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    If the media was stationary and you moved the viewport up (for example) then your view would move up - towards the top of the media. If you move the viewport left then you'd see more to the left. But no, this is the opposite - this is actually like moving the media and the viewport stays in one place.


    Good analogy, but I'm puzzled by how you have it backwards. Unless, when you write "Is it now..." you are talking about disabling this new feature and going back to the old way of scrolling.


    Anyway, I do like this, but the only issue I have is switching between PC's with scroll-wheel mice and my Mac. But it may be fine. I know I used to play certain types of games with the X-axis reversed. Started with flying games and went into FPS but other games, like RPG's I would play not reversed. It's really kinda wild how fast your brain can get used to doing something completely opposite.

  • igmackenzie Level 4 (2,285 points)

    Doug Lerner2 wrote:


    Dragging the screen on iOS makes natural sense on a touch screen. It doesn't necessarily with mouse/trackpad control.


    Also, the so-called "natural" scrolling is the opposite of the way the scrollbars work. And the opposite of the way all other computers work, which makes it hard to switch back and forth.


    Doug, of course it's a personal thing, but I believe a trackpad works very much like a touchscreen, hence why I very much favour the 'new' scrolling, particularly as it is compatible with my heavy use of iOS devices.

    However, I feel that it does not feel good when working with a mouse.  Very much Trackpad oriented now.

    Your comment about scrollbars is correct, and that is why they no longer appear - by default anyway.

  • duan Level 1 (0 points)

    I cannot get used to it.

    I use a iPad, Macbook and iPhone 4 but still.

    At work i work with windows :-( . There i cannot reverse it to get used

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    Fortunately, Duan, there's not a single reason in the world why you need to get used to it. Just go into Preferences > Mouse settings and uncheck the so-called "natural scrolling" checkbox and you are back to normal scrolling.



  • igmackenzie Level 4 (2,285 points)

    There are reasons for not going back to unnatural scrolling, one of them being that horizontal scrolling changes orientation as well.

    I can see that it would be awkward for Duan if he is using Windows and OS X. Is there not a setting in Windows to reverse the scrolling? I thought there was.


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    Satchmo wrote:


    The space to grab the scroll bars has gotten very thin.

    Because they don't want them getting in the way, I never use them

    Satchmo wrote:


    Why did Apple reverse the direction of scrolling?

    because its more awesomer, if you don't like it, turn it off, but I would try to get used to it

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    Actually, with normal, pre-Lion scrolling, it's all consistent:


    (1) You scroll vertically in the direction you are looking. If you are looking down, move your finger down to scroll down. If you looking up, move your finger up to scroll up. The mouse coordinates with your eyes.


    (2) You also scroll horizontally in the direction you are looking. If you look to the right, move your finger to the right to scroll to the right. If you look to the left, move your finger to the left to scroll to the left.


    (3) The thin scroll bars work this way, regardless of the mouse setting.


    I can't think of any reason in the world you would want to force yourself to get used to the new default if you find it uncomfortable at all. There are absolutely no objective advantages to it.



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    Doug Lerner2,

    That's Apple for you, always like that. Remember long time ago when Apple was designing a new mouse and plenty of people and users asked for a 3 button mouse? Remeber what they did? They gave us a mouse without buttons .

    I see the success of iOS and perhaps some features into OS X, but they should remain separate, affraid this is becoming just like the iPhone, use our way, we know're scrolling the wrong way, some like it but some don't, just implement settings for it and keep EVERYBODY HAPPY.

    But that's just me.

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    Doug, I don't know why we are repeating what we have said over and over, but here goes again.

    I disagree with you. 

    When you are reading a book, you move the page to the left to move to the next (right) page.

    If you had a long print out on your table, you would move the pages up to progress down throughout the document.

    It is much more natural that way, in my personal opinion.

    However, as we have already said a zillion times, it's a personal preference.  Nothing to do with what is natural or not, or is there any right and wrong.

    It is totally confusing using one way to scroll on iPhones and iPads, only to come back to a computer and find that it is the opposite!

    If you don't want to use, then you know what the answer is - switch it off!

  • igmackenzie Level 4 (2,285 points)

    pointm wrote:

 're scrolling the wrong way, some like it but some don't, just implement settings for it and keep EVERYBODY HAPPY.

    But that's just me.

    There IS a setting for it.  Switch it off if you don't like it!

  • pointm Level 1 (20 points)

    igmackenzie, I just found it .

    I was talking in a general sense, I never said I didn't like it, as a mater fact, "new scrolling way" feel more logical to me, coments was in defense of those who don't like it.

    I'm fine with it!

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)
    Doug, I don't know why we are repeating what we have said over and over...


    Must have something to do with that weird new "natural scrolling" default.



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