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    That's the funny thing seems that the problem persists more in the 27inch... there was a Graphic updated 3.0 which is listed in the right side panel... useless cause seems that is for 21in iMac... how ridiculous is that?... tomorrow I'm going to the Apple Store and complain and complain and complain until I get  new Logic board that seems so far that's been the problem, cause many of the current users who had been posting got new graphic card, new HD, new RAM and they still have the same issues...

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    Hello RUben do you still have the freezing problem or do you have any update? Cause it's been almost over a year since you started this post.

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    That's really *****... my iMac just freezes with no display distortion... still bad :S

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    I see from wikipedia that Lion became available for the public on July 20, 2011. Was anyone experiencing the freeze/crash problem before they installed Lion?

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    I just picked up my iMac from the Apple Store a few minutes ago.  Last week they replaced the AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1GB Video Card which did not solve the issue.  This time they replaced the Logic Board, 3.4 GHz Quad Core i7 and the 27" LCD Display and did the repair in a one day turn around.  Hopefully the issue has been resolved, will keep you posted.


    27" iMac, 3.4GHz, 1TB, 16GB, OS X 10.7.3 purchased Late December 2011

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    @TWKP:  Yes, from about Snow Leopard 10.6.6 my problems with freezes/crashes began.  That is why I refuse to go on to LION, where, from everything I read on these discussions, the problem only gets worse. It is my contention and the contention of others that this problem pre dates LION. I follow this thread though hoping that somre broader "cure" will present itself.  In my case, I had no problems pre 10.6.6, including with the whole 10.5 Leopard series. Why don't I go back to an earlier version? Well, my problem isn't that bad yet, and I am hoping against hope that some end to all of this will present itself.

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    Everything is working fine so far, no more Black Screen.  I don't know what exactly resolved this issue since the iMac had almost a complete overhaul.

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    Has anybody experienced the freeze/crash with a recently purchased 27" iMac? I may have to buy a new computer so I can get back to focusing on my business and not my computer problems!


    Has anyone successfuly downgraded (to something pre LION) and solved the problem?


    I don't live near an apple repair shop so frequent trips to replace one part at a time is not a solution for me.


    The other solution that I see is going to the 21" iMac as from what I can tell, this problem is only with the 27" model.

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    Buying a new iMac right now would be a risky move.  Some users on this thread have reported freezing on the 21.5" model.

    I began freezing in Snow Leopard, so I downgraded all the way back to Leopard.  But that was easy for me because I have a 2008 iMac that shipped with 10.5 (I still have the DVD).


    It would be safer to put off your purchase until the next iMac overhaul.  That should be happening fairly soon.

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    My iMac shipped with 10.5.2 and I have the disks. Can I ask for someone to please provide the steps for me to downgrade from LION?

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    I AGREE WITH STUDIO K. Further, my story is almost exactly like Studio K. I DO have the 21" model and have had freezes/crashes galore, . . . and with Snow Leopard. I had no freezes pre 10.6.5, they began with 10.6.6, and have also been there with 10.6.7 & 8. I will not go to LION until the problem is recified, if ever. I am contemplating going back to at least 10.5.5. I have not yet, because the crashes have become more infrequent--probably because I am using my mac less, and turning it off more, and so I am avoiding them.


    I am not convinced that the problem is not rooted in software. Anyway, wisdom also says that the next mac overhaul may somehow provide the answer too. What is sure is that the freezes/crashes are not limited to the 27" model.

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    to TWKP: I found a set of directions. You might try these.


    In the right hand top space for "discussion communities," type in this "how do i roolback to snow leopard' Type it exactly, but DON't enter it. You will find the person who posed the question dated July 2011 comes up, and you will find a reponse from "ds store"  when you go that question. ds store's response containes the info.

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    I reverted to Leopard in a very simple, inconvenient fashion.  I backed-up the contents of my Home Folder, erased my hard drive, and re-installed 10.5.2.


    After backing everything up, and with your iMac running, insert the 10.5.2 DVD.  Then restart and press and hold down the 'alt/option' key as soon as you hear the startup chime.  Don't let go until the boot menu appears.  When the boot menu appears, select the DVD disc.


    Before beginning the installation, launch Disk Utility (found under UTILITIES in the menu bar at the top).  Select your Hard Drive in the Table of contents and choose the Erase button.  Quit Disk Utility.


    Begin the Installation.  Once you've installed 10.5.2, You'll have to update to 10.5.8 and re-install all of your third-party apps. 


    This is not the most convenient thing to do, but it was worthwhile for me in that it likely prevented LION from breaking my iMac.  Not only does LION freeze your GUI forcing a restart (a bad thing indeed), but it also overworks the machine causing excessive heating. LION is very bad for your expensive Apple hardware.


    Leopard still works just fine.

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    Hi - I just started reading this thread today.  Same issues.  Most of my apps are crashing all the time.  The only one that seems to work for the past couple of days is Google Chrome.  I had a lot of issues over a month ago which forced me to do a clean install.  That seemed to help and ironically this week I was about to tell me wife the computer seemed to be working ok.  Then, 2-3 days ago, I installed the latest updates for Safari, iTunes (I believe), and a Java update.  Quite immediately after everything started crashing.  Anytime I would send an email Mac Mail would crash.  I couldn't even open up Safari.  All my old windows would seem to open and be loading and then Safari would crash.


    When I tried playing a song in iTunes it crashed and logged me out as a user bringing me back to the user logon page.  I'm running Lion 10.7.3, Safari 5.1.5, iTunes 10.6.1.  I have a 27" iMac 2.66 GHz from late 2009 with 12 gigs of RAM.


    After reading a number of posts on this thread I'm going to try to go back to Snow Leopard or Leopard.  I'm not sure I have the Leopard disks.  I don't remember having so many issues with Snow Leopard by any means.  Also, I have a Mac Book Pro from spring of 2007 that still functions perfectly.  Ridiculous.  Come to think about it I've been a Mac user since 2000 and this is the first time I'm experiencing so many problems.


    I have an appointment at the Genius bar tomorrow but after reading this thread I'm not sure it's even worth it - and I don't have Apple Care.

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    If your iMac is late 2009, then it likely came with Snow Leopard, and not Leopard.  Some have had issues with the later updates of Snow Leopard (10.6.6 through 10.6.8).  But many have not.  You may do well to try returning to Snow Leopard if you've still got your DVD.