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KYL Level 1 (20 points)

I ordered a build to order iMac with the 3.4ghz core i7 processor but the box the iMac came in says core i5 on the side?


Is this the same for everyone? I have seen some unboxing videos where the iMac box actually has the core i7 image on the side.


When I order a build to order iMac is it a case of the apple tech just opens up a stock model version and replaces the chips inside and sticks it back in the box and re-seals it ready for shipping? Or do they build them from scratch putting them in their own individual core i7 branded packaging?

  • normnod Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Is it an i7?


    That's all that matters surely.

  • KYL Level 1 (20 points)

    Yes its a core i7 inside but I have had to exchange it twice already because of dust under the glass and the second one had streak marks under the glass from where someone had wiped the glass.


    Im thinking this would not happen if the machine was built from scratch on an assembly line. Opening an already assembled stock model removing the glass and replacing parts is not built from scratch.


    I am particular about my products. So if I order an i7 iMac I would like the packaging it comes in to reflect that. The second iMac I returned arrived in a battered iMac box which belonged to a 2010 model imac.


    I'm paying alot of money for these products so I expect a certain level of quality.