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I installed my copy of Lion yesterday. When I started using safari or even in the Finder, the three finger swipe is now used for full-screen app scrolling.

I know you can change this into four finger swipe or disable this, but the whole 'show previous page/site' disappeared. Is there a way I can get this back?


Thanks in advance.



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Reply by normnod on Jul 21, 2011 3:56 AM Helpful

It seems to be gone in the Finder, Apple are trying to make you use other options.


Two fingers is the gesture in Safari

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    It seems to be gone in the Finder, Apple are trying to make you use other options.


    Two fingers is the gesture in Safari

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    What is the default gesture now for scrolling left and right in Safari then?

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    Two finger gesture on Safari 5.1 on Lion seems to try to scroll horizontally, rather than do "back" or "forward". This is true on both trackpad and magic mouse (it used to be three-fingered gesture on trackpad and two-fingered on magic mouse, they are both gone - and the preferences for both no longer allow the possibility).


    Safari 5.1 *ALSO* broke keyboard shortcuts, where I had assigned alt-left to be back. Having no "back" other than having to mouse over to the little triangle is unacceptable, this is one of two issues that is probably going to have me give up on Lion, and either drop back to Snow Leopard or take the leap to Ubuntu.

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    Correctioon on my earlier complaint:


    - The gestures on both trackpad and magic mouse are still there, they changed number of fingers required for the gesture (on both), and they stopped working in some cases. Most notably, "swipe between pages" (which is forward and back) doesn't work in google maps - the gesture is ignored entirely. It appears that any pane which has scrollability (even if only vertical scrollability) will use the swipe in trying to scroll (even if it can't) rather than swiping between pages.


    - The ability to map "back" and "forward" in Safari through keyboard shortcuts is still there, it is only alt-left and alt-right (my selected keystrokes) that stopped working. As best I can tell, Safari is pre-empting alt-left and alt-right for something else that doesn't do anything. Changing the shortcut to "shift-left" worked.


    - Regrettably, however, the swipe between pages no longer works in open office. It's entirely ignored. This had been quite convenient, and Lion seems to have changed the interface enough that OpenOffice is no longer understanding either the gesture or the keystroke.

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    Is working well for me. You may want to experiment with it.

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    I did the same and was very dissapointed to see the 3 finger left/right swipe go in finder, HOWEVER!

    If you change the settings you can get it back.

    Change the "swipe between pages" from 2 finger to three finger swipe.

    Then change "change between full screen apps" to four fingers and not 3

    The result is that you can swipe back and forth in finder as well as safari using the original 3 finger left/right swipe.

    Crisis averted.

    My only major issue is that Apple didn't mention that Office for Mac would just stop working. So another 100 quid buying Office 2011, brillinat, thanks Apple!