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Where did "Backup to Disk" go in iTunes


I just upgrade to the new version.  I no longer can locate the "Backup to disk" option.


When I look under File->Library the only choices are:

     Export Library...

     Organize Library


     Import Playlist...

     Export Playlist...


There is no longer a choice to Backup to Disk.

Windows 7
  • JamesD1957 Level 1 (10 points)

    Same here.  I was just getting ready to post this question.  I did the update because I was having issues with backup in 10.3.  Getting rid of backup wasn't what I had in mind!

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,604 points)

    Just installing 10.4 now so I'll take a look in a minute or two, but backup to disk has never been a great option. Perhaps with the cloud it won't be necessary, and certainly not for iTunes purchases. For everything else there is a better approach...


    Fast backup for iTunes library  (Windows)

    Grab SyncToy  2.1, a free tool from MS. This can be used to copy your entire iTunes library (& other important data folders) onto another hard drive or network share. You can then use SyncToy periodically to synchronise or echo your library to the backup. A preview will show which files need to be updated giving you a chance to spot unexpected changes and during the run only the new or updated files will be copied saving lots of time.


    If your media is all organised below the main iTunes folder then you should also be able to open the backup library on any system running the same version of iTunes, regardless of the drive letter or path it appears on.



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    What's the deal here, how will we back up music that wasn't purchased?

  • JamesD1957 Level 1 (10 points)

    Someone from Apple needs to join in and give a reason for this.  I do have a substantial CD collection which has been imported.  I'm used to backing it up to disk on a fairly regular basis, and I do perform regular full computer backups to an external hard drive.  I like the ease of which I can do a restore from the disks.  Why would Apple release an "update" that reduces the functionality of the program?  Does this thigh bone connect to some other revenue producing knee bone?

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    I called Apple Support and they said it was removed. No reason given.  But if you insert a CD it will ask what you want to do. I did not try it yet but I guess it should work.


    They also said you can e-mail them and they will send you a cd with your music on it.

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    I have downloaded quite a few songs over the past few years, and am consistently backing up my purchases going to library, back up disc, etc...  I am also frustrated by its removal, and while I am admittedly not the most tech savvy person, I did find this piece of information that may explain what iTunes is moving to:



    As JameD1957 alluded to, this may be the "revenue producing knee bone."

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    I want to reinstall the OS on my computer. How can I restore my Itunes library and appstore purchased applications once the system is running again if  if I can not make I backup? Thank you Apple for removing it!

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    As I suggested earlier, use SyncToy  2.1,  or something like it. Surely if you are about to reinstall your OS your iTunes library cannot be the only thing you need to backup for restoring to the new system.



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    This is absolutely ridiculous.


    Like the rest of you, I have a big library of my own CD's plus loads of purchases. I am about to get to get a new laptop and want to transfer my itunes lib to it.


    It simply beggars belief that apple have just taken this option away - seriously - why the **** would they do this?


    I've downloaded synctoy but am not sure how to  use this. Should I just copy my whole  C:\Users\Laptop\Documents\Itunes library to a DVD disk? (as I don't have an external drive).


    Once done, how do I then import everything  back in? Because previously, as the backup function came from itunes itself, the import process was simple. Now it seems I'll have to do  it file by file, directory by directory.


    As a novice, could someone please help me (step by step) to transer my whole library to a new PC? I'd be really grateful. Is it possible to wind back the version to get the function back? Also, could someone tell me how i can rage at apple about this because it is, without doubt, the most ridiculous change to the software I have ever heard of.


    Thanks guys - all help gratefully received.



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    The easiest way to transfer data to a new computer is to connect both computers via a network, share the root folder of the old computer and then copy all the important data files accross to the new one.


    A DVD holds 4.7Gb. Once your library outgrows 3 or 4 of these taking a complete backup via DVD is a slow process. If you use incremental backups the restore process has to work out which is the correct version of each file to restore. Mirroring a source & target folder with a tool such as SyncToy is, in my opinion, faster, easier and more transparent. You can examine the target folder by eye and extract individual files on demand which you can't do with most proprietry systems. The iTunes restore process is all or nothing.


    My iTunes library lives at D:\iTunes, my backup on a small (physically) host powered USB at E:\iTunes. In SyncToy I set up these two folders as a folder pair. After I've edited my library, downloaded some more apps, podcasts etc. I will close the library and run SyncToy. I always preview the action so that I can see what it is about to do, overwrite some files, delete other and add some new ones.


    I also backup my documents, my desktop and my email database. Preserving your data when migrating machines is not just a matter of running one application's provided backup tool, you need to be aware of the bigger picture. You should also be backing up your data on regular basis to guard against failure of the hard drive.



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    I tried this but if you use DVD and leave as music it warns you can only use as a data disc.  should I mark mp3? 

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,604 points)

    You cannot use a blank DVD as an "audio" disc, and neither would you want to. As a data disc iTunes will make accurate binary copies of your existing media files. If you burnt the tracks as audio and then later reimported them to "restore" them you would be losing fidelity. As I've said earlier in this thread however DVD is not the ideal backup mediium for your iTunes library. Use a USB stick or external drive big enough to hold your entire library and a tool such as SyncToy  2.1 which can compare a source & target folder and just update the changed files.



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    Hi tt2


    Thanks for your advice. I've actually reinstalled 10.3 and have now retrieved the option to back up to disk. (again, why they removed this option in the first place is simply ridiculous). I presume that if itunes is backing up to DVD, there is no loss of quality as it should just be copying the files like for like? Also, I realise now that half of the CD's i imported over the years were not imported as .wav (optimum quality) and hence there is already a significant reduction in fidelity. I suppose the only way to  remedy this is just to go back and re-import my CD's?


    For backup, I take the point an external drive and synctoy is probably just easier as I would need multiple DVD disks.


    Even easier if I could just copy files on a network.....I have tried to set up a network from my wirelss hub before - but it was just too **** tricky... i couldn't get my laptop and my wifes to talk to each other so I just gave up. I realise it's off topic,but could you point me in the direction of a comprehensive network setup workthru?


    Thanks for your help. Dave

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    Using .wav as a default file format has other issues, they will be much larger, and can't hold tag information. Apple Lossless is around half the size but if you are anything like me 320K AAC or MP3 is probably indistinguishable from the original CD. I can't think of a good "how to network" tutorial off hand but it shouldn't be too hard to track something down. My 1Tb external drive cost around £75 which is pretty good value. That might be an easier way to sort things out unless you've got masses of free space on the other computer.



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