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  • Franc_Iphone Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    On Monday  (29th August), I had a new 15" Macbook Pro delivered. 2.3Ghz Quad Core, 8GB, 512GB SSD


    Ported over from my 3+ year old 17" MacBook Pro.


    After first full charge, battery is going from showing it will last 4hrs, 3hrs, 1hrs , very quickly. Standard use, web and email. I was expecting 6-8 hours at least. It looks to be getting  about a very poor 3 hours like everyone else. However, the irratic hours count meant I started counting manually. I was getting 2 hours and 45 on my old Macbook.


    After searching and finding this thread, I tried a few things to little avail so took it to Apple Store. Great guy ran all sorts of Battery diagnostics which all came back perfect. When I took it in, I had used it for about 2 hours from a full charge and it was showing just 28% battery life left. The Apple store guy was a tech guru (Chris in the San Fran Apple Store). He was baffled. He suggested I restore from scratch and only migrate data and apps, not settings but has logged this as a fault. He WAS aware of problems concerning battery but even wasn't or couldn't tell me what Apple were thinking.


    The Apple guy however DID notice something VERY strange that I saw too. At 28% charge, we plugged in the charger and the battery indicator was correctly showing 3+ or so hours to full charge. HOWEVER, it quickly jumped downwards to saying it only needed 1hr 5 mins to charge and he said, that just isn't right... THIS IS ANOTHER IMPORTANT think to look at.


    I took the machine back to my hotel and let it run down to FLAT. I then charged it back to 100% and unplugged it for use. Immediately I got a showing of 7-8 hours. With switching WIFI, BLuetooth off, it and dimming, it even went to 11 hours (I took a screen shot ).  I used it for 2 hours and it was still showing a 70% charge and 4.30 hours. I had to go out and plugged it in to fully charge again with the lid closed. I just came back, started it up, just email and web. It showed 5.30 hours (30 mins in it's shows 5hrs 21).


    So, go figure, it looks semi-fixed but still irratic. I might try the unload and reaload of LION follow by a lesser migrate but I'm not conviced. THERE IS DEFINATELY A BUG and the APPLE STORE GUY has seen it first hand. I will order a NEW MACBOOK pro if this doesn't get fixed in the next few weeks. I am not spending nearly $5000 on a machine that APPLE won't even admit has a problem - officially. Watch this space.

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    Just my 10c worth that I've found relating to the poor battery life on my MBP since updating to lion. 


    I have been following alot of suggestions in this discussion.


    I have ESET cybersecurity installed both when I had SL and after I upgraded to Lion, and then reinstalling Lion from scratch recently.   I have found just today that the realtime file protection has been causing alot of my problems with high temperatures and hence battery life, more so when time machine kicked off. 


    However nothing abnormal task wise was showing in the activity monitor.


    Disabling the RealTime protection has recitified things for me, temperatures running as per normal (fans on low), battery life back to normal so far.


    UPDATE: Much to ESETS Credit, I've only just logged an incident with them a few minutes ago and they responded with a request and a script to run, so looks like they are onto it.



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    Even with my power cord plugged in, im down to 95%...

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    The battery slowly discharges, even when not used (e.g., plugged in). It will not recharge until it drops somewhat below 95%, because it is not good for the battery to continually top it off. So there is no problem with a reading of 95% when plugged in. If it drops much below that and doesn't then recharge to 100%, then something is wrong.

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    THERE IS DEFINATELY A BUG and the APPLE STORE GUY has seen it firsthand. I will order a NEW MACBOOK pro if this doesn't get fixed in thenext few weeks. I am not spending nearly $5000 on a machine that APPLEwon't even admit has a problem - officially. Watch this space.


    It would be best to wait until 1.7.2 comes out and see if it improves your situation.  There's no point to buying a new MacBook Pro.  It will come preloaded with Lion.

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    I hope that we (2011 MBP owners) are not going to become famous for having a permanent Lemon with no fix. I may put Lion back and go to the store and see what one those blue personal is going to say!


    Apart from MBP I have one Macbook 7.1, 4GB ram. Lion 10.7.1 It seems that battery is not affected.

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    OK, update. The problem is consistent. I even found something to ultra kill battery life (at least the level indicator). Open Finder and search for something (say in title), keep doing something for 20-30 seconds and watch the battery life litterlally appear to get destroyed. Well it's shaved 2 hrs off of indicated life for me!


    So, I call Apple Care support. The guys walks me through a number of things, a reset, (repair disk etc.,) and reboot holding down R and P etc., After it all, my 65% battery life showed between 4 hrs and 30 mins and 5 hrs. Pretty cool. Awesome in fact. It stayed like this for the next 30 mins.


    So, at 55% I had to put in on charge again and 2 hours later it appeared fully charged (showed 100% and green light on power indicator). Opened it up and was seeing 3 and half hours again.


    So, something is definately happening and happening in varying degrees. I don't relaly have time for this. The CPU and disk usage are bordering on neglible. I really am not doing anything very much. This is madness. Something on the computer is throwing the battery life through the ringer and it's not consistent at all as to what it is.......


    Oh great, now it's gone back up to 6 hrs 20 mins during the writing of this after I shut down mail and calendar! But 86% after running for less than 20 minutes..... CRAZY for real.. GRRRRRRR..

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    Based on what you report with seeing the Apple guy etc. my guess is that your MBP is fine and your battery is also fine. Have you thought that maybe since you moved from one computer to the other, is there maybe some rogue process going on that's eating up your battery life?


    Take a look by firing up and seeing what the system log is saying. I'm guessing - but maybe there's something that's running out of control.

  • marysplacestudio Level 2 Level 2 (385 points)



    A srcoll through this lengthy thread would reveal that this is not a perceived but real issue. Apple sent me two MacBook Pros last month, both running Lion. I was getting less than three hours battery time on these brand new computers. Sent them back to Apple, bought an early 2011 with Snow Leopard, and I'm getting around 5 hours. Still not the 7 hours Apple advertises, but clearly much better than Lion based computers.

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    I have been plagued by the extremely short battery life with Lion 10.7.1  The Apple Genius wiped my HD and clean installed 10.7 to correct the problem because all the hardware checked out. A clean install helped quiet the fan but I only get 1 1/2 to 2 hour battery life. My MBP running 10.6 was at almost 6 hours then I upgraded to 10.7 and lost.  I am going to buy a MBA as soon as Apple can fix this buggy OS 10.7  I need a computer to travel with and currently a Microsoft OS PC has twice to three times the battery life as my MBP.


    I am a critic in that OS 10.7 was not fully tested prior to release as it would seem. The forums are overflowing with users complaining.  Apple is going to be releasing 10.7.2 in the next few weeks.  Hopefuly it will adress this significant problem.  This reminds me of Microsoft Vista OS probems.  Apple dropped the ball.


    (For dual boot fans - Parallels 7 is oustanding with Apple Lion 10.7.1  The upgrade is simple and it works!)

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    After the clean 10.7 install, did you migrate data from another Mac or a back-up?

    Are you seeing this low battery life straight from a reboot? If yes, what apps launch at login?

    Have you tried booting in safe mode to see what battery life you get?

    After first upgrading to Lion I too was getting very poor battery life, but after a lot of trial and error (see earlier posts), I am now able to reliably and repeatably get 6 hours of battery life from my early 2011 MBP 17".

    However... I can also get very short battery life if I run certain apps. These seem to be apps that cause the MBP to switch to the discrete graphics card.  If your login launches any of these apps, you will see poor battery life straight away.

    I do think Lion as a base OS is less battery efficient than SL and there seems to be a problem with the discrete graphics card power management. Apple should be held accountable for both these and will hopefully fix them soon.

    I also believe, however, that there are a lot of 3rd party apps which cause problems.

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    marysplace, nobody said this was not a real issue. I'm still hoping somebody will fire up Console to see if their MBP is running a process that is eating into battery life.


    That said, I don't think I've ever had more than 4 hours on this MBP after a full recharge.


    As others have said or implied, battery life depends on what you are actually doing with the computer. Scolding Apple will not resolve the issues some people seem to be having.

  • FastTJR Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)


    I don' think anyone who is taking the time to read and post on this thread would dispute that this is a real problem!

    It's helpful to try and understand the causal factors so that a fix can be identified.

    The two MBPs that you returned to Apple - did they show poor battery life straight out of the box with only the 'as delivered' software load, or did you migrate your data to them and then see the problem?

    As previously posted, I have seen incremental battery life gains on my early 2011 MBP 17" from an SMC reset, PRAM/NVRAM reset and several battery calibrations.

    The biggest gain, however, was when I had to wipe my machine, reinstall Lion and migrate my data from Time Machine (this was for an issue unrelated to the battery problem). At the recommendation of the Apple Genius who helped with the other issue, I did not migrate 'Settings' and 'Other files...' (these are the last two of four options under the  'Select Items to Migrate' section of the Migration Assistant).

    After my machine had been reindexed by Spotlight, I was seeing indicated battery life on a full charge of 8+ hours and was able to actually use the machine for 6 hours and still had around 10% battery life.

    This seems to support 'Tom in London's' suggestion that a process migrated from an SL set up might be a cause of some people's problems.

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    As a calibration reference, I'm using a late 2009 MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard with 78% battery capacity remaining (according to Coconut).  It's charged 95% and is reading 5:26.   So figure that around 100% capacity and fully charged it would last around 7 hours.  My most energy-intensive uses are audio- and videoconferencing and some video production. 


    Otherwise, I'm writing and/or web-surfing most of the time (no sniggers, it's part of my job).  I never loaded Lion on this machine because on my Air it caused my CPU to overheat and burn out my logic board.  That machine's back on SL too.  I'm glad to hear others are working out the kinks in Lion for Apple.  I still don't grok the interface.

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