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  • chipmason Level 1 (0 points)

    sigh...I have this issue as well. Just looked at my MacBook Pro 15 2011, and now it shows 2:56 time remaining, and 88% charge. I thought these things could get 7 hrs on a battery?  I even run the screen at <50% power, but no help. I am definitely running the Intel graphics as well, as istat menus shows it running.


    Anyone tried SMC resets? Only 'fix' I read on these forums was someone who got a screen replacement and another who reinstalled Lion, neither of which I am excited to do.

  • ReDRuMxxx Level 1 (0 points)

    papalapapp wrote:


    Just an observation from me. Today I did a photo shoot with my Nikon D70. I had no apps running and ony plugged in the camera to fetch the photos via Finder. So every few photos taken, I repeatedly connected the camera to my MacBook, looked at the pictures and transferred them to the HD.


    The MB got quite hot which isn't a suprise due to the data volume of the images. But after the session, the MacBook wouldn't cool down and the fans kept running high. I haven't seen my MB this hot ever.


    I let the MB sit for over 4 hours so see if it would regulate itself down, but nothing changed. After a re-start the fans calmed down again.



    I noticed this also. Once something makes the fans go crazy and the computer heats up, the only thing that makes it cool down is restart. Even if the "culprit" program has been closed and nothing special is showing up in Activity monitor (set to all processes).

  • Franc_Iphone Level 1 (10 points)

    OK, I have managed to reporduce the battery life drain effect with little runing except one program. So can someone else give this a try.... download and install the free program called calcmadeeasy.


    Close most programs and let the battery time left settle.


    Then just launch calcmadeeasy and leave it running. Give it say 2-3 mins to settle down on battery again and tell me what you see.


    I went from 3hrs 45 (59%) remaining with just safari and mac mail.... down to a stable  2hrs 15 mins - with just this program (CPU still at 98% idle).... Sure other programs have similar effects but this one has to be a simple reproduction of what's probably going on elsewhere, not just in vendor apps but in apple apps as well.

    I will report to Apple as a way to reproduce the "effect" at least... maybe the problem here is the same elsewhere. we can hope. Let me know.

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    Are they going to fix this issue? I heard they've been working with an update

  • Neil Richmond2 Level 1 (5 points)

    I would be happy of they acknowledged the problem. Every Apple employee I talk says that it is the first they heard of the problem

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    I wish they would come forward to. I can assure you though, most know. I have pushed many in the Genius store who say they haven't heard and they cannot fail to admit "I" am not the first. They also read these forums. I've pointed many to this thread and you all should to.


    However, I have probably had now a dozen email exchanges with Apple at many levels. Some eople in this forum has also been contacted by Apple for detailed diagnostics.


    "They" do know about and "They" are working on it. I find it pretty embarressing for Apple that WE all know about it and they don't admit anything. That is my biggest beef but at least I do know they are looking into it. Check out this story;


    I encourage you ALL to comment here too;

  osx-10-7-lion-and-what-it-tells-us-about-apple-becoming-a-consumer-electronics-c ompany/


    At least print it out and take this article / bookmark this thread to the store too.

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    This is really odd: I rebooted and charged from about 1% remaining. When I unplugged from power, the battery meter read 99% charged, with 6 hours 18 min runtime. Now, a few mins later it reads 97%,  3 hours 45 mins. What happened to those ~3hrs? Maybe the battery meter is screwed up, and when I am at 0%, its really 50%?

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    I've had my Macbook Pro 17" Intel i7 2.3Ghz since June 2011, the battery performance under OS Snow Leopard was pretty good, 5 to 6 hours max, activities such as skyping, web surfing, creating iTunes playlist, watching some movies, were done and would not think there was something wrong with my battery, now, July came and decided to upgraded to OS Lion because that was the cool thing to do, and boy, my battery's percentage goes down like 1% every 3 min, the only thing I do is web surfing and skyping I don't use iTunes, I have read some of these post and I do believe it must be OS Lion using to much memory therefore hogging our batteries, Do you guys think I should downgrade to Snow Leopard until Apple figures this out or just wait until they do something about it? and how safe, considering I back up everything correctly shoudl downgrading be?



  • barnettech Level 1 (0 points)

    YES i hope they fix this!  I cannot even sit through a one hour meeting without a power cord.  I am a developer and just with MAMP running my battery starts off saying it only has 2 hours fully charged.  I fire up eclipse and it immediately drops to 1:38 fully charged.  I cannot even get through a meeting.  Time to get a desktop -- what's the point of a laptop that can't even run for an hour without a powerchord.  I will recommend folks don't upgrade to LION until this is fixed.  I heard downgrading to Leopard is a pain, so will just try to be patient.


    Apple, feel free to contact me if you need diagnostics or whatever.  I am a developer so may be able to be of some use.

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    I have the same problem. 17' macbook pro, upgraded in August right after purchase. Have been following this thread since then, but had not posted because I had no solution, and still don't. I wonder if the desktop macs have the same issue, but no one realizes it since they do not rely on a battery. Hope Apple addresses this soon.

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    I have the same problem, MBP late 2010 C2D heats up even with all apps closed, CPU always low (0-5%) and the battery during 3 1/2 hours. And the same is occurring with my wife's MB Air.


    I had this when I updated from SL to Lion, I had this even when I did a clean Lion install.


    I tryed SMC reset, but it only made my MBP show the real battery duration of 3 1/2 hours, before the SMC reset it would show 7 hours even when during only 3.


    The only solution that really worked for me was to abandon Lion and go back to Snow Leopard, I used it for 3 hours yesterday browsing, installing apps (xcode and others) and about 30 minutes of compiling code (with high CPU usage), and after all this the battery was at 50% with 4 more hours remaining. Oh, an there's no heating at all, even when compiling/browsing at the same time.


    I'm not really missing Lion's features since SL was already an awesome OS, I don't really liked to turn my MBP into an iPad.


    Apparently the heating problem and probably the battery too are caused by the GPU, since I used a lot of CPU power (compiling) on SL and my MBP didn't heat up, I guess the GPU is causing it.

  • eLnIñO! Level 1 (0 points)

    It must be problem that Apple should be aware of, I do not know how many post is it going to take for Apple to take action, it is really dissapointing that lots of people upgraded to OS Lion not knowing the batteries would be affected, afterall you expect Windows to have glitches not Mac OS, but if I would've known then I would not be here complaining, the only reason why I updated was because of the file transfering is so much easier than before between Macs (desktop-laptop), I do not even use Mission Control.


    Anyways I really hope that Apple does something about it very soon, I don't want to believe that article of Forbes Magazine saying Apple is more of a Consumer Electronics company whose primary costumers are iOS customers and readying a iOS update is more important than a Mac OS, considering the money we paid for is really embarasing for somebody with a Dell ask you "why is your laptop plugged in all the time? Don't you have a 7 hour battery performance?"


    Do something now!!

  • CT Level 6 (17,475 points)

    Learn a lesson from wkochbag. YOU do something, elephantman. NOW!!!

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    Neil Richmond2 wrote:


    I would be happy of they acknowledged the problem. Every Apple employee I talk says that it is the first they heard of the problem

    Many people are just not aware of this issue. Many of them dom't even know what they should be expecting from MBP. I was surprised that some of my colagues in IT simply did not pickp battery life drop after the upgrade.


    I'm writting this on Lion 10.7.3 (dev) which I installed hoping for a sign of improvement but ... simply, it's CRAP


    Snow Leopard 10.6.7 is still good and if you want battery to last longer, move back.


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone

  • wkochbrg Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for testing it for us, this way people will stop waiting for Apple to solve this problem in the next update, myself included.


    I'm really not missing much from Lion, and I don't know why but Snow Leopard feels more confortable/responsive, I'm using my MBP a lot more now than when it was with Lion.