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    Ok, I have been struggling wiht this nightmare since Thursday, but finally, put all the pieces together from various posts.


    1. Use the Go to Folder trick to get to your Mail Library, remove the Envelope file

    2. EMPTY THE TRASH (this was the clue that made everything work

    3. Move the SMARTMAILBOXES files to your desktop

    4. Remove the MAIL icon from the dock

    5. Launch Mail from Applications

    6. Wait until the migration is complete..... this FINALLY worked for me

    7. Add Mail icon back to dock

    8. Move SMARTMAILBOXES file back the Mail Library

    9. Launch Mail


    Then, you will need to get used to the new Mail UI - yes, it's different and good. I didnt find any tutorials that were worth watching longer than 30 sec.... I figured it out.... you will too.


    Thanks to all the people who are helping support others (which is why I am wrting this, maybe someone will find it helpful.)

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    I had a slightly different problem:


    Mail seemed to stumble upon .ics files in my attachments, since I found several errors regarding these in my Console. I made a copy of the mail folder from my TM backup made with Snow Leopard, deleted all *.ics attachments and replaced Library/Mail with that folder.


    After starting, it imported all my mails just fine.

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    What I don't understand is this:


    1st time I renamed my V-temp.noindex to V2, I was able to use mail and my email accounts preferences were in tact. However, now that I reattempt to move my V2 folder back into ~/Library/mail, Mail would continue to import my messages and migration would fail.


    However, the strange thing is that everythign I tamper with the V2 folder by copying and pasting other version of V2 folders and V2-temp.noindex folders my Mail would continue to increase the number of messages being imported. First off, I know that i Have 14k+ worth of mail, but now everythign I import it would increase significantly. Now it is at 171k+ and I know I do not have that many emails.

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    Mail in Lion is not responding, Mail is unable to connect with yahoo & gmail servers.

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    Update: Just copied and pasted my old V2 folder and everything is working: email accounts have been preserved but not my old emails. Anyways, since I do have a lot of time on my hands I might as well import all my old emails from my Snow Leopard TM backup.


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    Quick Question:


    When importing my 14k+ worth of mail through the built in method provided by Mail:


    What I was told was to go into my Time Machine backup of Snow Leopard, and navigate to ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes, and copy the Mailboxes folder onto the desktop. From there, I would redirect the "import mailboxes" function back to the Mailbox folder on my desktop.As I went into the Mailbox folder I only found the following: Deleted Messages.mbox, Notes.mbox, Outbox.mbox, ToDos.mbox.


    My question is:


    I have a few email addresses: one for school, two others for personal use. And within my ~/Library/Mail folder in my TM Snow Leopard backup, there are three folders that correspond to my three email addresses: IMAP-(schoolemailaddress), IMAP-(personalemailaddress1), POP-(emailaddress2), & POP-(emailaddress3). And so, my question is which folder do I import my mail from the TM to the new Mail in Lion?

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    I was premature in posting that I had solved my migration problems. It was one of those "close, but no cigar" situations. Unfortunately, it appears that you can't turn off the Correct Answer flag once you've set it, so this will be my final and MOST CORRECT solution.


    It ended up being even simpler than what I posted earlier, although there is still lots of good info there too.


    1. I used Time Machine to restore my entire Mail folder from the day BEFORE I installed Lion.
    2. I removed all files with SmartMailBoxes in the filename from the Maildata folder to the desktop (but trashing them would have been fine too, since I never put them back). This has been one of the causes of Mail not launching (except for the Mail bar at the top).
    3. At that point Mail still wouldn't launch properly for me, so I forced it to quit and used a suggestion from Pxljedi from really early in this thread. I went to System Preferences>Mail, Contacts & Calendars and deleted ALL of my accounts (about a dozen).  Others in this thread have re-entered all their account information at this point, but you don't have to. They'll come back on their own later.
    4. I have no idea why #3 works or why that stuff is in System Preferences in the first place, but Mail launched properly... migrating all my accounts, mailboxes (including SmartMailBoxes), Preferences, and, finally, all old messages within Inbox(es) and Sent. This was the missing bit in my previous solution.
    5. You'll note that since I was using a pre-Lion Mail folder, there were no files in Maildata that I had to remove first.
    6. You should also note that I didn't have to re-enter account information at all... not in Mail and not in System Preferences. It re-appeared there on its own.


    So, after a week and who knows how many hours spent on this (probably 30!), I can now start learning why Apple "fixed" something that wasn't broken.


    BTW, the new UI may be better, but I quickly turned it off by checking the "Classic" option at the top of the Preferences>Viewing window.  After all this, I'm going to stick with a familiar view for a while.


    Best of luck to all those still struggling with this, and thanks to so many for offering suggestions even if some were blind alleys. That's what users helping users is all about.

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    After reading all over, and avoiding making drastic changes until it seemed the problem was resolved, the one that worked for me was: keep trying to restart mail a.k.a. brute force.


    In other words, for some reason restarting mail and following all the instructions again and again eventually worked.

  • mabadjiev Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    What is the current status of this issue, is it solved with 10.7.1?


    Thanks for your input.

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    I'm running Lion, 10.7.2... no luck. Tried everything in this entire post. Even came up with my own variations. Plan on calling Apple tomorrow. Sure hope they give me some free support, since I paid for Lion.


    I'm having the issue where... "Mail Upgrade Failed"... I click continue to launch Mail Import Assistant... and am then told, "Your Mail index has been damaged. To repair it, quit mail. --- Mail will repair the index the next time you open Mail......"


    NO. It doesn't repair crap. Also, my "V2-Temp.noindex" folder seems to be incomplete. I'm begining to wonder if it's a User / Accounts / Permissions related issue. I did bring (import) my mail onto my MacBook i7, from an older G5 desktop. Had a number of permission related issues back when I did that (can't remember what exactly). Wondering if some of that is now coming back to haunt me!!  Ahhhh!!


    Sure hope someone (Apple... ehh hemmm!!) comes up with a solution. Unfortunately, I don't have time to manually rebuild my entire mail setup. Way too many folders, accounts, etc.

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    This worked for me thanks!  I had no issues upgrading to Lion from Snow Leopard, but something happend from the latest Lion update for iCloud release (I was able to see all of my accounts but nothing was updating -- no new emails etc.).  I also warn that Mail can still have these issues even in Snow Leopard if OSX is up to date on that version because Mail seems to have been updated similarily across Snow Leopard on a prior software update.  I did as you suggested (renaming with a "z") and changing mail to nail.  When I restarted Mail, I only got my iCloud email (and lost my other IMAP and POP email accounts).  After seeing that it was working, I changed back ONLY the Accounts.plist file and the file and I got all of my accounts back and now my mail is working across all my accounts.

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    ebinellis wrote:


    With closed:


    1. Pull the following folders and files to your desktop:



    ~/Library/Mail Downloads/




    2. Trash the following folder:




    3. Open and setup your mail accounts

    4. File>Import Mailboxes>Apple Mail> point it to import the following folder:




    You should be about as good as you can get.


    - *NOTE* You may want to break step 4 into smaller parts, importing the subfolders one at a time if you have a large amount of mail.


    I'm curious why you ran into problems, I had 63.45GB of mail spread through 5 folders and 35 subfolders at the time of upgrading to Lion, took a long time but upgraded with no issues.


    Sadly there will be no conclusive answer to "why"



    Can someone explain me what would be the use to break step 4 into smaller parts?

    V2 is to be considered as a normal subfolders here?20111102-ng437xc12fypqjd2xwm3k6ei55.jpg

    And did someone had any interesting comment from Apple?


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    Just breaking down into smaller segments the work of sorting the imported mails.


    And no, the folder structure should be Mail/Bundles (if any) and V2/Mailboxes, MailData and the account mailboxes plus a folder called RSS.


    Hope that's clear.

  • Oki Level 2 Level 2 (210 points)

    humorzo wrote:


    And no, the folder structure should be Mail/Bundles (if any) and V2/Mailboxes, MailData and the account mailboxes plus a folder called RSS.



    Thank you humorzo. Does it mean that I would get back my old emails but not the new ones (the new emails since I've installed LION)?

  • W@ers Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This procedure worked almost perfectly with one exception. At first attempt Mail stopped responding so I forced it to quit. Starting it again causes migration to continue. All mails and accounts settings are back in place !! Thanks !!

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