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    Rayced wrote:


    Have you been using Chrome still to browse? Probably with Safari you can achieve something better cause it won't launch any flash content.

    I need chrome for my work. I just unplugged the power while working to get the time.

    Perhaps you should try 10.7.2 (if you already haven't) and see if it improves your battery life.

  • Rayced Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm using 10.7.2


    But still the battery life has highly decreased since I've nstalled Lion.


    Let me say that one more time: no weird CPU usage by any daemon or application, no discrete GPU usage at all (the only apps I'm using to test battery life are Safari to browse and minimized in the dock). No Time Machine backups running at all, no flash player installed at all. I can get up to 4 hours and half of battery usage prior system hybernate.


    Under Snow Leopard I used to get around 6 hours of battery life having flash installed, letting system take care of screen and keyboard luminosity.


    I've tried the SMC reset a couple of times, the only benefit was the initial estimate time boosted at 10 hours as session begins, but I got exactly the same real battery life at the end of the session (as mentioned before as a "placebo effect" with the not-so-elegant dhiarrea metaphor).


    I'm gonna try the full battery drain and recharge, but I don't think it will make any improvement cause there has to be something sucking battery energy or a mis-reading of the system from the battery unit, or it could also be the battery firmware itself not working properly. Moreover I usually let the battery die before charging it again, in order to let it work as Apple reccommends to.


    Please note these are all ipothesis I'm making for my own experience and tests.


    Still I don't think this approach is fair tough.

    Users aren't the ones deputated to do this sort of tests, nor they can rely on other users claiming on an internet forum that they know how to solve it and this solution is doing the opposite an official (!!!) Apple technical document says (battery calibration); and that's also because they state they'd had a cofee break with an Apple engenieer who told 'em to do so.

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    Hello everyone,


    Wow! Seventy-two pages on this hot topic!

    I stumbled onto this discussion searching on the Internet for poor battery performance on a Macbook Pro. I bought a Macbook Pro with Lion about two months ago and I am totally dissapointed with the battery life. Right after a full charge, the remaining time was 3:55 hours. Now, a few minutes later, it shows 98% with 3:32 hours. Really dissapointing!


    I did not have the time (neither the patience) to read the entire thread, but, is it my impression, or this is still an open topic, with no solution as of yet?



  • Rayced Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Redarm wrote:

    Not at the moment.  I'm checking something else for which I needed a "clean" system.  I don't really want to intall anything on my internal one right now and I guess on an external one it doesn't make sense.


    Edit: can't hear them at all on light load if that's any help.

    I understand your point. Though iStatpro is just a dashboad widget which you can easly not get fired up (by not running it all) or un-install. I don't know a different way to have a reading of fans speed other than that.


    Probably DrChandra who claim a SL downgrade can also tell us his fans speed reading for comparsion.

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    Keep in mind that the time remaining estimates keep changing/recalculating based on what you're doing at the moment. As you stop using applications, based on their processor usage, you may see the hours left start to increase.

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    Similar situation here. I noticed battery life being sucked faster than before. I would be able to run at least 2 days without pluggin it in and now it takes less than 6 hours to drain. This is just checking email and surfing the web.

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    Power consumption comparison testing on an iMac:


    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my MacBook Pro 13" was also affected by this (I wound up reverting to 10.6.8 and recalibrating my battery, bringing back to 6+ hours reported capacity).


    Working in a college computer lab, I have a Core i5 iMac set up for testing with an SL partition and an idetically configured Lion partition (overlay upgrade) and can boot to either. Also, to support the lab's sustainability efforts, I have a consumer-grade Kill-A-Watt power meter I use for testing power consumption.*


    I don't profess to be a testing expert, but did what I could to make sure I had an apples-to-apples (so to speak) comparison. I've listed some information about the system's setup and testing procedures below the results.


    (Shown as Snow Leopard 10.6.8 - Lion 10.7.2)


    • Start-up time (from power off): 41.9 - 51.1 sec
    • Start-up peak power (occurring just as Desktop loads): 85W - 92W
    • Running power** (in Finder): 53-55W - 52-54W
    • Sleep: 2-3W - 1-4W
    • Shutdown time: 10.6 - 11.0 sec


    System info:

    • 21.5" Mid-2011 iMac, 2.7GHz Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD
    • Major 3rd-party applications: Office 2011, CS5 Web Premium, InDesign CS5, Firefox, Chrome
    • Significant 3rd-party background applications: Sophos Enterprise, GoPrint, (Deep Freeze was installed but disabled during testing)


    Testing info:

    • All Apple updates to date applied
    • Testing not begun until both OSs had two complete start-up, run for 5 min, shutdown cycles
    • Two tests were run on each OS, no significant differences noted between tests
    • All Spotlight activity confirmed complete
    • Lion updates were installed sequentially as they were released, starting with 10.7
    • Sleep was initiated from the Apple menu
    • No applications manually launched during testing runs


    * FYI: our iMacs run with ~30W lower power consumption than Dell Optiplex 760s (Win 7)

    ** Both OSs experienced brief power excursions up to 75W every 3-5 min. when awake


    I took up enough space with the test results. You folks can post your conclusions. However, if you note any flaws in my testing (that I can correct) or other things I can try (within reason), this machine will remain available.




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    While this doesn't address MacBook Pro battery life, the comparison with iMac power demands was interesting. I always sleep my Mac, so start-up time isn't an issue, but power use during peak operations is. 


    Since you have the equipment and methodology, it would be cool to see the differences between SL and L on specific jobs, e.g., web browsing with Safari, converting files with VideoMonkey or an equivalent (always a big power drain), downloading a large file, or using iDefrag (which turns most HDs into a hot-plate).


    Very interesting set of tests!

  • Redarm Level 4 Level 4 (2,580 points)

    Between 1995 and 2005 with only Safari and Mail open.


    Edit: kernel task being the highest CPU % user at around 4%

  • mobilesuitooo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    had a mbp 15" early 2011 build

    since the upgrade to lion, the battery life is around 2 hours(real life 2 hours, light surfing and typing)

    and it is mighty hot


    tried everything here, smc reset, pram, batt calibration, integrated graphic switching etc etc

    (though i can't download the lastest 2.3 epi update as the update says my machine is not compatible)


    Really have no idea how to solve this thing

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    I've switched wireless off and it still used 5% overnight.  So no idea what Lion is doing at sleep time that uses battery life.

  • Rayced Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Redarm wrote:


    I've switched wireless off and it still used 5% overnight.  So no idea what Lion is doing at sleep time that uses battery life.


    Same here. 4% of power loss during 8hrs of sleep time. Checking console logs it appears that there wasn't any activity during that time —as it is supposed to be since wake-up on network should work only when a laptop is attached to a power supply.


    I wonder what's gonna be the battery loss turning it off. And if it's gonna be the same as before this issue has started.

  • Redarm Level 4 Level 4 (2,580 points)

    Rayced wrote:


    I wonder what's gonna be the battery loss turning it off.

    None on my machine.  Shut down doesn't use up the battery's charge - it's doing something at sleep, it's just not logged (that I've seen).

  • Rayced Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Redarm wrote:


    None on my machine.  Shut down doesn't use up the battery's charge - it's doing something at sleep, it's just not logged (that I've seen).


    Ok good to know. Though I think I'm gonna try to log off any user account before putting the mac in sleep mode for hours next time.

    If the battery drain persists in that way, than I can exclude it is because of something launched by me.


    BTW today I've experienced a slight improvement in battery performance, even though I couldn't do the usual test (Safari and only). I had the "feeling" it was lasting longer than before doing some work (VNC, editing documents in Pages, networking etc.) which had my system also switch between discrete GPU and Integrated GPU. As said it's just a "feeling", there's no evidence from a real test of a battery life improvement. This was after letting the battery full discharge* and full recharge.


    *letting the system hybernate and waiting a few hours that also the last battery charge would be gone.


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    Redarm wrote:


    Rayced wrote:


    I wonder what's gonna be the battery loss turning it off.

    None on my machine.  Shut down doesn't use up the battery's charge - it's doing something at sleep, it's just not logged (that I've seen).

    Considering that:

    1. Lion uses a whole lot more RAM than SL (especially since apps are still running even after they're closed)
    2. RAM is still powered while Mac is asleep


    The higher battery consumption while sleeping could be due to the increased power required to refresh the greater number of ddr3 capacitors associated with those memory being used.

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