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    I agree. The lack of minimized apps in Mission Control means that I have to remember what app I was in when an item I was working on gets minimized. For example, often I am working on a document and need to check a fact, so I minimize to get to the browser. But when I finally get back to the doc, I can't recall if it was Word, or Preview, or Acrobat or what. So in Lion, I have to click all apps to find out which it was. Of course, I suppose i could keep all apps open, but who can work in that clutter.


    Lion is supposed to take minimized apps and recover their memory allocations, so perhaps this is why they are not shown minimized as they are not actually 'running'. But also in Lion, they have removed (by default) the "open app' blue light in Dock, so now its even harder to find that app, since Lion doesnt even tell you which apps are running.


    So, Lion doesn't show you which apps are minimized or even which are running, making it dirt simple to loose work or spend most of the day trying to get back to that app you were working in. Now I have to remember what I was using, rather than have the Mac do that for me. Thank goodness Lion resumes windows, or I would be up the creek, so to speak.

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    Yes please, Apple. Mission Control is an interesting idea for the mobile market but please do not neglect those of us using your desktop systems (or those with squinty eyes on laptops). Having the ability to not only use spaces but interact with minimized applications is extremely helpful to many peoples' workflows. I miss the feature greatly, infact it's the most disappointing regression that the company has introduced with 10.7 in this user's opinion.


    Carl Miller

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    Is there an offical feature request place? I too would very much like to see minimized windows in Mission Control. Like you could in Snow Leopard. Please bring that featuer back Apple!

  • jabba_the_glut Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks! Just sent a request. Fingers crossed!

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    This was of the great features in Snow Leopard.  I am lost for words as to why they would remove it.  This and removing Front Row make me feel like I downgraded.

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    Agree this is basically not good from Apple.


    I complained about removed features / functionallity from Leopard to Snow in an apple store and got told to wait for Lion.


    Now Lion arrives and bang, functionality has been removed again. Nice.


    Where pray tell do I formally complain regarding this??

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    Press Command-Tab which will show applications including minimized ones. Highlight it, release Tab and while holding Command key press on Alt before letting all keys go, it will bring up the minimized application.

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    Hi everyone,


    Just got my macbook pro and am wondering if anyone has come up with a fix/update for the "no way to view minimized windows" issue? I know you can view all open windows for a particular program but I use multiple programs at once and miss the ability to view everything I have open.





  • Lmicu Level 1 (0 points)



    Please understand the question here, "

    anyway to show minimized windows in mission control??!! "

    we are not looking for a workaround, everybody is looking for a way to enable that in Mission Control. As I understand that there are workarounds, the hole point is not to do that. Snow Leopard got us used to see all our windows with a click and now we have to do 4 clicks for the same think, how is that progress.


    To All,


    I switch from Windows to Ubuntu and then finally to Mac, I did not used Tiger nor Leopard I started with Snow Leopard, I have to say coming from those OS-es I loved mostly Time Machine and Expose. That  was crucial to me. I a moment of weekness thinking Lion would top the ice cream I upgradet. I was so disappointed that I lost my spaces that i wanted to downgrade but I could not anymore, I had to go to a lenghtly proces to do that and my time was not worth it, I knew eventually i had to come back at Lion so I am sticking with it now.


    I saw a post somebody was saying that Lion is supposedly moving towards instant applications, well, maybe, but we are not there yet, maybe when we will all have SSD that will happen.


    So all of you please go and file an official request to apple and hope they will pay attention.




    PS: how about navigating in Mission Control windows with the arrows on the keyboard, where is that one now ....... ***.

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    Was able to get minimized windows to show up in the dock by going to the 'dock' preferences and un-checking 'minimize windows into application icon'.

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    App expose is totally useles coz you have to be in the app to see its minimized windows, in Snow Leo you were able to see all minimized windows from anywere

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    Years later, OSX 10.11 is on the verge of being released, and there's still no real solution for this from apple. Advice on the internet seems to be "don't use minimize or hide", which is of course, complete rubbish.


    It's clear apple wants to impose "their way" of doing things on their users, and it's just "okay" for mission control to contain an incomplete picture of applications which are running. Meanwhile, Windows 10 is making strides by including previews in their version of mission control, and has therefore caught up in the eyecandy department, while apple still refuses to budge on this issue.


    I've basically opted to refuse to use the Dock and Mission Control, as they are worse then me using spotlight and Cmd+Tab to find my stuff (which is saying a lot, considering these two functions are not made for window switching). I see countless users hunting and pecking at their dock trying to figure out how to restore a window they've lost.

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    I'm really surprised Apple provides a keyboard shortcut to minimize windows and no shortcut to restore. Baffled.

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