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The fan in my MacBook Pro 13" Thunderbolt (2,3 GHz i5, 8 GB RAM) is driving me wild! As wild as a Lion! I was used to it howling like a starting spaceship whenever I was watching crappy Flash Video, but now with 10.7 Lion, the fan even blows like crazy in


What’s most annoying is that it doesn't spin at a constant speed but that it's speed, and thus volume goes up and down all the time. The guys at Apple can't be serious about this... The fan action in my previous MacBook Pro 13" (2.26 GHz C2D, 8 GB) was really moderate, but the SandyBridge-based machines seem to be a nightmare.


I rather accept a slower CPU, than the penetrating and annoying howling. Come on Apple give us some Firmware update! Where is the 'eye of Steve' when you need it?


P.S.: Please second this!

P.P.S.: I'm familiar with the Activity Monitor, and closely watch the processes, so it is not that I don't understand what is going on. Yet, still: My last C2D MBP was a zillion times quiter...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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