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    Has anybody updated to the latest mountain lion to verify these results?

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    Jimmy Kats wrote:


    Has anybody updated to the latest mountain lion to verify these results?

    Yes I have and am happy to report that my battery life is as it was before, excellent.

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    Has anyone updated to the 10.7.5?

    Does it improve the battery life?

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    I have, I have to say that I have seen battery life improvement since Mountain Lion.

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    Quote: Macforums


    Originally Posted by SaintsDesigns View Post

    I have the same problem

    macbook pro 17" duo core 2009/2010 model

    I updated to lion then mountain lion, straight after installing mountain lion I noticed the battery not charging above 98% and the service Battery message ...

    Funny when googled there seems to be a lot of hardware coincidences out there if it isnt a software issue ...

    I have just put a call into apple and had a conversation with them ...


    They basically got me to use ctrl alt shift & power as everyone suggests on google for 5 seconds ...


    he went on to say that there is no physical way to know this has done anything and said something about the LED's now work (they were working to begin with?)


    he also said it is normal for it to reach a max of 98% charge and that is above the average for the age.


    he said over time that will drop until it wont charge at all and at that point I could either replace the battery in the apple store or myself although he didnt recommend I did it myself ...


    The average life according to them is 1000 cycles mine is at just over 600 ...


    So from what he is saying it is software that determines the service indicator and max charge as he was saying it restricts the charge to preserve the life of the battery ...


    Again this only started once I had updated to Mountain Lion ...

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    Was wondering, on my computer CPU use is contributing almost half to "printtool"... I do not have my printer plugged in nor am I running any programs related to my printer. I tried quitting and force quitting this, only to have it pop right back up and maintain its CPU usage. Any thoughts?

    * I am running a 2009 MBP unibody with 4GB upgraded DDR3 RAM. And I am sitting on a "service battery" notification.

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    I just upgraded to 10.7.5 ... my battery life is now dire. Gives me 'Service Battery' message and capacity is down to 427mAh from 6900mAh.


    I've tried the SMC reset to no avail. I noticed that within an hour or so of updating, my magconnector light went orange while my MBP (15" early 2011) was plugged in - so something isn't right.


    I have 27 minutes from 'full charge' to power off


    CoconutBattery reports power usage as 14.9 Watts




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    Since I went on to Mountain Lion, my Battery life is ok again. With 10.8.2 I am approx. at the level of Snow Leopard (MacBook Late 2008 2 GHz C2D / 4 GB with 256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD optical drive replacement)

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    I have all most the exact same problem. I have seen my battery health in the last week drop from 43% to 22%. I was on Mountain Lion but I have since downgraded with a fresh install of Lion with no change. What ever this is It needs to fixed. I never had these issues until I updated to Mountain Lion.

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    I was having these problmes with Lion ... same kinds of rapid battery drop issues ...


    I was running VM FUsion occasionally... and the institution pushed McAfee to teh Windows 7 64 bit install .. this was killing Win-7 .. i got this permanemtn removed.  Windows was much better .. but battery life still was bad.  Then i noticed in the activity monitor that there was a VM process taking a lot of clock ticks .. turns out, i had said "YES" to the VM fusion prompt to install MacAfee during the original install of VM fusion ... i killed this ... you have to google "uninstall McAfee under VM"  to get teh program to remove this.  The MacAfee app for VM-Fusion runs even if you are not running VMware !!! ...


    When reseraching this i found a post that said to tell the Mac to use the graphics card and not automatically decide when to use it ... am not sure exactly where i found this .. but i changed the setting.  it didnt seem to matter ...


    Removing MacAfee solved teh batttery problem... my battery life returned to normal ... 4 to 6 hours .. under Lion ...  when i upgraded two weeks ago to 10.8.2 Mountain Lion,  the battery life is still the same ...   So, i do not think the bad battery life everyone notes is intrinsic to Mountain Lion.  I think it is other apps running.


    I also went into teh Genius bar and they removed all un needed apps from the start up.  Prior to all this, i bought ... to confirm my battery was good ...


    I do note that ML seems to continually update teh battery life .. so if a process starts, teh batter prediction will drop by an hour or two while the process is running, but will go back up when the process quits. 


    Hope this helps ....




    I am running a MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz I7   with 16GB ram .. 1333 MHz DDR3 ... the machine was purchaced in July 2011

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    I have never had 4 hrs out of mine its a 2009/10 model

      Model Name:MacBook Pro
      Model Identifier:MacBookPro5,2
      Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed:2.66 GHz
      Number of Processors:1
      Total Number of Cores:2
      L2 Cache:6 MB
      Memory:8 GB
      Bus Speed:1.07 GHz
      Boot ROM Version:MBP52.008E.B05
      SMC Version (system):1.42f4

    I have only ever got 3 hrs ish


    when running Lion I got 3 hrs and it charged to 100% no service message.


    I did  a clean install with a new Hard Drive (needed more storage) with Mountain Lion.


    As soon as I ran it the Service message came up, I only get 2 hrs life and it only charges to 98/99%.


    I have booted from the other drive with Lion and another external with snow leopard with now the same result


    The OS obviously writes to the batteries ROM ... Im just hoping someone comes up with a battery reset ... its normal to get less of a charge, I understand that, but it was fine until I upgraded ... £150 to take into apple as per the apple store price ... seems like either a glitch or a scam ?


    when mine eventually dies I will replace and run the mac into the ground, I wont be buying another macbook pro as they no longer do the 17' screen, which I have become accustom to. Seems apple have traded off their core users in favour of roping in the pc laptop market ?


    has anyone installed windows 8 on one yet ?




    Apple told me the OS manages the battery

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    I called apple today after my battery fell another 5% and they agreed that my computer had a defective battery and made an exception to get my battery exchanged. I have 149 cycles and 965mAh on full charge. My MacBook Pro(7, 1) mid 2010, is getting 20mins of life on the battery. I still do not know if Mountain Lion caused the issue or if it was shipped with a defective battery but I am glad Apple is going to replace my battery. Try giving Apple a call, they might feel for you and help you out.

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    well done, mine is now down to 1hr 50 mins ish and has done under 700, they basically as stated above ^ told me to whistle as thats acceptable ... the fact ive never got what people have said around 4+ hrs didnt even raise an eyebrow with Apple ... £2500 I would to be honest have expected a better service, but hey ho one lives and learns at least they sorted yours out


      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):8426

      Health Information:

      Cycle Count:698
      Condition:Service Battery
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    i installed a new hard drive in my mid 2009 15" mbp and decided to use that as an opportunity to upgrade to mountain lion. (so read that again, fresh install ..not an upgrade) and have patched to 10.8.2. I have reset the SMC a few times.


    My battery indicator immediately shows a "service battery" warning and battery life has tanked. so what am I to do? all of the suggestions out there on the net include a fresh install, updating to 10.8.2, etc. Will the problem persist if i replace the battery?