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    The 10.7.1 arrived and the problem continues.

    I think Apple will not solve this problem soon.

    I stopped trying to get alternatives.

    I think the correction has to work without human intervention.

    Delete connection, reset something, etc. should not be necessary.

    My connection does not drop only if the ping is running.

    I'll wait for 10.7.2. If it does not work I will return to SL. Of course I will ask for a refund.




    O 10.7.1 chegou e o problema continua.

    Acho que a Apple não irá resolver esse problema tão cedo.

    Parei de ficar tentando alternativas.

    Eu acho que a correção tem que funcionar sem intervenção humana.

    Deletar conexão, reset alguma coisa, etc não deveriam ser necessárias.

    A minha conexão não cai somente se o ping estiver rodando.

    Irei esperar o 10.7.2. Se ele não resolver irei voltar ao SL. Claro que irei pedir reembolso.

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    I am having a similar issue since updating to Lion.  When waking up my iMac from sleep, my internet connection is MIA.  Almost everytime have to reset it manually unless I feel like waiting like FOREVER to reconnect on its own.  I did not have this problem with Snow Leopard.  Apple, you better get to work, PRONTO!

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    Best idea so far has been to remove all but the most used remembered networks.  This minimized the problem greatly.

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    Hi! For me the answer was - and remains, as I've just tried again without it and the connection dropped immediately - something I found on the OSXDaily site ( This is a simple and, I've found, extremely effective workaround until the problem is fixed, which it wasn't in the 10.7.1 upgrade. Give it a try!




    Another Idea: Maintaining Data Transfer

    Another theory is that when data transfer stops, the wireless connection inappropriately drops. You can avoid that by simply launching the Terminal and pinging a random address, this causes a miniscule amount of data transfer to occur and that can be enough to maintain an active network connection.

    • Launch Terminal (accessed at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal or by using Spotlight)
    • Type “ping” at the command line and you will see something like this
    • ping
      64 bytes from icmp_seq=91 ttl=52 time=27.806 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_seq=92 ttl=52 time=27.763 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_seq=91 ttl=52 time=27.806 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_seq=92 ttl=52 time=27.763 ms
    • Just let that run in the background, it isn’t resource intensive
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    hey there,


    since i see that many of you are restarting your machines to get wifi to connect again, there's a less obtrusive way: click the airport icon in the menu bar. turn airport off and on again. if it doesn't reconnect right away you can connect by selecting your network from the list.


    still really annoying but at least it works and you don't have to sit there and wait for your machine to restart or watch it scramble to connect by itself - eventually...



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    since i upgrade to lion, i hate my mac and apple.

    Wifi not work and no solution. I waited for the update, but nothing has chnaged.


    I set static IP, updated the router's firmware, updated my macbut nothing.

    Other wondows based pc's work fine, and iphone/ipad too.


    Now i'm looking for a  windows notebook...


    Just works? No.

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    You could post this type of "hate" mail directly to Apple at, or

    You won't get an answer but it will make you feel better.

    After you have calmed down and feel more rational, try a disk partitiion/reformat and either go back to Snow Leopard and wait or install a clean version of Lion and then run the 10.7.1 update—no guarantees but the latter fixed all my problems on a MacBook 4,1 and an iMac 6,1.

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    Also completely fed-up with the tiresome wi-fi issue and disappointed when 10.7.1 didn't fix it.  But the solution from Apple on the previous page worked for me.  I agree that Apple should fix this problem in an update, but the fix was so simple and I can now enjoy Lion without this annoying issue.

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    So the update didnt fix my wifi issue which is unique to my lion MBP on many different locations. Before the update, i had wifi bars, could see the network, but got conection time out. After the update i cant pick up any wifi signal at all.


    I called apple.


    He said:


    Switch off, then switch on holding Shift, cont, alt

    Then again holding Cmd, Alt, r, p until it beeps twice




    Then he said, switch off and hold down Cmd r, to get to some osx boot page, and try wifi there.


    Still nothing.


    So he then told me that its a hardware issue that needs replacing, that coincidently went wrong when i installed lion, and that i need to go to an apple store to get my wifi replaced. (£200 flight away)


    Seriously? I mean ****ing seriously? Lion is yet another release disaster from apple. Its got more bugs in it than the pre release version of ios5 which is bad.


    How can a company that has more cash reserves than the US government, push something out as badly tested as this, and then put an update out that doesnt fix anything. Utterly fed up.


    Going back to snow leopard.....but they wont give me a refund on Lion!!


    Thanks apple. c***s

  • Shawn Grinter 2 Level 3 Level 3 (950 points)

    Not always, I've had it drop several times mid Carbon Copy Cloner backup which was  hammering the WiFi bandwith at the time.




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    And what precisely is that fix? do you have a link to it?


    The problem with the intitial release from apple and Lion and the whole app store download scene, was that it offered NO clear way for customers to DO A CLEAN INSTALL, erasing the hard drive and installing the OS. Of course this forces the customer to reinstall EVERYTHING they had on the system, software, browsers, bookmarks, files all of it.


    There is NO SUCH THING as an update of an OS, especially a unix based OS, from one to the other.  A clean install is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY to avoid a list of conflict issues.


    The new os for $69 OFFERS a clean install option.  The update for $29 did not. HOWEVER IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE AN INSTALL FLASH DRIVE OR DVD IF YOU PURCHASED LION FOR $29. Of course you would need to download it again and follow these instructions that would allow the clean install, something the latest update is really designed for.



    Apple will NEVER admit an update from os to os is flawed, but the reality is this easy or lazy way to move to a new os is doomed to conflict issues.


    Before you toss your Macs out a window like a friend of mine did in NY, or sell it for a windows disaster pc, try the clean install approach to moving to a new operating system.


    NOTE  The flash drive version of Lion does not come with the built in restore/reinstall feature. There is a reason for that. It is flawed and unecessary baggage in an os the size of Lion.


    CLEAN INSTALL AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.  It is not perfect, but it is I am finding far better than simply doing an update from snow leopard to lion with all your apps and files in place.


    That said, APPLE, FIX THIS MESS ALREADY. We want computers when we buy them NOT IPADPUTERS. If we wanted iPads or iPhones we would simply buy them. We use computers for school, work, our livelihoods, and we need them to work, out of the box, with little to no problems. This WIFI issue IS the single most hard to take blemish against your company and the direction you seem to be moving with your computers and operating systems.  WAKE UP and keep customers. DON'T and lose many customers. Those in here who say they will rush out to buy a notebook for $299 and it will work are right, and if they are at all intersted, they can partition the drive and install Linux on them, and they will simply work.  That is something Apple was always noted for. It is not the case with Lion.

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    After using 10.7.1 for a couple days now I find WiFi working coming out of sleep. There is a time delay coming out of sleep, about the count of 10, where WiFi will not connect and you need to "retry".


    I also called Apple support and found the service extremely good with the call back in about a minute.

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    I tried removing preferred networks several days ago, before 10.7.1, and it worked for a short while. Then the problem came back.  I will try it again since it may work better with 10.7.1.  But, I suspect we will need another update from Apple.

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    Was waiting for a fix in 10.7.1, but no luck. have tried every suggestion on every page in this post. Going back to S Leopard till a permanent fix by Apple that doesn't require any hoopla. Reading a comment that said "Apple's Vista..." made me chuckle by the way...

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    alidogramaci, could it be your network card, not Lion? I guess going to Leopard may tell you.

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