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  • jamesfromvenice Level 1 (0 points)

    I hope this helps you. I have almost solved the problem by doing the following.

    1. Start in Safe Boot mode and allow the system to remove some files and reset the display resolution. Do not change this setting.

    2. Create a new user with Admin rights and use this new user to login from now on.

    4. Install the gfxCardstatus program and set it to integrated only.

    5. Stop using Chrome. The new version of Firefox is a big improvement and seems to cause fewer problems. You can migrate your settings, bookmarks, etc.

    6. If Mac Mail seems to be causing the problem, download Eurora for Mac and use it instead. It is better anyway, in my opinion.


    Hope this helps.

  • niknok110974 Level 1 (0 points)

    is there a specific kind of test that i might request to apple service tech in order to be qualified for logic board replacement on the mbp mid 2010?

  • wmcintire Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes. Describe the problem and mention KB article TS4088. They test out for all other problems first and then run a special test. Be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes at the Genius Bar for all these tests.

  • niknok110974 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks wmcintire for the info.


    though i was looking for a specific kind of test that i can tell to the technician to perform.


    an example of which is the Apple ServiceToolkit that someone in the forum suggested.


    i am reluctant to upgrade to Mountain Lion until this BSOD is resolved


    and much were already spoken regarding logic board replacement. the only thing is proving to Apple Service Tech that my MBP is qualified under ts4088.

  • wmcintire Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand, niknok. I went in with a similar strategy. They know about this issue, but they have to eliminate the other things it could be first. It's a process. Best of luck to you.

  • niknok110974 Level 1 (0 points)

    to all out there with a better mind.


    how can i go in order to print panic kernel log.



  • Discus82 Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anyone know if upgrading to Mountain Lion Helps or worsens the issue?, I have partially solved the problem with the suggestions from the blog, but once in a while I get the BSOD and its really frustrating. I am whiling to pay the price for mountain lion if this fixes the problem.


  • arthurpro Level 1 (0 points)

    I read several posts about ML and similar issues and people say that ML has even more problems.

    W*T*F? I've spent more than $3,000 on a brand new MBP Retina and it crashes several times a day sometimes.

    I hate it!

  • Dennis Parham Level 1 (0 points)

    Well when I went to Mountain Lion it became 10000x worse... I booted in safe boot and I could stop the issue.. however I wa also getting a scrambled screen... took it to apple.. they did the MRI and for sure it was faulty logic board.. they replaced it.. I picked it up and sure enough the screen went crazy again! then I thought maybe Ill uninstall the GFXStatus program now then take back to apple.. well after uninstalling gfx everything is running great! its been a few days and no crashes or symptoms of a crash! WHEW! we will see what happens next... If I had to pay for it at apple it woud have only been a 495.00 cost or at least that is what was billed and subtracted! thats not GREAT but it would not have been so bad I'd cry either

  • renatordb Level 1 (0 points)

    How did you uninstall GFXStatus?

  • Dennis Parham Level 1 (0 points)

    quit the program then I dragged the app into trash and deleted it... then restarted computer.. it should carry all of its components inside the app ( hidden Contents folder)

  • casaliberty12 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just returned from the Genius Bar. This is my 3rd visit in the last 3 months. I have suffered through 3 months of chronic black screen crashing. The first two visits resulted in the genius telling me it was a software issue. I then took his advice and methodically unintstalled and reinstalled ALL of my software. I used each one for a few days to 'determine' which was the culprit.'


    When this happened my crashes were more intermittent -- perhaps 3 or 4 times a week, or so. You can imagine how screwed up this process was when, after re-installing software, working with it and have a crash happen. Then removing it, adding other software, have nothing happen and then have multiple crashes. Needless to say, I scrapped this plan because I HAD TO WORK, AND MY COMPUTER IS MY WORK!


    The crash frequency increased overtime to the point it was multiple times every day. In complete frustration I went to the forums and low and behold, what do I find:

    313840 Views 2,800 Replies


    Those 'Geniuses,' probably under the orders of their urber-geniuses, had me dancinig on the head of a pin for months, assuming it was my issue, a software issue, that would have been impossible to determine if it were a software issue, because of the frequency of the crashes.


    So today, after this f*%% torturous (don't mean to overstate the case but...I'm in front of this 8-12 hours a day) effort on my part, and the subsequent surrender to 'my issue' of what, virus in the some software...the 'genius' agrees with me and states it probably is the logic board!!!! ***!!!


    How can these people not know it is the logic board when it has been an issue for literally thousands of people for months!!


    Disappointed does not describe how I feel about Apple right now. I was so close to firing this Macbook Pro against a wall, so many times because of it the middle of a project, email, edit, Skype call....on and on. This is corporate malfeasance, in my humble opinion. Do they know how many people they inconvenienced (to be kind) over these months.


    Smarten up or you'll **** people off who've loved you for a very long would be a difficult break up, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

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    FYI, I took my MBP to "Eplehuset" in Oslo for repair this Monday, and I just picked it up with part no. 661-6362 replaced. All I needed to do was to reference TS4088 wherupon they ran a test (VST) which failed. Result: a fix for no fee inside a week.


    Thanks to the original poster who noticed that the warranty period had changed from 2 to 3 years -- I wish it was Apple who sent me this information, but the end result for me was the same.



  • FunkyDrug Level 1 (0 points)




    "Apple will service affected 15-inch MacBook Pro computers free of charge until three years from date of purchase. "

  • michal.janak Level 1 (0 points)

    happy ending here, LB replaced, despite the fact the computer suffered water damage in the past and is way out of warranty. for those who had to pay for the LB: you should definetly apply for a refund, apple is doing this until mid 2013, it's not warranty related. and I had no problems even if it was 'just' an authorised service, not apple sotore, no geniuses. you just have to insist it IS ts4088 and they should run the test for that. because, apparently, apple did not inform about this recall