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    Excellent, that clears that up then.

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    fnauta... I would send it to Apple's feedback... I've done that with my large post.


    Yes, shocking for Apple (a company I've loved for over 20 years now) and I too have been searching for a contact app that will work with the existing apps and work with MobileMe / iCloud, but I'm not happy with any of the 3rd party solutions. Putting the new skins on iCal has made it workable, but there's no way to fix Address Book as it's not simply skins, and Lion won't run the 3 paned address book from SL. Even if a 3rd party developer creates a workable address book, Apple can change the way things work with iCloud making it unworkable... just like what's happened to Outlook Mac 2011's calendar which no longer syncs with MobileMe.

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    nathannookie wrote:




    Why don't I just use Outlook Mac 2011?  Because it doesn't play well with Apple's existing mail, calendar, and address book, and the connection with the upcoming iCloud and the existing MobileMe.  MS has already stated that the calendar in Outlook Mac doesn't sync with MobileMe, so it's useless to me..... Nor do I want to go back to using Microsoft Applications.




    I don't think it would take a huge investment for Apple to create a product that rivaled Outlook... and of course, had the benefit of working with iCloud and Mobile me and the existing iCal, Mail, and Address Book.



    In the second paragraph quoted you want Apple to make a rival to Outlook, which you trash in your first paragraph.


    I don't know about you but I'm confused.


    For me, Outlook is appalling and I pray that Apple go nowhere near it.

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    Csound 1...


    I don't mean to 'Trash' MS Outlook Mac 2011 it's actually not as bad as what they've created in the past... but it's nothing compared to what I believe Apple could create. MS has already admitted that the calendar will not sync with MobileMe anymore... (some technical reason).. and because of that, it's not going to work for anyone that uses MobileMe or the upcoming iClould. Furthermore, I believe that you have to buy Office Mac just to get it... something I don't want to do as I already have iWork and love it.... IMO much more user friendly than MS Office.


    No, I don't want something from Apple that is just like Outlook, but something that covers the same ground. An app that encompasses the functions of iCal, Mail, and Address Book, and gives the user the kind of power that Outlook gives it's user.  Apple could sell it as 'stand-alone' or as part of iWork.

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    nathannookie wrote:


    Csound 1...




    . MS has already admitted that the calendar will not sync with MobileMe anymore... (some technical reason).



    The 'technical reason' is that they can't be bothered, they have only recently improved Outlook's iMap handling to the point where it is mediocre.

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    The new Address Book looks nice but it's almost unusable for any heavy-duty business user!



    I can't find Apple's logic in this:


    The new Lion Mail is GREAT as "…it makes full use of your display with a gorgeous widescreen view ...your messages and open email side by side in a new two-column view access to your mail folders, displaying them and their unread counts without cluttering up your Mail window…"


    And it really DOES THE JOB, but…


    The new Lion Address Book is a huge step backward as it DOES EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE! Yes, it looks nice and very iPad-ish, but the functionality is much worse! There is no more one-click way to get to the wanted groups when you are in contact view and there is no two-column view, and you must constantly switch between contacts and groups via red bookmark icon on the top! If you want to scan some group fast and you want info on some person you must SWITCH to Contact view see it - or press CMD+I to open another separate window (and clutter desktop).


    Why? The old Address Book was just perfect and very ergonomic.


    Just bring back to the Preferences one checkbox: "Classic Address Book view" and everybody will be happy!

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    If Apple had only spent the resources they have, giving Address Book it's new look and feel, and instead given it some real functionality. How about adding features like contact links, and the many features you find in programs like Contacterizer.

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    "Lion TWEAKS" can help you that hate the look of ical and AB. Safe, changes can be reverted any time you wish to. Includes lots of other hidden settings. Oh and free of course.

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    Can Lion Tweaks bring back the 3 pane view in Address Book?


    I didn't see that there.

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    Agreed. A step backward for sure.  Less functional and ugly to boot.  Same with iCal.

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    Rich Hayhurst wrote:


    I know a 29 year old (I'm 61) Ruby programmer who uses a laptop only (I use a MacPro, iMac 27" and a 2007 MacBook Pro) and he thinks that the look of iCal is cool. I told him that it was sort of cool in 1982 the year he was born, but that that sort of cheeze got stripped out of Mac Apps a long time ago. 


    Maybe the 30 somethings who have never seen this sort of artificial real world skins will be applauding this but if it's so cool, why not lay it on top of Mail, Safari, etc.  As it is, it looks like a decision made by someone too young to remember the interface bad taste that we've moved -away- from over the past 30 years.


    Rich, agree with you 100% even though I am a 30-something (bordering on 40-something).


    For anyone too young to remember the last time we had to suffer through UIs mimicking real world objects, here's a a good refresher.

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    Oh no.  "Find My Friends" app just released -- more leather.   Why?   If I could just change the color from the browny beige -- hurts my eyes.   So strange of Apple. 

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    I really miss ResEdit sometimes...





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    Sure, there has been a third party fix for a while, but Apple needs to fix this. They don't seem to be willing to own up to having made a bad discision though as shown by the new "Find You Friends" app in leather. It's amazing that Apple could have made such a bad discision on look and feel.