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Dear Everyone,


I am using mbp 15 inch early 2011 with 2 GHZ intel i7 processor and a  4gb ram. I would like to tell you that i have installed the mac os x lion and quite happy with the improvement. however, there are same changes which i am not sure whether it is that my mac that causeing theproblem or the bug from the lion itself. i am unable to wake my mbp screen using my magic mouse or trackpad after installing lion. i believe that my mbp has not really enter sleep mode as i dont see the sleep indicator at the bottom right corner flickering. i also believe that it is only the screen that goes to sleep while the hard disk is not. Normally a single swing  of the magic mouse or a single swipe of the trackpad will normally wake the screen. in order to wake the screen now is only to click on the magic mouse or trackpad. furthermore, scrolliing page using magic mouse also become unusual after installing the lion. does any of u happen to come across these problems as well? Is there any other way to downgrade to snow leopard back? (i ask this in case that this issue really cannot be fixed). Please help me on this issue. Thank you very much for taking your time to read and reply this thread.



Moonbasher (henry)

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Same problem here. Moving pointer with trackpad when screen has shut off will not turn screen on but tapping the trackpad or clicking the trackpad button will.

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    that means i am not alone here. so sad, i hope more people will read this thread and reply with a solution to help us i never imagine that new mac os x lion will have this kind of gltich. i dont really want to revert to snow leopard as i begin to love lion more and more now. however, if apple doesnt come with a cure for the glitch, guess i have to revert to snow leopard back since it is more stable

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    First, Lion does not wake on mouse or trackpad movement, only clicks or keyboard presses.  This is presumably to avoid waking the computer from display or full sleep accidentally, and is just how Lion works.  It's going to take some getting used to, personally, but I've noticed my mac hasn't woken up on it's own.  Apparently moving about my apartment moves the mouse enough that Snow Leopard used to wake the iMac.  This is not a glitch, and unfortunately, a downgrade is a complicated matter, involving erasing the HD entirely, and restoring from a backup created in Snow Leopard and not used with Lion at all, or manually importing important bits of data, as libraries upgraded by new versions of Mail, iCal, etc will not be compatible with the old versions.


    In terms of your mouse scrolling, describe it in a bit more detail; Lion introduces "natural" scrolling, where instead of the mouse wheel moving the "window" over the contents, it moves the contents through the window, like scrolling on an iPhone or iPad.  In other words, think of your finger on the mouse as pressing on the page you're looking at and dragging it upward through the field of view.  I remember long ago thinking my very first scrolling mouse was backwards, and then adjusting to "down is down, up is up".  If this is the behavior you're experiencing, this also is the way Lion works.  This, however, can be changed in the mouse or trackpad preference pane in system preferences.  Simply deselect "natural" scrolling.


    In a more general sense, its usually not a good idea to do a major software upgrade on your primary machine unless you're willing to deal with some zero-day glitches.  It sounds like the issues you're having aren't actually glitches, and you should be happy for that, but in the future, you might want to wait a few weeks for other users with more experience with major OS launches to find those bugs and point them out to the community for Apple to fix.  In terms of an OS launch, I think this has been absolutely one of the best.  I'm seeing very few major glitches resulting in lost data, few things that would really destroy my personal workflows, and compatiblity issues with other products seems to be well documented or negligible.  It's also a bit hasty to assume that mere hours after launch Apple would have any ability to fix ACTUAL problems with the OS.  My recommendation would be to get used to the change; having to click the mouse at least means you'll never accidentally wake your machine bumping against your desk.

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    i thank you for your explanation. you have cleared my misunderstanding on mac os x lion. it is lucky of me to have someone explain to me on how lion work before i really do stupid things like formatting it back to snow leopard. It is not only will take my time to move my data pieces by pieces but will also be a waste of money since i had bought the os for sgd 39. in the future i will just wait for further news from expert in case anything happen with my os again. lastly, I would apologize to all of you by saying this issue is a glitch. i was just to panic i guess.. my bad. for the magic mouse scrolling issue, i have found the remedy. i went to magic mouse setting and unchecked the scroll direction and the problem go away

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    I know it seems fussy, picking out on a minor issue like this. But for some of us, features like this are ingrained to how we work with our computers. So it can come as quite a shock to the system


    It may be a problem for some, with the accidental wake, but it was never an issue for me. I don't see why (as with many features in MAC, such as the controversial natural scrolling) this could not have an option in "Energy Saver" or "Trackpad" Preferences - to be able to turn it on, or off. Hopefully this is implemented in an upcoming update.


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    I am on an iMac 21" and I too really miss being able to just move my mouse and have the screen wake up. I rarely had a problem with accidental waking up of the monitor and often just had my email screen open and could twitch the mouse to see if any new messages had arrived.


    Partnered with the fact that the remote doesn't work any more in Lion and I can't use my Front Row to watch movies or listen to podcasts when I'm on my exercise machine or sitting away from the computer, I'm really disappointed with the upgrade. I haven't noticed any magical increases in speed or performance (if anything my Adobe CS Suite is much slower to open and my login is much slower). I have gotten used to the mouse direction though, which I suppose is one advantage. *sigh*

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    I ALSO am not happy with this feature.

    At least give us the option whether or not trackpad/mouse wakes screen, ***.

    Another "minor issue" I'm "fussing" about (also ingrained in myself, @camjs), hitting "ESC" to clear my calculator (used all the time when calculating contracts for clients) in Dashboard.

    Now when you hit "ESC," it closes Dashboard.

    Again, not a big deal, but ESC was the only way I knew how to clear my calculator (aside from mousing over to "C" and clicking) quickly, so I have to re-learn this habit.


    Just a bummer; maybe someone has a suggestion for me.

    Aside from 'quit ********.'

    I've also thought about down grading, and I've only used Lion for <day (thanks to multiple complicated transfer issues and after 4+ calls to Apple).


    Oh well, I'm just another priviliged American whining about the least important thing in my life.