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Harpo Marx Level 1 (10 points)

How can i assign my apps to specific desktops with Mission Control as it was possible with Spaces? What I'm experiencing right now is different apps - lets say Safari and Mail - opening in the same desktop. I don't like that. In Snow Leopard i had Safari in one space and Mail in the next and as soon as i would open one of the two it would open that Space. That was cool. Why reinvent the wheel and then make it less efficient? Or am I just too dump?? Perhaps someone can point out the advantages of Mission Control compared to Spaces to me.

Thank you.

  • ScruffyDoo Level 1 (25 points)

    Spaces has now been merged with Mission Control. With [fully supported] apps running in fullscreen they are assigned to their own "space".

    You can simply quit the application while in fullscreen mode and the next time you start it up again it goes back to fullscreen mode within its own space.


    Hope that answers your question Harpo Marx

  • Harpo Marx Level 1 (10 points)



    I see your point that Mission Control has been designed to primarily assist us with apps in fullscreen.


    Thank you.

  • ScruffyDoo Level 1 (25 points)

    Hello again,


    Completely overlooked an element of mission control.

    The basic "Spaces" element still do exist within Mission Control.

    Here's the part I missed out;

    If you want an opened App to be within another Space, drag that window to the top right of the screen and you'll see another desktop appear, drop the app within the new desktop.

    You'll be able to group apps together in the separate desktops.


    Apologies for this oversight,

    Scruffy Doo

  • Johannes Aequalis Level 1 (0 points)

    Scruffy Doo,


    I agree with your original frustration and do not see how dragging an app to the top-right corner helps.


    In Mission Control we still cannot organize apps into spatial clusters a priori, which we were able to do with Spaces. We also do not know where different apps are with respect to others, and we cannot see open apps underneath others in other desktops.


    I would thus rather term the function Mission Lack-of-Control. I completely agree that Apple invented a wheel with Spaces and now made it squared...


    I miss my spatially organized computer which is now a pile of randomly ordered desktops. I would be greatful for any tips on how to live with Mission Control after getting used to Spaces...



    Johannes Aequalis

  • Harpo Marx Level 1 (10 points)



    my initial concerns turned out to be wrong.


    Here is a simple way to use Mission Control just as Spaces:


    Let's assume in this example we like to assign iPhoto to Desktop 3 (which in Spaces was called Space 3).


    1. Turn off 'Automatically rearange spaces on most recent use

    2. Scroll up with 3 fingers simultaneously or launch Mission Control from the Dock. Click on Desktop 3. While you are in Desktop 3 launch iPhoto. Doublecheck with a right click on the iPhoto symbol in the Dock. Choose options. Confirm 'This Desktop'


    NOTICE: Apps are automatically assigned to the Desktop / Space where they are launched for the very first time. However you change this by ctrl-click the application's symbol and assign to None than switch to let's stay with Desktop 3 and launch the application from here. From then on it will be assigned to Desktop 3.


    NOTICE: Apps in fullscreen mode will temporarily (for the duration they are in fullscreen mode) be assigned to right most Desktops in Mission Control. Once you restore to a window you will find yourself again in its (app's) asigned Desktop.

  • s.m.t. Level 1 (10 points)

    Cool.  Apple should have done a better job documenting this feature.  I did notice though if you delete the desktop, then the app reverts to the default behavior.


    So it seems you need to add the number of desktops you want and assign your apps, but don't delete any of those desktops.



  • Gobi Triv Level 1 (0 points)

    I was facing the same problem outlined by Harpo Marx on arrangng the desktops like my spaces.

    This thread helped solve my frustrations - but it is not clear to a below average user like me

    I have done two things as suggested by ScruffyDoo


    1. In 'System preferences / Mission Control' -- Turned off  'Automatically rearange spaces on most recent use'.


    2. Assinged each app to a particular desktop as described by him  -- which was similar to my arrangement in spaces under leopard.



    3.  I have also switched off under "system preferences / general' -- "Restore windows when quitting and reopening apps".  This has prevented  earlier files / documents getting  opened again after I had finished with them;  Though by assigning the apps to specific desktops solves the  problem, this feature was more of a nuisance  as far as I was concerned.