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Having worked with OS X Lion now for about a day, I have to say I'm encountering too many issues. (A selection: Safari won't allow me to start with my Homepage and then have new tabs open with the Same Page for some reason (I'm not sure what exactly the people who review the software are reviewing: don't they see this?); my scanner won't scan to the right destination anymore; the folders in the Finder's sidebar that I've added there myself all have generic icons, which makes it hard for me to find the different folders I have there; apps that have to start up when other apps export files to them, don't -- et cetera. Just really a lot of stuff.) Maybe some of the issues can be fixed, but even then I can't see the appeal of Lion. A thumbs down, I'm afraid to say.


What I'd like to know is: how do I revert back to Snow Leopard as painlessly as possible? I have my stuff backed up, I have Snow Leopard's Install disc right here, I'm all set. What do I do? I want everything to be the way it was yesterday. Maybe I'll look at Lion again later, but not right now.

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    Oh, yet another thing: Safari sometimes opens new windows in zoom mode, that is they're zoomed in, which means I have to pick "View -> Actual Size" first before I can continue.

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    Come on, surely someone knows.

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    Back to Snow Leopard from Lion install method



    Read and print out these instructions, your computer is going to be offline and you wil be cutoff from help until your machine is restored.


    Clear the Desktop, Downloads and Trash of anything you wish to keep by placing their files in the respective Documents, Music, Pictures, Movie folders.


    Disconnect other drives except the sole backup drive.


    Backup ALL your Users folders (Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music etc) manually (drag and drop methods) to a (not TimeMachine) external powered drive (HFS+ journaled formatted in Disk Utility) and disconnect, your going to be wiping the entire boot disk of ALL DATA.


    (warning, everything will be gone and not recovered, OS, programs, files, Windows etc all gone.)


    Note: You might want to hold c and boot off the 10.6 installer disk and use Disk Utility to format the new blank external drive instead of using OS X Lion if that's hosed. Then reboot into Lion and copy files, may be safer that way.



    Here we go!


    Hold c and boot off the 10.6 installer disk that comes with your computer and second screen in just STOP there, don't install OS X yet.


    Look at the Utilities Menu for Disk Utility.


    On the left is the name of your hard drive maker, click it and Erase (format HFS+ Journaled), give it the same drive name as before, and click Erase...


    (note: if you want to "scrub" the drive of old files that haven't been overwritten yet, then use the Security Option > Zero Erase, takes a lot longer)


    This should wipe the drive of ALL partitions (GUID, OS X and 10.7 Recovery, Windows if present)


    When it's done, quit and install OS X 10.6. Then install all your programs from fresh sources and validate/update.



    When you setup a first account, use the same user name as before, this way you can simply drag and drop the content of your previous Users folders from the external drive right back into the new Users folders and everything should work peachy. Links in iTunes to music, playlists and iPhoto links especially.


    Update OS X to 10.6.8 using the Combo Update for best results.




    (Note: If your original machine had 10.5 and you want the free iLife that comes with the disks with the computer, then you'll have to install 10.5 first using the same c boot/erase/format methods as above, then update to 10.6 via the disk, then Combo Update 10.6.8)



    Final step optional but highly recommended.


    A lot of people use a Carbon Copy Clone of their boot drive to a new HFS+Journaled external drive (used only for this purpose) as a "hold the option key" bootable backup in case something goes wrong with their boot drive or need to restore to a previous OS X version..  (in addition to TimeMachine drive for more immediate backups.)


    It's not advised to have a Bootable Clone and a TimeMachine partition on the same external drive, as two drives gives hardware protection in case one fails.

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    Thanks, but is there no way to secure my stuff with just Time Machine?

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    Sorry I don't know enough about TimeMachine restoration methods.


    I use hold the option key bootable clones, so I would be back on Snow in about 30 seconds and Lion would be dying a painful death.




    You likely will still need to c boot off the 10.6 and wipe the entire boot drive first then restore from the TM drive.



    I could point you to Pondini's TimeMachine  page.



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    Thank you, that is very helpful.

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    Here to help.