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    Seems very odd that the two devices are having the same problem at the exact same time. Are you maybe using internet connection sharing on the Mac & the Nook is connected to that?

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    After some playing about today I think I've managed to force my Mini to connect on a better frequency, without having to roll back the firmware to the Snow Leopard version or mess with the Mini Airport card settings (via Terminal) by changing some settings in my router (Time Capsule).


    These are the changes I made:


    Airport Utility > Wireless > Wireless Options

    Set Radio Mode to 802.11 a/n - b/g instead of 802.11 a/n - b/g/n (Automatic)

    Set 2.4 GHz Channel to 13 instead of Automatic

    Set 5GHz Channel to 48 instead of Automatic


    My Mini now connects on:

    PHY Mode:          802.11g

    Signal / Noise:          -64 dBm / -96 dBm

    Transmit Rate:          54


    instead of previously

    PHY Mode:          802.11a

    Signal / Noise: -73 dBm / -96 dBm

    Transmit Rate: 36


    This appears now to be stable (no drops in the last 4 hours). It's a low transmit rate still, but better than before.


    The iMac is still connecting on

    PHY Mode:          802.11n

    Signal / Noise:          -69 dBm / -88 dBm

    Transmit Rate:          216


    and all is right with the world (hopefully for the long term)

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    your transmit rate looks great on the imac... the mini... could be better...either get your self an airport express or a n dongle... i think some one mentioned it a few pages back [or] if you are happy with it, because it is slightly better... then you are good.

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    The signal strength of the wifi is good (full bars) so I'm not sure that having an aditional Airport nearer will improve it. I think the main issues is with an older card in a machine running Lion.

    As long as the connection is stable I'm happy for the meantime. I'm planning on getting a new Mini in the next couple of months.

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    If your happy with it... that is what matters. If you want to improve it you can... the thing is.. you want your mac mini to connect on a/n you will need to attach a little dongle ($15) or an airport express ($99) but with the airport express you get some added features. I prefer the airport express personally.

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    I'm still having the wake from sleep issue, but it's not as bad after the last update.




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    Re: Lion WiFi Connection Problem


       Mar 10, 2012 7:04 AM    (in response to sulako

    Seems very odd that the two devices are having the same problem at the exact same time. Are you maybe using internet connection sharing on the Mac & the Nook is connected to that?



    If I understood you correctly, Nook and MacBook are connected to WiFi router separately.

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    I have had this problem also since Lion. I have a Time Capsule, 2 Iphones, 1 Ipad and a Macbook Pro. The Macbook Pro loses connection for a fraction of a second all the time. As described here previously if I reboot the TC the problem goes away for 24hrs then starts again. My photos's and music are on the TC. In recent days I have noticed if I reboot the TC and Macbook Pro at the same time and do not open Iphoto the problem goes away. As soon as I open Iphoto within an hour I am losing connection again. Any ideas anyone?

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    My machine just crashed with a grey screen telling me to reboot and the crash backtrace says this:


    Kernel Extensions in backtrace:

   [E2260E92-5A01-3C29-ABB9-66FF608E9D AC]@0xffffff7f80ef2000->0xffffff7f81033fff

                dependency:[F63D4ABE-42DA-33EF-BADD-3415B0CB0179]@0xffff ff7f808a6000

                dependency:[36DA8E21-CA96-3DCF-A6E7-5161AADF8FA8]@0xff ffff7f80eba000

                dependency:[025587B0-DC55-3E39-A129-51843993A0AB]@0 xffffff7f80994000


    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task


    So it's something to do with the Atheros card/driver not being very good. I haven't had the 4 hours free to go to apple store as of yet and get it sorted so gone back to using the PC we have here for most work.

  • Carlo TD Level 3 (550 points)

    maybe, maybe not - I do not have the answer. People with macbook pros do not have this chip. Have you run Lion Restore?

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    I just bought a MBP, my second one.  It came with Lion installed on it and I am having problems connecting to the internet.  My old MBP, iPhone and my wife's computer all connect fine, my does not.  It keeps timing out when I visit just about any page.  It delays when sending and receiving mail.  I have read through several of this discussions and I am not finding the answer that I think would work for me.



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    Having same wifi issues on MBP (late 2006) 10.7.3. I have tried many suggestions, but the one that made the problem "mostly" go away is this:

    Add an extra DNS entry – it’s not clear why this works, but many users report success with just adding an additional DNS address to the list. is Google’s public DNS and is reliable.


    I still have occasional drop-outs but it is much better after adding the above. The above tweak came from osxdaily (

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    In my case a new (2 week old ) MacBook Air.

    Works at Starbucks and McD with maybe micro-second drops but not  at home for more than a few minutes.  I have had it working a bit but it's totally off again.

    Also a new (6 months or so) Netgear Router.


    I won't repeat what I added to this thread:


    I am ready to try a different router as I am sick of trying to get this to work.

    I am not a network manager and don't want to be, that's why we started going to Apple.


    I will end with a fable:


    Decades ago I worked for a computer firm that no longer exists.  At the time we would get reports of a software problem.  Our engineers always responded that yes this was true but in reality our systems were "right" and the competition was "wrong"


    Then one day the software problem was reported as "yes we understand this is 'wrong' but we loose a lot of sales to our competition...


    end of fable:


    I was so ready to replace this Dell with Windows XP.   Cancel that sale!



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    Apple just ran a three hour diagnostic on above mentioned MBA Sunday.  Hardware is perfect.

    I have no network connection at home but the Genies at the Apple Store can't believe there is a problem.


    Our iPad bought the same day works fine.


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    I know it is a problem with OSX lion and I have been through all the AppleCare solutions, the solution for me which has been rock steady for months now is to change the wifi channel on my router to one that was not been used by neighbours. To check what channels are being used around you, do the following.


    Click the apple

    About this mac

    More info

    System report