the logic board? I ask because I require my MacBook for work daily and need to plan my repair accordingly.

  • Abhi D Level 1 (0 points)

    Ed, for me Apple store had to order the part. They called me in to drop the laptop off when they had the part - I was told that it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 days. But I got a call the very next day informing the laptop was ready to pickup. They may not do this if you don't ask, but I asked them re-run the VST and prove to me that the test passes after replacement. And they did, test passed.

  • to cheuk yin Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks Abhi, I'll get in touch with my local Apple Store and hopefully get things straightened out.

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    So, in December they opened the first Apple Store in Valencia, Spain. That was my blessing. At the Genius Bar they made a pretty quick Nvidia Test which ended up with an error code allowing the logic board swap free of charge. They had to order it: in 2 days they called me to drop off the MacBook, which I did at 1 p.m. next day. They called me THE SAME DAY to say it was ready. I'm using it now for one week since then. The problem is gone. Last year before the Apple Store appeared I tried contacting the Authorized Service. The test they conducted was not succesfull for me. I assume, since then the test has been changed.

    I would urge everyone here to make an appointment with an Apple Store and present them the TS4088 article.

    Good luck and I'm logging off from this thread.

  • Jx3me Level 1 (5 points)

    Indeed, I did the same, took my mac to an apple certified repair center, did the test, went wrong, ask for the part, install the part and deliver the mac to me in less than 5 business days... that's the recipe.


    Apple never let me down . This time took very long though .