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    Ok tried it, as i have also tried Yousseff199 solution (drop came back).....

    I also checked, I have a NetGear WNR1000, should it do the job? Honestly I am not a IT person and this is my first iMac!!!! So , really annoyed as for you evansdad, I wished my spent solve any frustration, it is now creating more!!!!!!

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    Like cspearman I too have tried everything. I've followed this thread for weeks and even given the weird and wonderful suggestions their turn in the sun.


    I've even installed a new NetGear modem/router (N600) which produced a huge boost to download speeds , but solved nothing of the drop-out problem. The best I've acheived  trying  various suggestions is maybe a 48 hour respite - and then it's back to the same old, same old...


    The constant wi-fi drop is bad enough, but what infuriates me most is Apple's deathly silence on the issue. It's shameful  customer relationship mismanagement. Surely a simple acknowledgement from Apple that the problem exists (and for the moment is unresolved) is not too much to expect.


    Perhaps such sincerity is not  part of Apple's values and culture these days. But it firmly remains part of mine and of my expectations of suppliers.  That said, sadly it seems then that on this issue and after 27 years being a fervent Mac evangelist, Apple's current culture and my expectations have come unstuck.

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    I recommend this solution because it eliminates the wifi altogether. The netgear adapter is basically an acess point with an ethernet port. So I'm actually hardwired. The netgear solution is small and has a powered and usb solution. After a going thru this for a week, I had to come to a conclusion, take back otherwise incredible system, keep complaining to Apple, or find a solution that would eliminate what I percieved the problem to be.So far solid and inexpensive solution to an anoying and ridiculous problem.

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    I can confirm this issue extends beyond WPA-2 as I use WPA and same problem. I also downgraded my Atheros wifi driver to 3.2 which worked temporarily. This makes the problem more than likely Lion or hardware related, I have eliminated both by using a universal wifi adapter.

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    Alright folks here is how I have and am handling this problem. MBP 13" mid 2010

    Started with WIFI: No Hardware Installed

    tried reset PRAM, SMC           no good

    tried deleting plist files             no good

    tried booting to safemode and diagnostics      no good

    can't use Atheros downgrade cause I have a broadcom chip

    Tried all of the above in one swoop           no good

    tore apart macbook pro to get to airport card. cleaned connectors put back together WIF: No Hardware Installed problem gone.


    I am connected to several different network some WEP, some WPA, some WPA2 not matter what my wifi gets stuck to the point you can't turn it one or it's just not connected.


    my complete solution till an actual fix from apple comes.



    read the support page look for Tony for link for mac osx and download the proper files. Now the device works through 3rd party app which works wonderfully. Its a bit inconveniant after spending $1200+ dollars on a macbook but still better than going back to windows.

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    Also tried your solution, this morning iMac wo wifi, obliged to do a diagnostic as usual and wifi comes up frustrating!!!!!

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    Regarding the Netgear Universal Wifi Internet Adapter:


    I have a router/modem in the basement and the iMac upstairs. Would this adapter receive the signal from the router, and then plug right in to the iMac?


    And is that the same thing as using an old router as a bridge/repeater?


    Thanks very much for any info, I'm a very frustrated novice...

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    That's hard to say, because your your router is in the basement. Depends on the router and the signal. My router is upstairs and my computer is downstairs and it have a very strong signal. If your router is decent and wireless N I would think it should work. If not Amazon has a friendly return policy.

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    Thanks so much for the response. I'm confident in the signal being strong enough, and I was more wondering whether the ethernet-cabling to the iMac would eliminate these wifi drops. I ordered the adapter and will give it a shot.

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    Like so many of you, I tried most, but not all, of the solutions posted.  I had noticed an occasional slowing down of the internet prior to my upgrade to Lion in November but the loss of connection issue happened after the upgrade. Because of the connection issue and some problem with lots of buffering on Netflix with Tivo, I ordered an new Airport Extreme that would work with n and g.  After receiving the airport extreme, the problem got worse. That's when I tried a lot of the suggestions here.  The problem was getting so bad that I could only go a few minutes without losing my connection on my iMac. All of the other computers, iphones and the ipad in my house had no problem whatsoever. This week I called Apple and they had me run through deleting preferred networks, some of the network keychain links and some network preference and reboot my computer.  My situation improved slightly for a little while but by the next morning it was worse than ever.


    So remember when I mentioned the issue with Netflix?  I had contacted Comcast and ordered a new modem to work with a recent network upgrade Comcast had had.  The modem that I had was out of date and I was told that I needed a new modem to work with the faster upgrade.  Well, the guy came yesterday to install it (apparently they had to install it because it was attached to a couple of phone lines as well).  The guy at Apple said that upgrading the modem wouldn't solve the problem.  My husband said that it wouldn't solve the problem.  I never even asked the Comcast guy what he thought.  Well, he installed the modem and I have had wonderful fast, unbroken connection for the last 36 hours. I know that people have had issues after a couple of days, but this just seems solid. Not one hiccup.  I really think that the modem was starting to go wonky and that the new Airport Express made it worse.  However, with the new modem and new Airport router, I'm sailing.


    By the way, I mentioned to the Apple tech the fact that a lot of people having been having problems with this and he said that it was the number one problem with Lion.  It certainly sounded like Apple was working on a solution but who knows when it will come out.


    Maybe a new modem will work for some of you.  At least, I hope so.

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    Dear Apple


    In this thread alone regarding the 'Lion - WiFi' issue there are over 100 pages of people expressing their problems. Not 2 pages, nor 20 pages, does this not ring alarm bells somewhere in your systems? And this is not the only thread on this subject. Any thread here that has over 10 pages should have a team of your experts all over it like a rash.


    Let me see if I can make this as simple as possible for you




    Signed  Us - the consumer.  (You remember us, we are the ones who actually pay your wages)

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    AMEN to that

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    Hi, back to Luanda, I had no drops for three days. I had the ping stuff running and also I reinstalled Lion-combo re-downloading it using an ethernet connection while I was in Rome. (people from tom tom navigator told me to install their upgrades using a cable because wi-fi download doesn't work with maps). So just to check which one was working for three days, I stopped the ping program,  I started having interruption immediately. Anyway since the ping program didn't work for long time either when I tried it last year, I'm going to test the tp-link router that I got in Italy connecting it to the ISP router using a cable and see what will happen. I still don't know how to manage the IP numbers because both routers have the same but we'll see. Crossing fingers..... ciao

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    I'm so frustrated I'm on the verge of selling my computer and trying my first PC. It simply cannot be worse than Lion.


    Wifi drops constantly, iPhoto crashes regularly, it's hard & unpleasant to use, fonts seem to change randomly in Mail & Dashboard, my 'welcome' message when I created my iCloud account and iCloud calendars were in Chinese although all my preferences are set to English...


    There seems to be a new and ever-more frustrating problem with Lion every day.

    It has been going on far too long and will make me sell up and move on very quickly.

    My patience is more than running out.


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    I think you mean 'downgrade' to Lion...