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    Scarlet, to be fair to them, had suggested I try deleting and re-creating the mail accounts I have with them, BUT I refused to do that as I would certainly have lost the - it turned out very important- mail there unless I had first forwarded it all, message by individual message, from their webmail, and anyway I had forgotten one of the passwords (since remembered, thank goodness!).

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    I propose all concerned users to initiate a support case to Apple.

    If thousands of people do it, Cupertino will not be able to just ignore us.


    I have the same problem with the provider NUXIT (FR).



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    What is your server address?  (incomming mail server address? ) 

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    Why ?

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    DNS server:     localhost

    DNS server's address:


    Non-authoritative answer:     canonical name =



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    Now since OSX Lion , some POP answers is mandatory. It's not Apple problem. It's a mistake made by some ISP.

    Apple is just respecting the protocol correctly


    I suggest to disable one by one until find what causing this error.


    Your provider needs to check one by one their reponse...(probally one of them were wrong)






    $ telnet 110


    Connected to

    Escape character is '^]'.

    +OK NUXIT Mail Server











    In our provider our answers are:






    In the past we have the same problem with our customers.  pop not working in OSX Lion.

    And after a huge technical research we found the solution. It's not Apple problem.


    I posted this solution in the past.


    The problem is that you need to send this post to your admin provider.  This is the problem.

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    thanks a lot for your input and testing. However, I feel dubitative with your answer.


    "Dear passengers, this is your captain speaking. You probably have seen we face some problems with the airplane, but please be assured we do everything to handle the situation." The captain then asks his copilote "so what does the manual says" and the answer is "it is not our fault, it's coming from the way Roll Royce implemented their enginees". "And what does the manuel says about what we can do ? ". "It says call Roll Royce !". "Oh **** ..."


    The fact is that since Apple came with a new version of their OS, suddenly connection problems started for a lot of us. This clearly shows that Apple introduced a change that led to some problems.


    Your answer seems to say that Apple does follow the protocol correctly but that the providers are wrong in the way they handle it. Then of course I'm asking myself why their "incorrect" way of handling the protocol did not provide any problems until the new version of Apple code was introduced ...


    Anyway, this leaves myself and thousand of other users alone in front of our providers having to tell them "You don't implement the protocol correctly. I don't know why and how, but you are the one who needs to correct my problem".


    Personally, I would expect Apple to describe what exactly was changed in their new version so that providers can implement a work-around, or correct their code (that was well functioning during years ! and btw that still does with other interfaces !!!). What does it cost Apple to provide such a whitepaper describing what they did and which protocol standard has been reinforced in their new code ? Then we could contact our providers and refer to this whitepaper. This is why I suggest Apple users having the problem to call Apple support with the hope they will realize something needs to be done for their beloved customers.


    This is what I expect from a good company that takes care of their customers.


    So thanks again for your input that I will pass to my provider ... but I doubt they will answer anything else than "our code works with all other interfaces on the market, so we do believe the problem relies on the other side". You said "Ping-pong. Oh **** ..."



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    It seems to me the problem is that Apple cannot admit they were ever wrong on any issue.  Just like with maps.  Instead of dropping a bad program and allowing/forcing google maps to come up to Apple standards they create a horrible program and try to force users toward it.  Finally had to fire an employee as a scapegoat.  Now the pop mail probem now belongs to someone else as well.  If Apple would ever say "oops, we will fix that" as any reputable company would do rather than throw blame anywhere but where it belongs.

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    And now it is fall 2013 and the same problems plague us. If Apple Mail can't keep separate mailbox addresses separate, it should go back to the days of the keypunch card and start over. This is absurd. You can't tell me they aren't able to fix it, and it is NOT the ISP. It is Mail -- never had a single problem until I upgraded to Lion 8. And even tho' I've been a huge Apple fan for years, my experience with latest upgrade (including the phone) has not been good. Maybe it's time to explore other -- cheaper! -- options. It's bad for my business when one of my editing clients gets an email reply from my personal or my other business address. And the weird thing is, even though Mail finds it so easy to change the addresses on a whim, once it changes it, I cannot redirect the email thread by selecting the correct "from" account when I reply. And now I've wasted a full hour on this issue. Apple, get off your high horse, admit you've screwed up and FIX THIS !!!!!!!!

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    POP, Imap and Exchange accounts all work perfectly on my Macs (using 10.8.4)


    You have your own problem, probably incorrect smtp setup and assignments.

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