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Hey all,


Upgraded to Lion last night, after installing the Aperture 3.1.3 update. Now in fullscreen mode, the button to send image to the second display is greyed out. Is there a trick to using multiple displays in fullscreen mode, or has Lion taken this feature away? I have always preferred Aperture's fullscreen mode, but now it seems using it requires giving up a second display in favor of an ugly grey textured image.


Additionally, it seems I'm no longer able to use trackpad gestures to navigate between the previous and next photos. I believe it was a two-fingered swipe that did this in Snow Leopard, but under Lion it seems no combination of fingers will allow for this. Perhaps someone else has figured out the new gesture, or is this another feature that's been removed entirely? Thanks in advance.

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    Can't answer you;re question directly has I haven't installed Lion yet but over in the Lion discussion list this post might answer your question re: Dual Monitors Anyone grasped dual monitors with Lion yet? . Seems that dual monitors may not be supported in full screen mode.

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    This topic is of huge interest to me, since I have a three monitor setup, and am close to a Lion upgrade.


    BTW, in Snow Leopard, the navigation is a three-fingered swipe.


    The support for what Aperture calls the "Secondary Viewer" under Snow Leopard is pretty much useless to me, since Aperture regards both external monitors as the "Secondary Viewer" and pointlessly overlays whatever I have on the third monitor with whatever I have on the second screen, so I get to see it twice, and can no longer easily multitask.  I was kind of hoping Lion might fix this.


    My suggestion would be to just use the second monitor for HUDs only.


    But if you have news or advice on this topic, please do post back here!





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    Lion does not currently support mulitple monitors when in full screen of an app.


    Basic write up at MacWorld here (section after Gestures):




    Some good overall Lion information at same site as well:




    If you also run Adobe products, make sure to take note of the fact that Lion does not install Java runtime which Adobe products need to run properly.

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    Thanks for this.  I just went to the OS X feedback site and gave them this message.


    "I have a maxed-out 2011 iMac 27" with a triple monitor setup.  I might have Aperture on the main screen in full-screen mode, Mail on the left one, Safari on the right.


    This allows me to multi-task very efficiently.


    I read in MacWord today that Lion destroys this ...


    "Lion’s full-screen mode doesn’t work well if you have multiple monitors. When you use an app in full-screen mode, monitors other than your primary display are dead zones: The app fills up your main screen, and other displays show only gray linen wallpaper. "


    The article is at http://www.macworld.com/article/161141/2011/07/lion_interface_gestures.html


    Why would you replace my view of Mail and Safari with "gray linen wallpaper"?  This is not very helpful, and doesn't demonstrate any understanding of how we in the real world use monitors.  I did not buy two large monitors to display linen patterns!"


    If you feel this is important, I suggest you go to http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html and have your say

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    Aperture still supports dual displays, but it's different under Lion. It appears there is no longer a Desktop setting..hence the linen display when the secondary display is set to Off. Check the other secondary display options in Full Screen to see if those work for you instead of Desktop.

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    Just to clarify what I'm looking for with Aperture/Lion and multiple screens.


    Here is a shot of my three monitors in Snow Leopard, from the left you see Mail +Aperture HUD, Aperture in full screen mode, Keyword HUD + Safari


    With Lion, will left and right monitors have Mail and Safari hidden by a linen pattern when Aperture is in this full screen mode?


    Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 9.03.38 AM.jpg

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    Strangly, the only app that works with use of both monitors in full screen mode is Chrome.

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    Locomotief answered this in another thread on gesture topic for Aperature. The setting in Aperture Preference's to use swipe to navigate between photos gets unticked. It is what fixed mine.