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  • eiphoneversteher Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here:

    My macbook pro mid2010 13" 10.7.3

    My wifes macbook late2009 13" 10.7.3

    My macmini 2011 10.7.3


    all run randomly into a blackscreen (usually after a sleep period). I can only get them working be doning a reset with the power button.

    Very disappointing...

  • TN-Johnny Level 1 Level 1

    Hey eiphoneversteher, you seem to be having the same problem I was having. I was only getting a black screen when trying to resume from sleep. What I did, and this has been working for me for a while now, is to switch off safe sleep (I advise you read about this first).


    1. Open Terminal
    2. Type in "pmset -g"; this will give you the power management parameters for the machine. You will notice an entry called "hibernatemode", with a value of 3.
    3. To switch off hibernatemode (i.e. turn off safe sleep) type in "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0", enter the admin password and then restart your computer.
    4. In addition to this I also reset the PRAM and SMC at the time, as a secondary measure; not sure if this had anyting to do with it.


    For an explanation of hibernatemode and the different values you can give it and what they mean, check this link:


    Hope this helps. :-)

  • n&e Level 1 Level 1

    I took my mid-2010 MBP to the genius bar today, and they hooked my mbp up to the ethernet, immediately saying, "it's likely not "one of those'"


    shortly thereafter, the test gave the attached screen -- FAIL -- !!




    so, now he agrees, i have one of those "rare" mid 2010 units -- "made within a 3 month window" he said.


    they're replacing the MLB free -- ordering the part today, and will swap it out tomorrow.


    that should do the trick -- i'm very happy w apple standing behind this -- my unit is out of warranty, and they're still doing it for free.


    according to apple, the part plus labor is $530 -- !!



  • n&e Level 1 Level 1

    oh, here's what the fail screen said --




    i can honestly say, i curse the day i upgraded to lion, because of my screen blanks, occurring mostly out of sleep, even with the gfxcardstatus --


    -- i hope this does the trick!

  • Badgerpete Level 1 Level 1

    I have a mid 2010 MacBook pro 15". In snow leopard I occasionally had issues waking from sleep. Not often enough to bother me. I also use Windows computers every day and the level of issues on the Mac was still less than the windows machines. Upgrading to Lion, I had most days at least 2 random BSOD issues. Some days it was more like 12 times. I couldn't believe how bad it was working. I've had apple computers going back to the Apple II+. I had never seen an Apple computer have such issues.


    Back in January I took my computer to my local apple store. They quite quickly agreed to replace the motherboard. They never did the test, they just listened to my complaints and offered to do it. I should have gone in earlier. It has been a couple months now with the replacement motherboard and I've had zero issues. Literally not one crash. Back to normal! In my opinion, push for the motherboard replacement. It most definitely worked wonders for me.

  • pshr Level 1 Level 1

    I have the mbp mid-2010 model. As so many here, I have been experiencing the bsod for quite some time.


    Yes, forcing usage of integrated graphics does seem to help, but results in jerky animations, which I find difficult to accept. You see, I am one of those fools who likes eye candy stuff.


    I have kind of got used to Lion, so would not prefer to switch to SL. I regularly hunt the net hoping to find a magic solution (for discrete card usage), but no luck so far, I suppose because there is none. Logic board replacement is not an option for me.


    This morning I installed Mountain Lion hoping that is the magic which will solve this mess. After a while, bsod... I know, beta software, right?


    I know now that this will not change, come release time. I don't know what to say and think, apple. Shame on you.

  • eiphoneversteher Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your response, TN-Johnny.

    Actually, I think disabling the safe-sleep mode ist not an option.

    The bsod does not happen so often that I am willing to change this (yet...).


    Strange thing is that this happens on my mac mini with Radeon HD as well as on my mbp 13" (integrated chip) and on my wifes mb 13".

    I am not yet convniced that all of out logic boards should be replaced...

    I think this problem is related to 10.7.X...


    Woould be great to here something from some apple tech guys here...

  • ardee Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone,


    After weeks of testing and hoping to find a way how to reproduce black screen I wrote to apple support...sadly no response.


    I visited servis - in Czech republic it is organization called "Cesky servis". They tested laptop and it fails on Apple AST tests. They changed logic board and after today hard testing it seem's to be OK! So thanks to apple and Cesky servis I have my laptop in good condition again.

  • RyanZc Level 1 Level 1

    Existing problem ,


    My macbook pro mid2010 15" 10.7.



    it randomly goes into BLACKSCREEN in regard of any programmes i'm runninng.

    I can only resolve the problem by holding the resetting button and restart my mac all over again.

    This has been bothering for the past two weeks, i have tried many ways to get rid of it but all doesnt seem to be helpful at all.

    I have tried deleting application, changing my power saver mode and temperature check but the problem still persists.

    this problem has caused me to lose many of my information as it goes blackout in the midst of the work.



    Please do help me with my problem...

  • n&e Level 1 Level 1

    ryan - have them run a graphics check at the applie store -- that was the case with mine, and it was a logic board fail, which they replaced under warranty.

  • Bikul Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there,

    I dont know if I am right in this discussion, but I fear so.


    I bought a MacBook Pro 17inch i7 in November 2010 and it was working fine under Snow Leopard and Lion since then. Yesterday I installed Bootcamp and it was workng also. Today when starting from Bootcamp to Lion I had a Kernel Panic (had this never before) and the screen turned black.

    I just have the energy cable connencted to it, the computer starts somehow (noise) but no Startsound and screen keeps black.Then I made a little mistake by inserting a LION installer DVD. Cannot get this out anymore, even when I press the trackpad when starting it.

    I changed the internal hard drive to be sure that the problem does not come from there. I tried to reset the PRAM, but did not hear the two startsounds. I tried to reset the SMC. No way to get the laptop back to work.

    What to do here? Is this the problem discussed on 167 pages here?

    Thank you for Feedback!


  • dimonius Level 1 Level 1

    This is exactly the same error that I got on my macbook pro mid2010. My logic board is getting replaced at no charge.

    Make sure you specifically ask for VST test and not just their network hardware test. Network test they do just passes the whole system like there is no issue.

  • Bikul Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Dimonius


    Did you have a MacBook Pro 17inch too, eventualy with an I7 processor?

    Did your MacBook Pro also not start again?

    Thanks for Feeback

  • dimonius Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Bikul,

    Mine is 15" i7. I was getting random black screens and had to hold the power button to restart each time.

    Hope the new board will fix the issue.

  • Shawn Ulibarri Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue for me... I have a MacBook Pro 15" i7, with the nVidia GeForce GT 330M.


    The screen goes blank (no video). Happens in several progams. Must hard reboot to return to an operating computer. I bought the computer in September 2010, but the computer did not have the problem in the first year. So, premature hardware failure? Seems that only those manufactured in mid-2010 are not correctable by a software update??


    Anyway, will take mine to Apple to see if if fails the test!


    Wish me luck!