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Since we are no longer dealing with a disc, can you install the new Lion upgrade on 3 different Macs, purchasing only one for the $29.00, or do you have to buy Lion for each individual computer?  If you can install onto other Macs with one purchase, how do you install on each individual Mac?  Thanks for any advice

Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Shawn Grinter 2 Level 3 (950 points)

    You are allooweed up to 5 Macs.


    However beware as the installer self distructs on use so you have to clone it *before* you upgrade.


    Simply Download from the Applestore and copy the installer to your two other Mac *then* run it.


    Make sure you do all the pre-installation checks, upgrades, compatibility checks and backups before you upgrade.




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    Where is the installer??



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    Let me see if I understand you.  My 3 Macs are in different locations.  Are you saying download the app, then duplicate it, put the dupe onto to a flash drive, then physically take it to the other location? Do put the app onto my desktop, then launch and install? Thanks for the reply

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    What I mean by install is what you use to do with any upgrade.  Buy the disc for 3 installs.  Stick it one mac, then another, then another.  Can you do the same with a one purchase of the Lion app, and apply it to other macs?