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    I have read all 143 pages of this forum in addition to other similar ones. I have last summers 27" iMac and have had the same issue of the network dropping. It appears to be active, but when I attempt to load a web page, it hangs. Only turning wifi off / on works.


    I have tried every single suggestion I have found (approx a dozen) all to no avail.


    I ordered the USB wifi mentioned earlier on in this thread, and last night bit the bullet and also ordered Aiprort Extreme. I will see what happens when those 2 FINAL items are tested.


    It is most definitly a Lion problem, as when the network hangs, I can still access it with my iPhone 4, iPad 3 and Apple TV (3rd gen). I'm not gonna bash Apple as there is no point, but I keep checking back to see if anything new comes up until it gets resolved.


    It is currently hardwired, but I get almost twice the bandwidth wirelessly. FWIW, I am sure this will get resolved eventually, but I sure am skeptical of the forthcoming Mountain Lion.


    Also, just a thanks to all the people who have provided their experiences and workarounds.

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    jminhudson wrote:


    Sorry but blaming it on the router is just too easy...

    Especially when other computers on the same network don't have the issue.


    I am not blaming it on the router, I'm tell you how to work around the issue until Apple fixes the issue to be compatible with your reality.  There is no standard that says a computer should understand which router to connect to when multiple instances of the same SID are visible to the computer.


    In fact, it's simpler for the user, if the computer doesn't care which router is right, and just says, ohh, that SID has this password configured, lets try it.


    And, it's simpler for the user if the router always connects to the strongest signal.


    And, it's always the case, that RF signal levels change based on conditions in the atmosphere and the behavior of the router, which might be auto adjusting power levels to maintain a minimal output level.


    It might be frustrating to a lot of people that the Apple WiFi stack has these attributes, but if Apple believes this is what they want it to do, then you need to understand how to work around it.

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    Thanks for the help as I'm am not well versed in wifi problem solving.

    I'm still frustrated and disappointed with Apple.  What problem is Mountain Lion going to have?  Is Apple going to avoid the resposibility of "fixing" problems as seems apparent now.

    Owning an Apple product, I didn't expect  it would be necessary to "work around" Lion's problem.  "Work around" is the digital version of duct tape.

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    McCainiac wrote:


    Thanks for the help as I'm am not well versed in wifi problem solving.

    I'm still frustrated and disappointed with Apple.  What problem is Mountain Lion going to have?  Is Apple going to avoid the resposibility of "fixing" problems as seems apparent now.

    Owning an Apple product, I didn't expect  it would be necessary to "work around" Lion's problem.  "Work around" is the digital version of duct tape.

    Yet, people buy Antivirus software to work around the fact that their OS is insecure, or that they are ignorant and don't know how to protect themselves.  People also use Raid disk configurations to work around the fact that a disk drive might fail.  In the end, there are lots of ways to stand around and point fingers.  There are lots of ways to work around issues that don't work the way you want them to as well.  I think the total amount of my time is made available for me to use how I want, if I work around problems instead of dealing with them repeatedled, or otherwise let their "misbehavior" impact me and cause me extra, repeated work.


    The link posted earlier, to Apple's wifi problem resolution steps, details all the issues that Apple knows their stack doesn't deal with.  Do what Apple says there.  If doing that makes something you already have in place, stop working, then you might have to use a variation.


    In the end, this has gone on long enough.  Apple is contacting people posting in the forum, and providing them tools which, when applied correctly, will increase logging and tell the user exactly why the stack "dropped the connection", or "switched APs" or did something else.


    That means that they do care what is going on in the issues documented here.  But, it points out that they probably haven't recognized a software problem that needs to be addressed yet.  They are collecting data which might point out a deficiency in the stack as it works now.  That data also can tell the user why they are having problems.


    Everyone needs to provide Apple data.  Call them and complain, use Apple Care and the Genius Bar if you have support plans.  Point every complaint and problem you have at them.  Give them enough data to realize that what is happening is not what you need to happen, bug, non-feature, misbehavior or whatever it is classified as.

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    I want you all to know that the persistent wifi problems have been nearly conclusively remedied by using an external wireless card aka a wireless extender. I currently use BearExtender. The odd thing is that my wireless device is still set to the Airport card built into by MBA 2011, but the comp appears to be using the extender as a crutch of sorts.


    I have been using the devide for over 4 weeks, and i have had maybe one or two episodes of connection issues. When the device is not attached, however, I face constant connection issues.


    I, of course, expect Apple to pay for my school's purchase of the extender as part of Apple's breach of warranty...



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    I'd like to add that my late 2011 MBA has been plagued by this Wi-Fi issue, as did my 2008 Macbook after being upgraded to Lion last year.  But the symptoms are somewhat different.  At home, with an Airporat Extreme installed, my MBA and MB connect to Wi-Fi with no apparent issue.  The problems I face have to do with accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots.  Over 90% of times I connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots, MBA came back with "could not join network: connection timeout error" messages and failed to join the networks. 


    And for the attempts to join public Wi-Fi networks that appeared successful, the majority of them would bring up a mini window in my MBA (seemingly captive connection assistant) that would not show any content in it, with only a spinning wheel indicationg continuous loading attempts. 


    Now I have to resort to an iPhone via personal hotspot to connect to public Wi-Fi.  I have tried almost all, if not all in all, solutions suggested here and other sites, but the problems are not going away.  Hopefully, Apple can solve this quickly.  I'd like to use MBA Wi-Fi to go on the Net wherever I am.  Any suggestion would be welcome.

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    "Any suggestion would be welcome."

    Want WiFi access to the internet wherever you are? Sell your Mac, get a new Windows notebook PC.

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    Or an iPad.

  • Nogueira Level 1 Level 1

    That's what I did.

    I sold the MacBook Pro and bought a Windows notebook PC. Now, my WiFi works perfectly.

  • CHH Level 1 Level 1

    Not the solution in my case ... it would defeat the purpose of my switch to Mac, initially, and, subsequently, the whole package of Mac and iOS devices and everything


    I am awaiting the solution they one day will figure out or the coming whole package of Mountain Lion


    It works at my home. The issue now lies with accessing public Wi-Fi hotspot

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    Someone who is still caring for Apple could send this hardcopy or FWD to or 1 Infinite Loop etc. Or all 144 pages of this thread. I have lost trust in this company and iVista, except for the mechanical engineering which remains top. Trust I place in my 7y old IBM which is slow but indestructible as well.

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    Already tried the email address , it bounces. Im sure Tim would be snowed under if it were something easy to guess.

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    I was having the same problem up until today. The wifi would just drop out. I tried the network preferences thing, but it didn't work.

    Eventually, I downloaded the wifi fix

    and it has NOT cut out since (whereas before it was cutting out every five minutes)!!!


    ::Crosses fingers::

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    I read enough about the possible conflict on the 2.4 band with Bluetooth, that I bit the bullet and bought the Airport Extreme. Left everything running overnight (on 5 Ghz band) and it still had connection this morning which is a 100% improvement over previous performance.


    To the trolls who said they just sold their MBA and bought a Windows laptop - good luck with that. I was a Windows user since version 2.0 and I would never look BACK.

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    My G5 21.5" 'Lion' has had connection problems from sleep since new (Mar 12) along with freezing. Thought I would check to see if my Router had latest firmware in it (Plusnet Tomson router). It did not. So for the payment of £5.99 p&p and a promise to stay with Plusnet for 12 months (otherwise £40), I obtained a new Router yesterday (Plusnet technicolor). It has 'wireless N' whatever that is. Anyway Mac now connects everytime from sleep with no problems. Upgrading router does seem to have answered my connection problems. One down.


    As for the Mac freezing I contacted Applecare for the 4th time so far. With my previous iMac running Tiger I left it on sleep all the time unless I was going away for a few days. I was told this was now not good practice and I should shut it down every day or so to refresh various caches etc. At the time it was frozen and so shut it down and then did P, R, Alt, Command routine. Then Go, alt, library dump contents of Caches and Saved apps state, on Applecare's instructions. Obviously this is one of many fixes along these lines. I will probably shut it down at night now and see how it goes, only time will tell.


    It does seem some problems are caused by the Computer trying to open up various programs that were being used when it goes off to sleep. You can turn this function off (Sys prefs, Users, login items, clear.


    As for my old wireless router I have a 2001 imac which connects wireless with no problem but that is progress for you.