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  • jeroen184 Level 1 Level 1

    Good luck then and make sure you get a full refund!


    And check the support site to see if Apple have resolved this issue if and before you decide to buy a new one!

  • bertina fromhuntersville Level 1 Level 1

    I also was able to change the channel on my router and I haven't had a drop since. I hope this is an answer to my problems. For a year I have been so frustrated for I was being dropped frequently. I had the router replaced. Still the drops continued. I reformatted my hard drive just this morning and no improvement. I stumbled on a way to change the channel on my router and I have not had one drop since. I hope this will prove to be the fix for me. So far so good!

  • bertina fromhuntersville Level 1 Level 1

    Just to let everyone know that I have been on my internet quite a bit today and not one dropped connection. Changing the channel apparently did the trick.  Hope my experience  will contribute to  someone else  being able to enjoy the same fix.

  • Rico1111 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Everyone, I found this on another thread about Lion and wifi problem...and I of course tried suggestion # 1 and it has helped with stability of airport and connecting....Before when ever I would try to join my network it would jump around in the window and not let me then when I would it would tell me wrong password. Well I did everything described and it totaly helped with everything...I have had no drops at all and my airport signal strength is no longer one bar dipping is full strength.....pages open faster and again from wake up....well here is the post ...Worked for me ..I have to write him and let him know that it was a fix for me and I hope for others.


                Click on Pic

  • malzmalz Level 1 Level 1

    OK, I think I made a mistake then and see your point. Had reverted to the earlier kernel extension in November when I was desperate about the wifi issue. While I realise now that this was a not so smart idea (and with the relevant posts removed), can you give advice for restoring the latest extension?


    I know it's stupid, but advice would be highly appreciated.

  • Tony850 Level 1 Level 1

    So as I had run into this problem in good timing (the semester just began) WIFI: No hardware installed decided to bless me with its unwanted troubles. Now I tried every solution that everyone has posted. Reset this and that, flick on/off this and that. Even tried for  giggles changing the firmware to SL. NOTHING WORKED!!


    Then I for fun decided to tear apart and hunt for the problem in the hardware.



    I followed those instructions and took apart the display to get the airport chip. I got to it with no problems at all. the black clutch was a bit tricky. But I digress. I took the airport chip out. blasted it some compressed air, cleaned the connectors( i used one of those rubbing alcohol pad and LET DRY). Put the everything back together. I left everything torn apart for a good 20 minutes.


    Boot it up.


    Saw the WIFI symbol up top and Bada Bing it asked me to install the "new airport card" to get it functioning. So far its working like a charm no problems. NO MORE WIFI No Hardware installed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony850 Level 1 Level 1

    So after it worked amazingly all night. i closed the lid on woke up and back to square one. Wifi not working. I at least can say this to apple.



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    I had the similar problem after WiFi password was changed. When I try to connect to WiFi, it returns the timeout error message instead of asking a new password.


    Then I used "Assist Me" which is located in System Preferences > Network. And my problem was solved.

    If you have a timeout error problem but WiFi station seems fine, try Assist Me setup!

  • mulligans missus Level 2 Level 2

    Tony850 wrote:





    For you.

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    Hi all,


    I experienced the problem yesterday and it was driving me nuts (got my iMac 21,5" 3 days ago).


    I found this thread:



    I installed (reinstalled 10.7.2) as sugested and for now internet over WiFi seems to be stable. It was a 800MB download so I had to use cable



    I hope it works for you, too. I will keep you posted

  • Sky McDougall Level 1 Level 1

    Problem SOLVED.


    But, it took the purchase and installation of a new Airport Extreme (


    It appears that Lion is simply not compatible with my eight-year-old Airport Express (and, judging from previous posts, numerous other wireless routers).  Whatever Apple has built-into (or left out-of) Lion's programming is a major faux pas, indeed, rendering gazillions of wireless routers obsolete.


    On the "plus" side, the speed and performance of Airport Extreme is awesome.  My network is comprised of my new iMac, my wife's old iMac G4, our two iPhones, an HP 6500A Plus wireless printer and TiVo Premiere.  All are now performing fast and flawlessly.


    But this Apple WiFi boondoggle should really be a business school "case study".

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    Impressive the list of people having same issue, I am afraid you have to add one more to the list.....Great first experience with Mac :-(

    The difference is that I bought an iMac with Lion already set-up and Apple does want me to pay to get a phone suport to solve it while it is under guarantee !!!



    I tried the above link wo sucess, laptop with windows close to the iMac work perfectly with wifi while imac network  is constantly interrupted. Not a router problem



    Apple recommend to log within another user to see if issue persists, if not, then this is the personal setting linked to the user that cause problem and maybe all should be "cleansed" and set up again


    If not working then it is a hardware issue.....I do not think so looking at the list of people having same issue above...


    I will try a couple more things you all mentionned above when time permits  (nights then??) , but honestly, being new to Mac, this is a shame to have to go through this while you just bought it and expect all will be running fine for a first escape from  window!!!!!


    Finger crossed we all escalate the issue for Mac to ackowledege there is a TRUE problem and send an upgrade to all of us !!!



    PS: I sympathize with all who got already nut to find a solution, I am through my 6th month already.....Thanks for all the background posts you made for new starters like me...

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    I don't really know if I consider buying a new router solving the problem.   While tons of people in the thread are having issues, a lot of others have managed to  fix the problem with tips in the thread (including myself).  So I don't know if it's correct to Lion is 'not compatible' with older routers.   Plus I know others in the thread are having issues with Airport Extreme's as well.  It's great that it fixed the problem, but it's a sad day when running out and buying a really expensive new router is listed as a 'solution'.

  • Sky McDougall Level 1 Level 1

    I totally agree that it's a terrible "solution" (but it *did* resolve the issue). 


    FYI...I tried all the posted "fixes" I could find here in "Discussions" before finally giving-in to the nearly $200 Airport Extreme purchase. 


    I find it particularly telling that even the 4th generation Airport Extremes (the new ones are 5th generation) are having the WiFi dropping issue!  Especially knowing that, you'd think the Apple engineers would be able to easily pinpoint what programming errors in Lion are responsible.  I'm surprised some savvy tech writer hasn't done an in-depth investigative report on this Apple/WiFi boondoggle.


    Now that I've shelled out Big $$$ and have WiFi stability again, I fully expect Apple will release the corrected Lion update next week  :-P


    But, again, the Extreme's performance is so superior to my old Airport Express, I'm not totally bummed out.


    Best of luck to all!

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    Several people, including myself, have tried to get people to focus on a step by step problem resolution.  Unfortunately, this has not happened in a way that has been productive.  If Apple is now using the "Create a new User and login as that user to see if it is still broken", then they are starting to focus on "old settings" confusing the software it seems to me.


    This would be one possibility for why there are such a wide range of experiences for when and how the problem occurs and is fixed.  Connecting to a "different router", new or otherwise, can "create new settings", that might remove the visibility of the problem with the old routers settings.


    Still, seems to me, that there isn't a definative problem from Apple's perspective, or perhaps they are at the point of "just reset the plist contents", and despite that not working for everyone (a step could be getting skipped), it's the most useful step to try first.