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    After applying the 10.7.3 delta update via Software Update w/in a couple hours of release, things seemed fine for me after some initial issues w/ apps crashing at startup (I did NOT get the "CUI" error).  Several reboots later, & I no longer had issues (other than my lonstanding Lion issues /w playing video.


    I have a long-in-the-tooth late 2006 MBP--2.16 C2D, ATL X1600 video card w/ 128MB VRAM.  I coincidentally had done a clean install (secure erase & install) of Lion about 30 hours before 10.7.3 was released.


    Just now I had the black screen issue.  I only had Firefox (updated version 10) & latest version of Twitterrific open.  Screen simply went black, had to hard shut-down by holding down power button, then re-start.


    My video problems remain (system freezes when playing video using QT, VLC or M PlayerX, regardless of codec, especially if it's 720p .mkv.  But until this most recent black screen, at least I hadn't had any oter random system freezes/kernel panics under 10.7.3.  :sigh:  Lion just wasn't meant for this machine I guess.  I can boot from a SL install on a firewire drive & have zero issues, including perfect video playback.

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    1. Hi, Abhi D, can you check if the new logic board comes with NVIDIA 330M discrete graphcis chip set which is the default (original) for Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2010?


    2. Some of my personal observation and thought ...


    I am using a MBP Mid 2010 15" with Leopoard, then upgraded to Lion and now to 10.7.3.

    In 10.6, the black screen happen when I connect to external monitor (which the discreet GPU will be activated) and starting  the iPhone simulator to debug my app using Xcode.

    But ever since with Lion, the the black screen could just happen any time.


    Send to Singapore Apple representative and the change the logic board with the same 330M graphica chipset.

    The problem didn't solved.


    From many posts and response, we all believe the issue is due to (and likely happens) during "Integrated---Discreet (and vice-versa) graphic switching".


    From my brief study, NVIDIA 330M chipset is the very first chipset from NVIDIA that offers so-called Optimus Technology (providing hardware-based graphic acceleration only when needed to conserve power).


    I have a Sony Z laptop using exactly the same chipset as this MBP Mid 2010 15", installed with Windows 7.

    On that machine, I frequently have the screen flashes-to-black-and-restored, which Win 7 report that the "system has just recovered from an un-responding graphics card" message (or something similar). A little search on the internet give me this clue -->


    In short, the 330M chipset seems Not to work well to response in time, hence causing some fault to the OS (on both Windows 7 and Mac 10.6 and 10.7).


    While Win 7 and Vista can still cope by at least restoring the system to a working state (which allow users to continue from where they left of), Mac OS Lion (or Leapord) simply dies off.


    Some one say deleting the "WindowServer"  file can solve the issue (,  and WindowServer file is related to Quart2D graphical core of Mac OS kernel), this further strenghten my believe that :-


    a) NVIDIA 330M chipset is the root cause of this, and

    b) Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7 are not robust enough to cope with the flaws in Nvidia 330M and causing the entire system simply to hang and us loosing our works.



    If the above two are true, then all of us (the Mid 2010 MBP 15") users should be qualify for a new logic board with ATI discreet graphica chipset.


    Agree ?



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    I don't know if they can put the logic boards for the next gen MBPs into the 2010 models and I suspect that Apple is unlikely to do so. They did replace our logic board with a new rev and it solved the problem on my son's systems. He had two logic board replacements. The first one was last summer. It was the same rev as his original logic board I believe and it failed in a few months. It was replaced with a newer rev logic board and he's had it for about two or three months now with no black screen/crashing problems.

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    The problem is definitely with NVIDIA chipset.Apple should buy these laptops from us and give us new ones at deep discounts. I have been suffering for about 6 months now. The problem has not been solved with 10.7.1, 10.7.2. Video Update, and 10.7.3.


    I hope Apple Tim Cook is reading this :-) Pin the loss on NVIDIA.

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    Have to agree folks. I've a late 2009 MacBook, 4GB RAM with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256MB. First upgraded to Lion on release and had multiple, multiple kernel panics. Decided on 10.7.3 I'd try again, took 10 seconds to force a kernel panic (opened a youtube video in chrome). Decided I'd try once and for all to resolve this. Looking through the kernal panic logs, I'm more and more convinced it's down to the graphics drivers. I've read a lot of different forums and support conversations here, and everything points to it. I installed gfxCardStatus and set my graphics to integrated, and the laptops been up without an issue now for 3 days. I haven't pushed it, graphics wise, so still thinking about rolling back to Snow Leopard until there is a definitive NVIDIA driver fix from Apple. NVIDIA aren't touching this with a 40 foot pole, so it's down to Apple to produce the drivers that'll resolve these issues.


    Sad that we have to wait for them to pull the finger out when all of us know what the issue is and where it lies.

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    When does the lemon law start to help?  If the machine does not work reliably should it not be replaced?

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    Same problem for me (mbp mid 2010 15"). I want from Apple a new mac!!

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    Yep, me to although I'm running an older MacBook Pro from 2008 2.4 core duo with lion. I work fine for the first few weeks then a system update and now gradually more and more random blank screen or crash shut down like a force quit. I have purged the roms for about 3-5 times in a row on restart command + option P + R then I hold down shift to proceed with safe boot. Next i'm not sure what to due reset disk permissions maybe and hope for the best. If any one has a solution please LMK. A while back i had something similar with a G4 updated the system and sure thing began to crash and wifi went out. I believe that this is a way to force us to upgrade or render certain systems obsolete dam them draconian comp pushers.

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    I can't wait for a lemon law, business has to move on.  Spending so much time grappling with so many failings with Lion is crippling.  I'm using a borrowed Windows 7 machine to get work done.  Who would have thought that could happen!  I've made every Apple update on 3 different apple computers and lion has yet to settle down.  I have done the permissions and spotlight indexing which does not seem to improve the speed on the desktop or the laptops. I just did the wi-fi update hoping to get my macmail connected again only to have the black screen crash -again.  The black screen lockup has been the longest running problem. Sometimes Lion will just log me off but not go black.  It doesn't seem right that I have had to parked my macs but they have been more trouble than they have been useful since installing Lion. I moved the business to macs years ago because of this very situation. I did not have to be my own IT department, Apple made things easy.  Its not so easy now and has its costs. 

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    I can't speak to all of the other models that are being discussed here, but for those struggling with the mid-2010 MBP issues I'd encourage you to turn off "Automatic graphics switching" in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences.  It isn't a 100% solution and I hope Apple continues to pursue real hardware or software fixes for everyone, but it's the only way I've been able to put up with the issue for the past seven months.  The system runs hotter than it should and battery life suffers, but at least it kept my system from freezing up repeatedly.

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    Good point Dugby. Yong Seong's research shows that the problem is due to NVIDIA chipset. Let's get replacement from Apple.

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    I guess now we all know the real reason behind Apple's switch to AMD/ATI graphics cards in their latest MBP product line... If they're so quick to join up with another company then I REALLY hope that nothing like this ever happens between Apple and Intel, because if they were to move to AMD processors, I would lose all hope in Apple; there are some things that you just shouldn't do.

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    ReluctantAdept : this famous "workaround" does work, but isn't that our machine should perfectly well under Both the integrated and discreet mode? If what I need is only the integrated graphics, I wouldn't have spent the extra to get this MacBook Pro, instead, I should have the the MacBook White instead last time.


    This MBP basically was bought for Xcode programming, and I need to extra screen estate by connecting this MBP to an external monitor. Connecting to and extending desktop to an external monitor is only possible in discreet mode.


    So, guess as with others who suffer the same, what we need is a "solution" from Apple, instead of all the workarounds coming from helpful community members like your goodself.


    Since both the hardware (logic board with the NVIDIA chipset) and the OS (10.6.x and 10.7.x) are BOTH from Apple, trust it is fair to expect them to work seamless well (and robust enough to ensure best user experience and keeping ours data and works safe). However, I ended up by spending extra bucks for regular loss of data and frustrating experience.


    Ironically, I just recalled that Apple has been advertising Lion as "the world most advanced desktop operating system" here in Singapore. Based on my earlier post, if Windows 7 on my Sony Vaio Z with the same NVIDIA chipset can at least recover back after the chipset/driver "malfunctioning" and let me continue to work and save all my works, I start wondering whether this black-screen-and-permamently-freeze is actually a special feature to reward us who bought the MBP Mid 2010 machines..... enlighten me please Mr. Tim Cook...

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    Turning off automaic graphics switching doesn't disable the nVidia chipset.  It's the opposite: it disables the Intel integrated graphics solution and runs discrete graphics all the time.  You get all the performance you paid for - you just don't get the efficiency of using it only when you need it.


    As I stated above, I believe it's Apple's responsibility to deliver what the machine was advertised as.  In the meantime, though, I wanted to help out where I could and point out that people didn't need to suffer through routine crashes.

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    Micahel Moy2, could you tell us what is the old (which failed) and the new (which is working) rev number of your son's logic board?