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  • Liquid_015 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Dievy,


    If I delete the mail accounts from system preferences, wouldn't all my previous emails disappear: I'm trying to preserve all my previous emails? As stated by CP_Whaley.

  • deivy Level 4 (2,365 points)

    No it won't but before you do anything read my post below.

  • deivy Level 4 (2,365 points)

    Ambassador and others, I am posting below the structure of my ~/Library/Mail/ folder.

    My Mail is working fine, so this is the correct structure.

    If you have a different structure post here and lets try to emulate mine...


    Screen Shot 2011-07-21 at 11.34.24 PM.png

    Inside the ~/Library/Mail/ I have a V2 folderand those are the folders inside, the covered ones are my email accounts.


    Screen Shot 2011-07-21 at 11.38.59 PM.png

    Above is my MailData folder.


    Screen Shot 2011-07-21 at 11.39.37 PM.png

    And this is myMailboxes folder.



    Do you have the same structure?

    If not what is different?

  • Liquid_015 Level 1 (0 points)

    Woah. In my ~/Library/Mail/ there are a ton of files and what not, it is not even close to how clean your directory looks like. On top of that, my V2 folder isn't like yours; in fact, mines is "V2-Temp.noindex". In almost each directory there's a ton of files here and there.

  • doug38 Level 1 (0 points)

    No prob, sw10mm!  Glad I could help but I owe just about everything to this forum.  Just pieced a few things together.

  • cb-anc Level 1 (15 points)

    This worked for me also.

  • Liquid_015 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Dievy,


    I just renamed my "V2-Temp.noindex" folder to V2, and then deleted the files that had Envelope in front and Mail magically appeared, but none of my previous 14,000 plus emails were there. Right after, I went to mailbox and clicked on rebuild.

  • Liquid_015 Level 1 (0 points)

    To add to that:



    I also experiemented just now, when I renamed the "V2-Temp.noindex" folder to V2 and started Mail. My accounts, and preferences were unchanged. Afterwards, I went to Mailbox --> Rebuild and the servers were able to recover only a mere 1300+ emails that I had. However, the only thing was that changed was the lost of over 10,000 emails.


    And so, I thought. What if I replaced the current "V2 folder" with the V2-Temp.noindex folder and start up mail and let it import all my 10,000+ emails and once that was done, I would rename the V2-Temp.noindex to V2 folder: I experiemented. It failed, nothing happened except the fact that one of my ANTIQUATED email address which had been de-activated many years ago appear in the Inbox sidebar.


    I really have no idea what to do. -__-'' Can't accept the lost of over 10,000+ emails.

  • doug38 Level 1 (0 points)

    Liquid, at this point I'd say a call to Apple is in order.  Even if you don't have Apple Care they should be able to help since it's an OS upgrade that you purchased.

  • deivy Level 4 (2,365 points)


    Use V2 and nothing else.

    Go back to where you were with the 1300 emails.

    The rest of the emails you can  import later.


    I think I have an idea of what is happening with Mail, it stops before finishing the conversion, I have no clue as to why. Since I did not have any problem, I could not see it.

    You all should let Apple know about your problem, it is a major problem that did not get caught in the testing period.

  • Liquid_015 Level 1 (0 points)

    I see. So, how can I import the rest of the 13,000+ emails? And if I import, will it keep my emails intact? Meh, its a bit frustrating that a simple upgrade can ruin my entire email database. >:(


    If I reinstall the entire OS, will it wipe everything on my Hard Drive or will it upgrade like normally?

  • cp_whaley Level 1 (0 points)

    Charles, I am really sorry. It seemed to be the right thing to do.

    Apparently something else is hosed in your account.

    The most important stuff is to get you back and working.

    So, here is what I suggest, save all your old mails to a differnet folder/disk/USB/DVD whatever, make sure it is reliable.That is copy everything inside the ~/Library/Mail/V2/ folder to another (SAFE) location

    Then, and breath deep, delete everything from ~/Library/Mail/ all the Mail preferences.

    Start Mail as if it was your first time. Create your accounts.

    work with mail for a while and then start trying to import the mailboxes again, one by one.

    If you have Time Machine you can try that as well.



    deivy... before coming back here and seeing your latest note, I tried something even more drastic... but related.


    I went to Time Machine and restored my Mail and Mail Downloads folders from my last use of Mail under Snow Leopard.. overwriting everything I have been screwing around with there over the past two days. My thinking was that launching the Mail app under Lion would start the conversion process all over. Unfortunately it didn't.


    So, I figured if it's the app that's faulty, I should re-install Lion. Another big mistake. Four hours to re-install (only three hours the first time), and then I was stuck with a real mess. All system settings, my dock contents, my screen layout, etc. were all corrupted.  If anyone's thinking of re-installing, DON'T DO IT! (obviously this is a topic for another forum.)


    The net result though was that launching the new Mail afterwards prompted for my mobileMe account info, then appeared to run through the migration process with no error messgaes. But that's where the story ends. Once again, I'm getting the Mail bar at the top, but no windows. Even a few of the menu items work (like New Message). The problem is that I can't proceed without Mail windows.


    Also, I forgot to mention that I downloaded and installed Thunderbird, and had no trouble importing all of my folders and messages from that Time Machine restored copy. If I ever get Mail working, I might be able to bring everything back, using the Import from Thunderbird feature.


    But if I have to put up with this much longer, I may stay with Thunderbird permanently. 


    I wonder if anyone from Apple actually reads these messages. This seems like a VERY serious problem for many of us.  Has anyone tried to contact Apple User Support directly?

  • RodneyW Level 4 (3,030 points)

    Liquid_015 wrote:


    I see. So, how can I import the rest of the 13,000+ emails? Meh, its a bit frustrating that a simple upgrade can ruin my entire email database. >:(


    No operating system upgrade is really simple.


    But I would go with the advice to contact Apple.  This is a nasty problem.

  • deivy Level 4 (2,365 points)


    I am sorry about all your troubles. Yours and Charles.

    I am really trying to help, but take any of mine (and other's) advice with a grain of salt.

    Not that anyone is trying to give you the wrong information on purpose.

    It is just that everyone has a difference experience.

    I am having no or little problems with my Lion install.

    Everything is as close as one would expect to a flawless upgrade.

    So if you asked me "can I upgrade?", I'd say "sure go ahead, I have no problems".

    This would be not what you experienced, would it?

    So, whatever advice or information I give you, in the back of your mind you should have the idea that "it is not going to work"

    Having said that, upgrading would not make you loose all your Mail, but if you do not have it backed up, then keep in mind what can happen if my information is wrong.

    To everyone: before installing anything in your computer have a backup. The simplest thing can get your computer caput.


    As for importing the mailboxes there is a command and some instructions on how t do it in some previous post.

  • deivy Level 4 (2,365 points)


    Is the structure of your mail folder inside the library the same as mine?

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