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    ldlewile, did you try my instructions above about repairing the keychain?

    Also, make sure you have patched to the latest version of Lion (10.7.3 at the time of this writing). 10.7 to 10.7.2 have problems with the keychain getting corrupted. It often gets to a point where you cannot open the Keychain access program at all. This means your system cannot store or retrieve anything in the keychain.

    We see this often on our campus with users who do not patch.

    A summary of steps to take:


    If the Keychain Access program will launch:

    1. From the Apple Menu run Software Update and do all system updates.

    2. After rebooting, open Keychain Access and run the Keychain First Aid (located in the Keychain Access menu) to repair the login keychain.


    If Keychain Access will not launch :


    A) Reboot holding command + R to get into recovery mode.

    B) Run Disk Utility and repair the hard drive and then run repair permissions.

    C) Reboot into Lion as normal

    D) From the Apple Menu run Software Update and do all system updates.

    E) Reboot and open Keychain Access and follow step 2 above


    Let us know if that fixes it.

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    See Bruce Sewart's instructions here and consider my earlier comment about Safari settings.  You did not say but I am guessing that the passwords you are losing are saved passwords in Safari.  I noticed that I never lost passwords that were application specific which lead me to Safari settings.


    Since taking the steps as outlined above I have not had any more problems.


    Good luck 

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    Let me make sure ya understand.  I lost my passwords when I reset Safari and cleared the cache/history.  My screencap above is what my permanent setting are when resetting Safari.


    In other words if you are mysteriously loosing all your Safari passwords, it is possible you are resetting Safari and those two unchecked boxes in my screencap are checked on your machine.  For some reason it deletes the passwords in keychain. When I made the changes shown in my original post I can clear my cache/history resetting Safari and not lose my passwords.


    Hope this helps and I made myself a bit clearer.  Good luck

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    Yes, Safari (and all other Apple software that I am aware of e.g. Mail) stores passwords in the Keychain. Safari just looks them up in the keychain, they are not stored in the Safari folders with the other stuff like history or caches.

    Passwords need to be in a secure spot so even if another user has access to your file space, they would need to have your system password to unlock your keychain to get to any passwords.

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    I understand all that Bruce. I was responding to Idlewile.  I discovered that if you reset Safari and the entries

    "Remove saved names and Passwords"


    "Remove autofill forms"

    are checked then the "Safari passwords' are deleted from the Keychain.  As you prolly know, you "Reset" Safari to clear web history and web site data etc.  My habit is to Reset Safari and Clear the cache, just my personal preference.


    Here are the steps I took to change the settings:


    With Safari open


    • Click Safari
    • Click "Reset Safari"
    • A window will open asking to confirm resetting Safari
    • Uncheck the two boxes I have mentioned before.


    If those two boes ARE CHECKED then Safari removes saved names and passowrds form the KeychainThat was my main point.


    THAT solved my problem of the missing passwords.


    Thanx and have a great weekend.


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    Thanks for your help. I'm good now. The only problem I have left is that my mail on my laptop will not sync with my iPhone or iPad. When I delete anything on the two it does not show up on my laptop. Also it shows that I have 13 emails and I checked everywhere and can't find them...I even went back a year and nothing.What can I do?

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    Yikes I really do not know.  I am afraid this means another thread search for you.   If you wish you can contact me at squawkbox (at) squawkboxnoise (dot) com and we can puzzle this out together.

  • Bruce Stewart Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    ChicagoDUILawyer - If your original post for this discussion is solved can you mark it so, and with whose solution worked for you?

    This really helps the community sort out what has worked.

  • Idlewile Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Other than just replying to you how am I suppose to let you know the discussion is solved?

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