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OSX Lion seems incapable of changing the font in the mail list on the left side. The default is a horrendous, teeny tiny font. Going to Preferences > Fonts and Colors and choosing message list font reveals a font picker. All the other font settings work in this view except the message list font.


If you go to the "Classic" (aka ugly) view, your message list font changes work.


I am a big believer in software aesthetics, particularly in an app you are staring at all day.


Please, oh please, Apple tell me this is not a default behavior! At the very least, if is truly is impossible to change this, and the over-50 crowd must squint at mail all day, indicate somewhere in the prefs panel that this will not work in the new view.


I'm really hoping there's a solution for this. As cool as the new mail app is, this would be a deal breaker that would send me running back to Sparrow.

Mac OS X (10.7)
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