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Nikolaus Heger Level 1 Level 1

Prior to OS X 10.7, after the system entered display sleep, but not sleep, you could wipe the trackpad to wake the display. In OS X 10.7, that doesn't work anymore when running on battery.


It  looks definitely like a bug to me, I have narrowed the issue down as follows:

- It only affects "display sleep" which is usually set to a much shorter period than system sleep

- It only happens when running on battery


Intentional or bug? Is it just me?


Described as above it seems minor, but this is what I do about 10 times per day when I am sitting in various locations using my MacBook Pro. Display sleep is set aggressively low to save battery when I am not using the machine... I have it at 3 Minutes. Swiping the trackpad is an almost thoughtless quick way to wake the display again...

MacBook Pro unibody 17, Mac OS X (10.5.7), WD 320GB black series
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