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    I am no Apple genius but what I do know about apple is that they fix things.  I believe that they have scrapped LION and have moved onto Mountain Lion which is due out sometime in the next 2 months.  I have had thee same problem with my computer as well, and while it is frustrating I believe that Apple is one of the most solid product on the planet and they will produce with Mountain Lion.

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    iMac Wi-Fi Update v1.0


    worked for me.

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    Yep, that's the one..... that didn't work for so many of the people writing to this thread. Including me.

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    Thanks for posting that, mclc.


    I think there are several different problems being discussed in this (now very long!) thread. I installed this update when it came out, and I believe it resolved some of the issues I was having, but I'm still seeing packets being dropped left and right.


    Hopefully this update will resolve some of the problems being seen by newcomers to this thread.


    I was contacted by an Apple engineer, who asked me for a bunch of profiling information. I take it this is a sign that Apple's reading this thread, and I'll personally do whatever I can for Apple so that we can all start seeing stable Wi-Fi connections.

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    I am having these awful problems too, since I downloaded Lion.  I too am an Apple Convert and love the machine (imac) and Apple.  But some of us are not so technically minded and proficient as others and although I have tried many of the recommended fixes, non work. The constant searching for Networks, and occassionally completely dropping of the link to my wireless hub (usually when doing something important) is very very annoying and it is time that Apple resolved the issue. One of the key reasons that I used to love my imac is that it was 'rock solid' didn't have these silly problems that are usually more associated with PC's etc. 

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    I've tried most things on this thread - save reinstalling everything from Time Capsule as I can't remember whether my latest update was before or after installing the dreaded Lion. I've also tried deleting my WiFi settings and then adding them in again, restarting everytime Wifi drops out (not very helpful), mucking about with DNS on my router yadda yadda.


    I've just read someone else's suggestion to switch off bluetooth so I've just done's hoping it will work.


    I haven't bothered to drag my MacBook Pro (late 2008) version to an Apple Store, because it's been up there twice already this year (fried motherboard, fried adaptar and juiceless battery) so really just cannot be arsed to go up there again.


    Really, I am just so disappointed with Apple's Lion. How on earth could they have released this OS with either the full knowledge of it's wifi problems or completely beyond me.


    I have loved these machines since the age of 11 (I'm 30) and I have to say this is the first time I have been completely and utterly let down by Apple. It's laughable that OS Lion is listed under the 'Productivity' category of the Apple Store when it helps you to be anything BUT productive.


    I'm sorry for the rant people, but just in case there is someone reading all the posts on this thread I wanted to get my two pence worth in.


    Oh and one last thing...the only reason I upgraded to Lion from beloved Snow Leopard (oh how I miss you) was so that I could use the iBooks software (only works on Lion) - what a complete and utter con.

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    Just did the procedure recommended on apple support  (link below)   

    I have tried a lot of suggested solutions on this and other threads, this is the first one to work for me.


    This is the article:


    Go to bottom of page where it says:

    Symptom: After restarting or waking from sleep, my computer might not connect to the Internet


    Good Luck

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    Thanks, I've tried that procedure and the problem remains.  It wasn't a problem before I purchased Lion on Thursday.  Waiting for Mountain Lion in a few months is unacceptable and no assurance the problem will be solved. 


    What is the best way to contact Apple in a way that will be heard?

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    Thanks for this, but unfortunately this hasn't worked for me either. Not sure where to go with this next....

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    I'm with you. I've found a couple of postal addresses on other websites but I'm not sure how far we would get with that.


    It seems the only way you can get Apple's attention these days is to 'go public' somehow - i.e. getting this topic trending on Twitter or a website to report on it....

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    Sorry to hear this did not work for you guys,


    I have been trying just about everything (that makes sense) before simply resetting the WiFi interface (en1) and removing all airport entries in the keychain as the link reference given by McCainiac suggested


    My MBP has been working fine with Lion for quite a while before the problem occurred.  The only thing that seemed to change in my environment (and probably triggered the issue) was the appearance of a new WiFi network (my neighbour got a new router).


    Again, I did a total reset of the WiFi interface, removed everything, this would also remove .plist entries for airport ( and made sure the keychain entries were deleted.


    So far still working after many sleeps, re-logging, re-starts...



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    Hi all,

    Thought I'd throw my Mac into this mix as having the same probelms as everyone else on this thread.


    MacBook Air mid 2011, now five months old, running Mac OSX 10.7.3.


    I've learned not to close the lid and then reopen it, still expecting the airport bars to stay black.  I've already had the airport card replaced in the Apple store, but having done some research over the past two days, the info on here does seem to indicate it's more of a Lion wifi issue than anything else.


    I'm not technical, but have changed the router's channel so it's not the same as others in the street.


    Thoroughly fed up with this Macbook - cost me £900 and most days  I wish I'd bought  PC, altho I love Apple computers and have used them for years.  My old white  Macbook is sellotaped at all 4 corners, bashed, scraped and outdated - but never lets me down.  It's so much faster and more  reliable than my MBA.


    Will watch this thread in case a miracle solution is found!

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    p4girl wrote:


    I've learned not to close the lid and then reopen it, still expecting the airport bars to stay black.  I've already had the airport card replaced in the Apple store, but having done some research over the past two days, the info on here does seem to indicate it's more of a Lion wifi issue than anything else.

    In general, the wake from sleep issue of not reconnecting automatically, is most likely worked around by making sure that your wireless router is not advertising the same SID on multiple bands, if it is dual band.  Also, using the 5Ghz band with 802.11a/n if you have a choice, and use WPA2 as recommended by Apple.


    I'd guess that half of Apples developers are saying "It's their routers", and the other half is saying "read the forums", but with so many posts, it's impossible to get any real information, particularly when so many people have no idea what to do to trace down the real problem and have hacked their system configurations so much now that it is impossible to really do any diagnosis, because there are probably now 5 different things that are causing the "Lion wireless problem" to be stimulated into causing problems for the user.

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    Sorry but blaming it on the router is just too easy...

    Especially when other computers on the same network don't have the issue.