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    um, sounds complicated, and I don't use spaces or mission control because I usually use all my apps in relation to eachother and need to be able to see eachone as I'm working on the other.


    As for better touch tool, it's buggy if you try to give it the key commands but if you go to the pull down menu to make it do the app switcher, he's written a very elagent code that gets it to work the same way. the only difference I can see is that you can't swipe four fingers again to make it go away, it just got to the next app in app switcher but that just means that if you are trying to use app switcher then you better have an app you want to go to, you can always click out of app switcher too.


    I imagine you tried to tell it to do cmd+tab. That's not good at all. Use this:


    Screen Shot 2011-07-24 at 11.48.58 AM.png 


    as you see I have it do both but that's not necessary and I just turned it off but instead of telling it the key commands, select it in the pulldown and tell me if it it works like you wanted it to. of course if spaces was for you the whole time, then I guess you're good but if gesturing for app switcher was something you wanted this is the only way.

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    I imagine you tried to tell it to do cmd+tab. That's not good at all.


    No, that wasn't the problem; it was half sliding to a new desktop at the same time as bringing up the appswitcher, or not bringing it up at all and just sliding.


    However, you did give me the idea to look at the tool again and to use a different command for the app switcher. I've now got it set as a four-finger tap, and that seems to be working OK.



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    oh, that's because you still have it to switch between fullscreen apps. Four finger tap is cool. when I four finger tap right now it adds a space. weird.


    would be great if  you gave a correct answer mark to the post that resolved the issue

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    I would have marked your answer(s) as 'Helpful', but for some reason the options in the forum to mark any more posts are helpful is not available (is there a limit, or can you not mark as helpful after marking one as 'correct'?).


    I know it doesn't give you any 'points', but your answers are appreciated and very helpful, so thanks a lot!

    However, I don't feel that having to download a third-party app to invoke basic Mac functionality IS the right answer!


    I still think the Bettertouchtool is buggy/jerky to use even with the four-finger tap, and I still haven't decided on a decent workflow (that probably won't happen till later this week when I'm going to be back to regular work with a million things going on at once).


    But again, thanks very much for your help.

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    If you hook up the magic mouse to your laptop it works the same way.

  • Peter Stubbs Level 1 (70 points)

    Try this app it is supposed to be more polished than BetterTouchTool. Works well for me I have assigned a single finger middle click to my mouse for application switcher but there are lots of options.



    It is free by the way.

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    I want this too! And I would rather not install a third party hack. Apple, bring back my favourite gesture!!

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    your loss, because this works almost exactly like it used to. App switcher is written INTO this code. However, LCP, if you want to actually communicate your feedback TO apple, I would suggest and then cross your fingers.


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    Peter Stubbs, you are my hero.  I have been desperately missing my application switcher since updating to Lion.  magicprefs brought it back.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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    Nice one Mr Stubbs, I actually had MagicPrefs installed, but hadn't bothered to make an setting changes. 4 finger tap for application switcher works a treat.

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    Bouncing off the sides to move to a space is certainly slow. I don't use it that way. I start dragging and use F9 to activate MC. If the app is not on that particular desktop, just hover over the desktop and wait for it to become active. Still not as fast as direct access to the app required, but not nearly as slow as bouncing between screens.


    If you know which desktop the app is located, you can ctrl-# to that desktop while in a drag, also.

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    There is one fatal flaw, however: Finder does not appear in MC. Any way to get it to appear there? (At the moment I'm trial running a third party extension to Finder called  TotalFinder, and using the 'Visor' option as a work around, biut its not very satisfactory).

    An app without open windows does not show up in MC. I asked for an ER to add an application badge on the MC screen. If the Finder has open windows, they should be there.


    However, if you hover over the Finder icon in the Dock (or any App), it will activate that App. For the Finder, it will activate Finder and bring up the default "new window" that you have set in Finder's prefs.


    The timing for the delay before popping up the window is controlled by the Spring-Loaded folders setting in Finder's prefs. Not sure why Exposé is linked to that as I would like an instantaneous response for Exposé, but can't navigate through folders with instantaneous spring loaded folders. You can sort of get instantaneous if you have a very long Spring Loaded folder delay by tapping the spacebar while hovering over an Icon in the Dock. This doesn't work for MC, though.

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    When I get a chance to boot back into Lion I'll give this a try, but can anyone tell me if you can set the gesture to a 4-finger swipe as it was in SL? I'm not interested in learning a new gesture, because it means I'll have one for Lion and one for SL.


    BetterTT sometimes mistook the 4-finger swipe for a change desktop gesture when I tried it, so it would be fantastic if this app can restore the app switcher as it should be.


    I know it sounds like a small thing, especially given all the other things I dislike about Lion (no Spaces for one), but actually this alone could almost convince me to bite the bullet on Lion's 250 other disadvantages...

  • softwater Level 5 (5,370 points)

    Ahh, I just saw bold_seagull's response. Thanks. That seems to answer my question.

  • softwater Level 5 (5,370 points)

    Peter Stubbs wrote:


    Try this app it is supposed to be more polished than BetterTouchTool. Works well for me I have assigned a single finger middle click to my mouse for application switcher but there are lots of options.



    It is free by the way.


    Nah...that's even more buggy on my system than Better Touch Tool was.


    Still no way to switch apps from the trackpad. Unbelievable how frustrating that is.