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    I figured I would join in the discussion. I am not techie, so I apologize. I am running an imac 24-inch Mid 2007 on 10.7.3. Always do the updates and everything seems ok. I have been having problems with connecting, reconnecting after sleep and just losing my connection in the middle of being on wifi. I have replaced my wireless router, I have deleted all previous wifi networks. I have also renewed my dhcp license. Nothing helps. To reconnect, I have to continuously go to network preferences, assist me, diagnostics, then continue with the assist me and choose my network and it then reconnects. I have  read some things about equipment plugged in and I have an ATT micro cell plugged into 1 ethernet jack in my wireless router/modem, I also have a bluetooth mouse, a printer plugged in USB and a Lacie HD using Time machine. Please help with any suggestions on stopping this annoying  behavior. It is really frustrating and makes getting things done very time-consuming. HELP.

  • laralea Level 1 Level 1

    I lost days of productivity with the wifi issue that occurred the moment I upgraded to Moutain Lion - this SOLVED the issue for me after trying many that did not work and I am thrilled (follow in this order exactly):


    1. Go to Network System Preferences and click the Advanced button;
    2. From the Wi-Fi tab, delete all the known networks
    3. Return to the main Network display and delete Wi-Fi from the Services list.
    4. Finally, add a new Wi-Fi service (by clicking the + icon at the bottom of the list section).
  • Peter N2 Level 1 Level 1

    Nice - making a new network service seemed to work. Thanks

  • SpectreOne3 Level 1 Level 1

    wrong forum


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