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since I have installed Lion on my iMac 27" (2010) the WiFi connection breaks up allways after 5 - 10 Minutes. But the connection icon still shows that there is a connection. All internet relatet apps stop working. Then I have to decativate and reaktivate the WiFi connection, that it's start working again. Of cause, all other iDevices have no WiFi problem, like SnowLeo before too.


What can I do?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), 27", 2010
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    Can you have a look in the Console Application (located i the Utilities Sub Folder) and look for potential problems on wifi ?


    Feel free to post a sample of the log here so we can have a look at it and maybe find the problem

  • dsun84 Level 1 Level 1

    Anywhere here it happend again:


    Thu Jul 21 13:13:23.685 <configd[15]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: LINK_QUALITY (en1)

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:28.685 <configd[15]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: LINK_QUALITY (en1)

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: BSSID_CHANGED (en1)

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <airportd[484]> _handleNewMessage: received XPC event for pid 15, <dictionary: 0x7f9e1a100560> { count = 3, contents =

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435           "_eventType" => <int64: 0x7f9e1a100380>: 3

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435           "_interfaceName" => <string: 0x7f9e1a100400> { length = 3, contents = "en1" }

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435           "_command" => <string: 0x7f9e1a1004a0> { length = 12, contents = "DRIVER_EVENT" }

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 }

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <airportd[484]> _processDriverEvent: BSSID changed

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: Frequency Band updated <1>

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> BluetoothCoexHandleUpdateForNode: <en1> Handle Bluetooth Coex: FrequencyBand <1>, Bluetooth Isolation Mode <4>, Clamshell Mode <0>

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F42C8CC8> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F42D88C8> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F42D88A9> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F22C86C8> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F22C86A9> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F22C8AC8> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F22C89C8> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F22589C8> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> isBoardIDEqualTo: <Mac-F22586C8> found a match? <0>!

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:38.435 <configd[15]> BluetoothCoexModeSet: <en1> does not have BT Coex, do not perform APPLE80211_IOC_BTCOEX_MODE

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:53.403 <configd[15]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: LINK_QUALITY (en1)

    Thu Jul 21 13:13:58.403 <configd[15]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: LINK_QUALITY (en1)

    Thu Jul 21 13:14:08.410 <airportd[484]> ___createTerminateTimer_block_invoke_1: ...exiting

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    This seems to be working for me:


    Open System Preferences -> Network

    Click the little gear drop down and choose Set Service Order

    Make Wi-Fi be the top

    Click Bluetooth PAN and then choose Make Service Inactive in the gear drop down button


    Of course if you need to use Bluetooth you can try leaving that on. Maybe it's just having Wi-Fi be the top of the service order.

  • dsun84 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey and thanks for the try. In the moment when I deactivated BT Pan the WiFi connection broke up. De- and Reaktivated it -> WiFi works and BT Pan was reactivated again(?). Deactivated it again, but now the WiFi connection breaks up much more than before...It seems to be a big bug...But thanks of couse to you!!

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    I was having the same problem with wifi constantly dropping out, and Facetime no longer working, after I installed Lion.


    I followed the suggestion, from someone in this forum, and set Auto Proxy Discovery (Network Preferences>Advanced>Proxies).


    Has worked like a dream since and facetime now works too. I have my fingers crossed, only a few hours so far but much, much better.

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    Reposting this so people have an easier time finding it:


    There's also this...


    If your wifi is dropping thanks to Lion, try this first:


    * Reboot your router to connect.


    * Immediately open Terminal.


    * Copy and paste the following line, exactly as is:


    ping `route get default | awk '(/gateway/){print $2}'`


    And then, don't close Terminal... just "Hide" with command-H.


    That's it. This will work for most users, until Apple provides a better fix.


    Bonus step, not essential to the fix: Add the DNS server in the "Advanced" section of Network preferences, on the System Preferences panel.

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    Thank you so much for posting this! I don't know what Terminal is doing... but my internet is now working without and issues I was hoping for a software update to fix Lion's wifi issues.. but then i paused in thought.. wondering how I could use software update with no internet connection >.< So thanks again, you've made my day ahah

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    To: Apple Support Communities Updates <discussions-updates@apple.com>

    Subject: Re: [Mac OS X v10.7 Lion] - Re: Is Apple going to fix OS X 10.7 Lion?


    I have 2 MacBook pros.  One still under apple care.  I have spent thousands with Apple.  Never unhappy.  Never.  But now I understand others when Apple 'shuts down' when there is a problem and diverts blame onto user when Apple Knows All is not perfect with new platform.  My only regret now is that I just should have waited this out as so many more professional people than I have informed also authors of ZDnet.  You really need to just help your customers like me.  Who would always go back and buy an apple.   But now you don't care.  I have been to Genius Bar twice.  They also say it was Lion update.  To go back to Leopard.   Just didn't want to go through all of that on 2 MacBook Pros.  Thanks for your standard reply.   AjArnold


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    Re: Is Apple going to fix OS X 10.7 Lion?

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    What "ad infinitum"? Most people aren't having any trouble with Lion at all. 10.7.1 fixes a handful fo specific bugs for a few people. Most people won't notice any difference. The WiFi drop outs you are experiencing could be entirely unrelated to Lion. Did Lion cause all of the WiFi drop outs that plague hundreds (out of tens of millions) of iPad users? Wireless networking is complicated stuff and it is impossible for Apple to test every 3rd party device. They build to the published standards, test with the post popular equipment, and hope for the best.




    Apple knows that networking, wireless or Ethernet, is never 100% stable. They built and tested the AFP server in MacOS X Server and Time Capsule to handle drop outs. Did the makers of Netatalk do that? To their credit, they did add support for the new DHX2 security protocol some time ago. When did Netgear update their equipment to use that new version? They only did it on July 20th when it stopped working. They could have done it long ago and spared their customers any hassle whatsoever.




    It is the responsibility of Mac users to make sure that their 3rd party products work with new Apple equipment. Apple has no control and little influence on these other companies. It is Apple's customers' responsibility to do research and purchase the most compatible equipment possible. For example, my Canon printers all work fine with Lion. It would likely be a different story with HP.




    I'm sorry you are having trouble with your machine. I would like to help fix it, but as long as you claim the fault is entirely with Lion and refuse to try to find out what is causing the problem, you will never get it fixed. The problems you have are not shared by the millions of other Lion users. No Lion update will ever fix them. Just because you see similar complaints here on this technical support forum does not mean they are universal problems. The only part about these problems that is typical is that they are typically reported by people with every software update. There are many people here on Apple Support Communities that are willing and able to help you diagnose and fix the problem. The first step is to meet us halfway and consider the possibility that it isn't a software bug that is causing the problems. It could be a bug, but with literally millions of people who don't see the problem, it is 100% your responsibility to prove the existence of this bug.


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  • R_2 Level 1 Level 1

    update your lion to 10.7.1 and do these:

    1)reset smc

    2)reset pram

    it works well for me.i've never suffer from the wifi problem since then!

  • gregoryfromasan Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue and since I downloaded i-stumbler I no longer have any problems.