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I have found that the search domain only is finding 1 level of subdomains.  Anything more then that, and it can't find a host.



I have example.com in my search domain path.


if I try and ping


test it pings test.example.com and works fine.


if i try and ping test.this


it gets a host can't be found.


In previous version of OSX, and standard linux, pinging test.this would result in pinging test.this.example.com.



I am hoping there is a setting somehwere that can just be changed to see it act more like the prevous versions of OSX.


Any ideas?

Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Check out http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4845


    which has:


    Using search domains with more than two labels


    You may configure a search domain with more than two labels such as "corp.example.com" in the Network pane of System Preferences. This search domain, and only this search domain, will be appended to simple hostnames in applications that connect to resources on the network. For example, if you type "www" into Safari's address field, it will try to connect to www.corp.example.com (only). In previous versions of Mac OS X, Safari would try to connect to www.corp.example.com, and if that did not work, it would try to connect to www.example.com.


    To replicate the behavior of previous Mac OS X versions in OS X Lion, you can specify more than one search domain, such as "corp.example.com" and "example.com".

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    Yes, I am using that as well. The Apple solution does not work for me since we have:





    so setting both bar.org and foo.bar.org in the DNS search would not work. I really need 'ssh home.foo' to work and your link provided that solution.

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    Has anyone resolved this?  I am facing the same problem with osx 10.8.

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    As it turns out, ssh can do this for you and it is more secure than using the old Apple way. If you are using ssh, simply modify (or create) your ~/.ssh/config to include:


    Host home*

        HostName %h.bar.org


    With this added, ssh home is converted to ssh home.bar.org and ssh home.foo becomes ssh home.foo.bar.org.

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    This only works for ssh right?  Is there a solution for more general domain name resolution?