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  • aexis Level 1 Level 1

    It is definitely not google chrome by itself, I did a clean install of lion formatting drive etc and no google chrome installed at all and I am still getting black screen crashes.


    The only thing that seems to help is forcing integrated only video and fan control temp which I describe on page 2 of this thread

  • SRINATHSADDA Level 1 Level 1


    Can you let me know your EFI firmware version? You can check existing EFI firmware by referring this article:


    Some firmware updates for Intel-based Macs may not be displayed automatically using Software Update. If they do not appear in Software Update, they must be manually downloaded from the Apple Downloads site. If you are unsure whether your computer needs a particular update, simply download and open the update installer. The installer will alert you if the firmware update is already installed or not needed.
  • wired00 Level 1 Level 1

    I just tried this meraTechStuff. No good says the update is not supported by this system. probably because it was created for snow leopard not lion? Not sure. Looked promising though as their description looks just like what is needed. Have a check here if anyone with snow leopard can install the firmware update




    and here (for direct link to 15" macbook pro mid 2010 model):

  • wired00 Level 1 Level 1

    I've also gone back to using gfxCardStatus on forced integrated mode and i haven't crashed in 20+minutes (whcih is good for me). I'd previously removed gfxCardStatus when using Snow leopard because i thought it might be a cause of the problem of "black screen of death"  but as i expected its something wrong with nvidia hardware or firmware. I'll leave it on force integrated for now...

  • wired00 Level 1 Level 1

    One more thing... regarding google chrome. Can everyone try this?...


    I was able yesterday to reliably cause the kernel panic by simply saving a file in google chrome. As soon as the file completes it crashes. I know people are saying its NOT google chrome because they have done fresh installs etc etc but it certainly can reliably reproduce the issue for me. So please try download google chrome install and download any file within it. It might help apple diagnose the issue if they atleast have a reliable way to reproduce a KP.


    Edit: Actually forget it... so yesterday i could reproduce it over and over by downloading in google chrome, today i just tried and it successfully downloaded a file both with integrated and nvidia card running... go figure.

  • UCLAMacConvert Level 1 Level 1

    With all due respect, with enough people not using Google Chrome I think we can reliably rule it out, and it would only further cloud the issue for users and Apple.


    The first three times I had a BSOD, all I had running was Powerpoint when it happened. If I applied your logic, I would have deduced it was due to PPT (and I even made a post about it in some support forum, either this one or an Apple-friendly site). Turns out that was not the case as now I've had it happen when I'm not running PPT.


    It's clearly an nVidia driver issue. Has been since apparently the developer builds. Apple should have enough to go by on that. Worst case scenario they should roll back to the last nVidia driver that Snow Leopard was using, as that one was apparently stable for most, if not all of us. That would be a great first step in order to bring back stability. They can monkey around with new driver builds behind the scenes and stop using us early adopters of what was supposed to be Final Rev software as beta testers.


    EDIT: I've also had the longest uninterrupted up-time right now using gfxCardStatus forcing the Intel onboard graphics, and with others reporting similar results, I think it's nearly conclusive that it's the nVidia driver.

  • teacurran Level 1 Level 1

    Google chrome triggering a crash would not at all surprise me, since the newest builds of google chrome use GPU very heavily if it is available. There is even in an option in the about:flags screen for using the GPU on all pages.


    With that said. even if chrome is triggering the crashes, the chrome team will likely argue (rightly) that apple is responsible for fixing the driver. No application on the system should ever be able to create a kernel panic.

  • tnaseem Level 1 Level 1

    I've also just had an email from Apple, asking if I'd be interested in helping them locate the problem by sending them logs, etc


    Of course, I said yes


    Looks like they're aware of the problem and are watching this thread, as they found my posting here. Hopefully, this is good news.

  • johnny_83 Level 1 Level 1

    You're right, this is definitely an OS BIG bug. The proof of it is that just reinstalling SL everything is ok.

    Apple HAVE to solve this as soon as possible.

  • BuckoSthlm Level 1 Level 1

    Got the same problem with random black screens on my MbPro, first one appeared when installing Lion on the select / connect to wifi, had to skip that step to continue.

    Did another try after that and it installed ok, but now i get random crashes......


    Hope AAPL is working on this!


    My Setup:

    15-inch, Mid 2010

    Processor  2.8 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory  8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB

    Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (11A511)

  • standardmess2 Level 1 Level 1

    Experiencing the same problem (crash on a blank screen, predominantly after waking from sleep) on a Macbook Pro Core i5, with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M.

  • UCLAMacConvert Level 1 Level 1

    Just as a litmus test I'm now running five concurrent windows of Chrome on some flash and animated-content heavy sites and left it on for an hour, no crash so far. Keep in mind I'm also forcing the integrated graphics and avoiding nVidia altogether.

  • aexis Level 1 Level 1



    Model Name:    MacBook Pro

      Model Identifier:    MacBookPro6,2

      Processor Name:    Intel Core i7

      Processor Speed:    2.66 GHz

      Number of Processors:    1

      Total Number of Cores:    2

      L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB

      L3 Cache:    4 MB

      Memory:    4 GB

      Processor Interconnect Speed:    4.8 GT/s

      Boot ROM Version:    MBP61.0057.B0C

      SMC Version (system):    1.58f16


    is there a manual intel firmware update I can download?

  • jonnypow Level 1 Level 1

    i'm having this exact same problem. prior to this had not experienced a single crash with my 2.66 Ghz i5 imac.


    i've had 2 crashes - one while watching hbogo and one while listening to music with spotify.

  • SRINATHSADDA Level 1 Level 1


    It seems to be the EFI Software Update v1.9 didn't installed properly. Even though you have right version of Boot ROM, I'm not sure about SMC version since it's not at disclosed for this update. Several users reports that they unable to maunally apply the software update. Even built-in software update fails to install this update propely.


    Try to download the update from here ( and install it. If you can't install it, you may need restore the old firmware. However Firmware Restore CD for MacBook Pro 15" 2010 is not at available on online.


    You can only use this to restore the firmware after an interrupted or unsuccessful update. If your computer is already in this state, you'll need to download the software and create the CD on another Macintosh computer, or you can take your computer to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider to restore your firmware.
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