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    @Rayced is right.  I don't know if I'm good to go yet because I just did this, but that's why I said it was the first "HOPE" for a "WORKAROUND."  I think Apple needs to fix this. 


    I haven't been able to fully test this yet, however I did see an increase in the estimates that I had not seen before, even after the SMC reset.  However, if this turns out to be like the SMC reset which seems to be mostly cosmetic, I'll be HUGELY disappointed.  I'm still within my 30 day window and my 2008 MBP is still working just fine.

  • htmanning Level 1 (10 points)

    BTW, the minute I start watching a video on YouTube or similar site, my estimated battery time remaining drops like a rock.  The 7 hour estimate is not a real world estimate.  Half brightness, with only a browser running, and no streaming could theoretically get you there.  At least that's my experience.  WIth normal browsing on a slightly higher brightness setting I'm seeing maybe 4 hours consistently. 

  • Barbara Passman3 Level 2 (180 points)


    Is Apple going to release some tool(s) so we can check our computers for legacy software and drivers?

    What you wrote makes sense; I started looking at my Applications and found I still had some older PowerPc aplications which I have not used in over three or more years! I uninstalled or trashed them.

    But how to find old drivers?

    Most of us need some guidance to know where to look and what to safely trash

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    I started sniffing for troublesome code.

    Found a couple of weird autologin items in my User Account. Via Google search I learned that I was still launching some Canon 8400 scanner drivers (scanner tossed well over a year ago).Read comments on line, going back for  a few years that these drivers are processor hogs. Found the esoteric login in item "CFMSupport folder" in the Library folder. Removed

    THEN I explored another Login item '"  Google search identified current comments in other blogs and areas from MBP and MBAir owners, these past few months all atesting that when removing this Adobe Bloatware, at least from auto log in , their computers ran more cool, less fan running and better battery life.

    I killed AdobeResourceSynchronizer so that is does not autoload whenever I boot my Mac. (Am not willing to trash as  I have found no description of the purpose of this application.)  it is not running AND upon reboot, my MBP is suddenly Q U  I E T. Will test when I work unplugged this week to see if,indeed, this was all or part of my issue.

    This may not be the answer and may not be everyone's answer but I wanted to share that I found other discussions focused on poor battery life and the negative effect of some hidden or esoteric items  dovetailing with what Franc_Iphone reports.

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    Regarding locating legacy applications and components, if you return to this page,, you'll find there a discussion of two memory-management applications, Daisy Disk and Space Gremlin.  Each is representative of a genre of similar apps.  These apps are designed to help you root out files, hidden and otherwise.  I've pasted in pictures of the two app interfaces so you can compare in your mind how they work and which genre might work best for you.  Daisy Disk is somewhat unique but there are several versions of file management systems like Space Gremlin.


    As mulligans missue pointed out in a following post, there are other applications, some open source (like OmniDeskSweeper), also intended to help you manage your storage.  Find out what works best for you.  One way to do that is to go to MacUpdate, search on one of the applications listed above, and then at the bottom of the listing find others to examine before making a purchase or downloading a free app. Do that three times and you'll have dscovered the major memory-management apps.


    These utilities will help you to locate legacy files, hidden and otherwise.  One you have the files' names, it's pretty easy to Google their descriptions and see if there is a reason reported on a forum or in an article for keeping a file or deleting it.  It wouldn't hurt to ask around (including here or your Apple helper) before deleting a potentially offensive file, however, as it might be essential to a purpose of which you're unaware.


    You probably already know about Activity Monitor, part of the OS; it allows you to watch your system functioning in real-time.  There are tweaks to AM that enable it to display hidden files in action.


    BTW, I have absolutely no commercial interest in any of these memory manager apps.  The descriptions and discussions of the applications posted are entirely my own, not copped from any commercial website.  I'm just glad they work.

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    I left this thread some time ago when it seemed to veering off-topic somewhat, but I took a quick look at the last days or so of messages and it seems, that looking at Franc_IPhone's comments, that there is, possibly, a solution on the way - yes I'm an optimist....


    My current situation (after all the SMC resets, integrated graphics switching, cleaning up apps and autoststarts) is 4-5 hours of battery life (realtime) using LION which is not great but my big problem remains the amount of drain the battery is subjected to when the MBP (late 2011 model) is sleeping.  It loses about 1% per hour which if left sleeping overnight or longer is a significant drain.


    Franc_Iphone - may I ask, now you have fixed your issues, does your MBP drain its battery when sleeping?



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    Hello everyone!


    I own MacBook Pro 13 2010 (MC374). This summer I've installed Lion, but the battery life redused nearly twice - from 8 to 4h. So I've reinstalled Snow Leopard.


    Is Lion worth an upgrade now? Did Apple fix the bug with battery?

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    I clean install Lion on my MacBook Pro and it's working for me SMC reset also help's BUT !?! I had to do this three times before i saw the result's and the changes were smaller!!! So i did Lion bootable dvd and install Lion in 100% clean harddrive. I hope my problem is solved ..right now it's seems pretty good  and battery hold much longer ((today 4 day after the clean install ,battery life up to 7 hour, before : 3 -4 hours even less.Mac is 1 y 5 month old )) And one more thing ..before the clean installiation my mac was a bit hotter but no longer . So i think : A clean install is indeed longer ,but the nerver remain and it will pay off . Good luck everyone!!!  I hope Appel learns and avoid such problems in future.



    PS! Sorry if my english is bad.

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    Yes!!! Removing items from:

    • /Library/StartupItems
    • /Library/LaunchAgents
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons


    • ~/Library/LauchAgents

    DRAMATICALLY improved my MacBook Pro's battery (I have a early 2011 15" Hi-Res Macbook Pro; i7, 8Gb RAM, 128SSD; as per my previous post:

    A note: to get to some of these folders, particularly "~/Library/LauchAgents", some users might have to navigate to "Go -> Go to Folder..." in Finder, since they are 'hidden' (or they can also just press 'Shift-Command-G'); after which a dialog box requires these folders' locations to be typed-in.


    The results I got, or noticed so far: for the first time ever since I have this computer I saw a battery estimate of 10hrs (just after rebooting when the files had been deleted), while not much was running. Of course when I started using it, opening folders, running browsers and so on, things fluctuated a bit, from 10hrs to 7hrs and to 6hrs and to 5hrs and then back up; but this is completely new to me since I had never seen it even settle below about 3hr (or, more commonly, 2hrs).


    The items I deleted from the aforementioned folders were, more specifically (I still have them on my trash folder, don't know where each of them came from):

    • com.adobe.ARM.[a bunch of numbers here].plist
    • com.stclairsoft.AppTamerAgent.plist
    • com.adobe.SwitchBoard.plist
    • com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist

    I had also deleted an item from "/Library/LaunchDaemons" named "", but I had some erratic Dock behavior when rebooted, so I simply restored that item (using Trash's "Put Back" feature), and things went back to normal without sacrificing battery to previous situation.


    As I type this, the battery estimate went from about 6h50 to 8h09, I'm running Firefox with some 3-5 tabs open; running a bunch of Menu Items (iStatMenus, ScrollReverser, Caffeine, etc), wifi is on (of course), keyboard light is off and I have half brightness set for the screen. Just in case, I'm also back to gfxCardStatus, which informs me that I'm on integrated graphics right now.


    If I had to guess, Adobe's things are to blame for these battery issues; isn't it ironic, after all the "fuss" ( And I'd blame Adobe because CS5.5 was the first piece of software I installed on this computer when I got it, so that would explain me having never seen a decent battery being reported on this brand new computer.


    Thanks all of the people on this forum who kept working on this issue, believing there was indeed something wrong; in particular thank you Franc_Iphone for posting your results. Depending on what happens in the next few days, I report back.



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    No problem Bob, good luck. I'm actually getting a real usage of 7+ hours per charge now for 5 days! depending upon what I do. I know it's only 3 of us so far but such improvements have for the last 4 months been very temporary or non-existent. I didn't remove Adobe to get my performance improvements, it was 2 drivers initially which were installed from older USB devices! However, the common thing is old stuff that's not obviously under our control. Apple now know about it, so that's good. For something to eat half the battery life and not show up in an Activity Monitor is also worrying.


    I have also seen an improvement in battery life with the lid closed sinced I removed the older drivers which perhaps is also indicative of the fact, these drivers might be "running" even with the lid is closed! It would make sense. I lost 5% in 8 hours last night with the lid closed which is still high but half of what it was.


    I've accumulated a list of many programs on my machine, that when run, consume way more that you'd expect in terms of "real" battery life. This backs up what Apple told me about legacy applications with older graphics calls performing much worse under LION.

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    Well, this is another huge disappointment.  After removing the apps from autologin I did see a dramatic increase in battery life estimates, but only on that charge.  After running the battery down I charge it all the way back up overnight, and when I opened it up this morning I was right back to the 4-5 hour estimates again.  We'll see how long I can use the laptop, but removing those items was definitely a cosmetic fix.  It was just like the SMC reset and it didn't last. 

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    htmanning, I didn't have much hope for you on startup items (since you can stop the startups from happening by holding shift at login). Strange you got some respite though, like the SMC reset - it doesn't make sense unless after first boot up, these resets prevent the drivers from starting..Mmmm. Anyway,


    Have you looked in these folders. This is where Bob and I concentrated. Why don't you post a screen shot of what's in there (we all should) and lets see if a pattern forms!


    • /Library/StartupItems
    • /Library/LaunchAgents
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons


    • ~/Library/LauchAgents
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    If you read my original post, when I removed the items from the startup I did them one by one, and tested as I went.  I narrowed it down to 2 older apps.  I got decent battery time of about 6 hours on that charge, but after recharging I'm right back down to the 4 hour range and as I'm typing this it doesn't even look like I'll get 4 hours. 


    I looked in those folders and removed things that were old.  However, I did not remove some files needed for Parallels, and PGP.  I also don't know what this is from /Library/LaunchDaemons




    Sadly, no matter what the workaround, I need to be able to use my laptop the way I use it, NOT in some bare bones mode just to gain the battery time.  It's disappointing because Lion has been out for awhile now and Apple should have had this issue fixed a long time ago.  Apple has really dropped the ball on this one and I'm just going to have to return this MBP and get my $4k back.   I have 2 MBP's, 3 MBA's, a MacBook, and an iMac.  This MBP 15 is the most expensive laptop I've purchased from Apple and has been the biggest let down. 

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    Thanks for all of the info Franc.

    Can I remove/delete these items?


    Startup Items was empty

    LaunchAgents had two items I removed

    Lauch Daemons has the following three items



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    htmanning wrote:

    I also don't know what this is from /Library/LaunchDaemons

    Well, the short answer is, that sells a bunch of audio programs. I did not see a program named "hermes" being sold, so the question is, do you still use it?  If you don't see anything over there that looks familiar, and you don't recognize the name, then it's probably not of interest anymore and you can remove it.  If you go into Terminal, and say

    plutil -convert xml1 -o - /Library/LaunchDaemons/


    you'll get the full contents, which can be posted here for more help.

    Sadly, no matter what the workaround, I need to be able to use my laptop the way I use it, NOT in some bare bones mode just to gain the battery time.

    And this is the real issue.


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