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    It is such a strange thing. Some people are saying the wifi problem is solved by buying a new router. The weird thing about this is that my Macbook Pro is a broadcom and doesn't have any problems with the wifi. Never had a drop out since I have lion installed (from the beginning lion came out) and my imac has an Atheros card and since I updated to 10.7.1 the problems started. When I install 10.7.0 there are no wifi problems at all, but when I install the update I have drop outs all day. I put back the snow leopard drivers. This made it a bit better, but there were still drop outs... It is a strange thing and no one knows where the problems actually comes from. I am still thinking it is a software problem and I hope it will be solved

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    See I have a Macbook Pro 13"(mid 2010) with the broadcom chip. I just recently started having these problems. One day it was slow internet speeds and dropping connections, then finally it would say WIFI: No Hardware Installed.


    I opened the machine up pulled the card out and cleaned the connectors and when I rebooted it was all good. Then when I finally went to sleep back to step one. At least now when I reboot the WIFI comes back on then soon or later it drops again and back to "No Hardware Installed".


    It has to be a firmware problem with Lion. It just happens out of nowhere. I went out and bought a cheap *** netbook because I need a computer with internet access for class and i just couldn't risk this macbook failing on me with this crap.

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    I, too have been having this problem.  The talk about buying a new router is BS, in my opinion.  I'm a network engineer and at work I have an enterprise Cisco wireless network which I have drops on, and it's frustrating!  I got my macbook pro back in October, and at the time I had a WEP network configured on our Cisco wireless.  When I first got it, I'd have this problem where the wifi would just stop, and if you looked at the bars in the menu bar they were all gray.  I'd have to turn off the wifi and turn it back on to fix it.  I then updated from 10.7.0 to 10.7.1 and the problem went away.  My connection was solid up until about a month ago.


    At that time I recreated new wireless networks and turned down the WEP one and created new WPA2 PSK networks.  Ever since then, I've been having drops.  It seems like it happens the most if I let it sit.  It doesn't seem to have a consistent idle time, either.  Sometimes it can sit for a minute or less, or sometimes longer.


    What happens is that it seems to just drop for a second or two.  At work here I have Microsoft remote desktop connections to various servers, and when I turn to look at something else, then come back again, it'll say that it was disconnected and will need to reconnect.  I also run vmware fusion, with outlook open in unity, and I'll see that outlook gets disconnected from the server for the short second that it happens, but there are sometimes it happens so fast outlook doesn't even notice it, too.


    I thought that maybe it was a sleep issue with regards to power on the wifi adapter, so I've been running my slingbox from my house on the mac during the day to keep data streaming through the adapter, and it still happens.  All of a sudden the stream will stop and will say that it was disconnected from the slingbox.


    I've obviously not read all 103 pages in this post, but I have been keeping up on it for the last few days since about page 98, and it seems like the majority of people here with the problem are home users.  I just want to say that it's not just home users, that IT users on corporate networks are havng the problem too.  This *****, because I had a Dell that was decent, but I was tired of all the viruses and problems with windows that after A LOT of convincing, my boss finally let me drop almost $3000 on this macbook pro, only now to have this issue.  I could downgrade it to SL, but the whole idea of why I got a mac was because I want to spend my time doing my job, and not working on my own computer!  So frustrating!


    I had to laugh, because someone I know who I do side work for just got a macbook pro like mine, and she was telling me that she was having problems where she'd get booted from the network periodicially.  I just chuckled and told her, yeah, I know.


    I wish someone from Apple would speak up and at least acknowledge that there's an issue here.

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    Well I have been following this discussion for some time now having switched from PC to Apple iMac a year ago and then upgrading to Lion about a month after it came out. Ever since then I have had problems with the internet connection being lost several times a day.


    By the look of the discussion here much of it is technical in nature and beyond someone like me who just wants a system that works and bought Apple because I thought I was buying credibility. I did phone Applecare and was told that it was probably a router problem and that I could not expect Apple to handle every router. Problem with that answer was that for six months the system worked without a hitch; now it is plagued with problems.


    My solution? Just wait it out in the hope that Apple will one day acknowledge and fix the problem. Meanwhile as I need to upgrade I will not consider Apple products but will go back to laptop PCs and Android devices.


    There is a book worth reading "In Search of Stupidity" which describes the decline of companies that ignore their customers. Apple staff take note.

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    I have not read the full 103 pages so this moght avebeen posted befor, but I just found this website

    and I have removed Akamai and so far-so good.

    I've read somewhere that putting a constant Ping in the Terminal could solve this

    problem to. Can't find the article though, sorry.


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    Well I spent 6 hours conducting a complete re-install of my system.

    Not -  re-using the old configs but a fresh install.


    Not a single drop of Wi-Fi first 24 hours..

    By the end of the week we probably had 2 or 3 Wi-Fi disconnects. (We can handle that).


    2 months later it is up to about 5-10 times a day!!


    Its off to Apple on Sunday to drop it off at the Genius Bar – Gutted



    What really gets me is they still keep saying it is Wi-Fi interference. I have tried every channel on the router. I replaced the router (Sky supplied it FOC).

    My other Wi-Fi devices stay connected with rock solid connections…


    Apple need to get a grip…

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    After visiting the Apple Genius Bar and resetting Safari and getting rid of the many locations in the Network tab and just using automatic as my location my, dropoff off and timeout issues have been illiminated.  However, my old router at home was an issue.  I have replaced the old Linksys router with an Airport Extreme and so far not one dropoff. So so I'm hoping this is the end of my wifi trouble.

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    Yeah, I tried that this morning.  Removed all of my remembered wifi networks and made sure all the passwords were removed from my keychain and rebooted.  Notta.


    Right now my ssid is not being broadcasted, so I'm going to change that to broadcast and see if that makes a difference.  I may go so far as to create another wep network just for me and see if it disconnects still.  It didn't before, so it'll be interesting to see if it continues after putting it back.


    If those two things don't work, I may just remove lion and put snow leopard on it.  It was shipped with lion, so we'll see how well that works. 

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    Hi everybody and happy good year. I've been using my connection in Rome and had no problem at all. But this connection is a adsl trough phone cable, only from the router to my MBP is wireless and it works fine all the time. I went to a couple of apple point and asked for some information regarding our issue. Got no answer, one told me that aplle will come out with a new update within january and that "for sure" they will fix the problem; another told me that he knows the problem but that aple has nothing to do because it is a driver problem that must be solved by the routers manufacturers. My opinion is that these two people don't even know what they are talking about. Just in case I'm trying to find a new router to connect to mine and see what will happen. In a few days I will be back to Luanda and keep you posted on this. Bye

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    Hello, Thanks for the tips, tried re-settling my wifi account like this, one evening wo drop of wifi, problem back the night after lol....



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    renzofromroma wrote:


    My opinion is that these two people don't even know what they are talking about.

    That would be a fair assumption, nobody except the Apple Co. know when and what will be released.


    Good Luck

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    Nightmare is right. The complacency of Apple and some of the Apple magazines is amazing. I have had constant problems re wifi since upgrading to Lion. I have a Touch and an iPad - no problems there!

    It really would be nice if Apple could at least acknowledge the issue.

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    This is what I did and it has solved my problem.  I too had wifi issues after I upgraded to Lion.  After several frustating weeks of trying to fix the problem I my own I went to the Genis Bar.  What we did was a reset on Safari, and then we went into the Network settings and deleted all the locations I had and went back to Auto on the DNS settings.  That worked while I was away from home using several different networks.  Once I got home more problems, soI replaced my old Lynksys router with a new Airport Extreme.  I have not had a wifi dropoff since I did the above and replaced the router.  I hate throwing hardware at problems but it worked, I know a new router is not cheap but one benefit of the router is it's super fast compared to my old one.


    I wish you luck getting this issue fixed, I know how frustrating it is and this issue has left me with the thought that Apple seems to becoming just another hardware retailer, I hope not, but if they would look at the number of pages on this issue alone, now 103 and counting, they might at least acknowledge there is a problem.


    FYI I'm using a MacBook Pro with a broadcom wireless card.


    Good luck,



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    I returned my iMac to store and got full refund. It had Snow Leopard installed in it and still I had same problems as  you who say the problems occurred after updating to Lion. Next week I will pick up new machine, the seller has just received new stock so let's see if the new one is ok or not then....


    God **** frustrating problem that was.