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    Thanks, Avdbroek, please let us know if that will still work after the 1st week, 3 days seems too little time... And that seems to be quite a risky procedure...


    In the meanwhile, since Apple is unable to give us an explanation of what really happens and don't provide us with any workaround, I'm tweeting #MyMacbookJustCrashed (and #MyAppleJustCrashed) everytime I face that issue. Last time it happened 8 times in a row,  I got very annoyed (and ashamed) about that. This is my 3rd Mac and I think it will be my last.

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    eakmen wrote:


    Have the same problem for some time, using 10.6.8 on a MBP 2010 i7


    I recently called Apple support and my warranty is unfort. expired also I've been told that this 1 year warranty extension program for graphic caused black screen error is over.


    While I was doing my routine searches for this problem I came accross this thread


    Now magically it works

    let's see It will be a permanent solution.

    So above mentioned method didn't really work. But my mid 2010 MBP is in service now and will be repaired for "free" here is how.


    I made a genius bar app. Product specialist turned on the computer and ran a general hardware test, my computer passed the test then he asked me to generate the error, so I turned it on and just ran Chrome "bam" almost instantly crashed.

    He found the error (which I already knew "TS4088") and quoted me 310$ + tax

    I said that I'm not willing to pay because the problem obviously is a common manufacturing error and why should I pay for it? In the end I didn't cause it.

    He went back and talked to the store manager.

    Then he told me that he has to run VST if it fails they might repair for free.

    Test started after 30-45 seconds My MBP failed the test reason being MLB (logic board) he got a photo of my screen and went back to his manager after 2 minutes got the confirmation for free replacement of MBL.



    If you are having the same problem it's worth trying to negotiate with the Genius staff.


    PS: reporting from California, USA

    Good luck

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    I've been having the gpu kernel panics for a few weeks and took my machine to the Vancouver Pacific Centre Genius Bar - the (very helpful) tech confirmed it failed VST and the (very apologetic) manager confirmed that it's going to need a new $700+tax logic board since it's out of warranty.


    So that's one less Apple developer and one more Android developer in the mix and I'm not recommending Apple kit to my colleagues any more ... seems like Apple are happy with taking big profits on their laptops but not happy with fixing confirmed hardware issues.


    I'm not impressed.

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    GarethJo, see if you can grab this and it makes a difference. The first link is for 10.6.8 (as many pros still use that version) then the next is for ML and the last is for Mavericks.





    Whilst I completely empathise with your frustration with Apple's sometimes downright stupid policies, consumer mickey-taking and relentless profiteering (I bet that logic board costs them around $300), it would be a shame to have a product that you have already bought become useless.


    I myself took the Apple hardware developer option with my latest machine as waiting for a Mac Pro for so long to find a unstackable dustbin with an air-vent that encourages gravity to coat your system internals in dust and nowhere to put hard drives and DSP cards out of any client's reach (when you spend £8000 on a DSP card you'll understand) has me angered enough to decide that perhaps my last Pro was my last Apple Mac too.

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    hello there .. i§m having the same problem to . do youu know .. how to fix it one sains animating about it i have been to apple they told me to bay e new ran ..they have tell me the ram have been fuckt .. ore the graphic  cart but naw i§m seeing its not just me and there are manny like me and you ..?? so what are we going to do >?

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