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  • Franc_Iphone Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    So, 5hrs 30 mins left after 2 1/2 hours usage this morning. Still running the same Adium, Safari, Mac Mail and Ical and monitor. Fired up Mac versions of Powerpoint, Excel and Word, all with docs inside. Battery dropped to 5 hrs 15mins. That's OK. Made no difference minimized or maximized. Good.


    Fired up Iphoto. Killing battery. Showing 2hrs and 30 mins left. I minimized Iphoto. Didn't make any difference. Still killing battery and a crap 2hrs and 30 mins. CPU  usage less than 5% which is correctly so, after all all I'm doing is typing this. Killed Iphoto while minimized. Battery life shot back up within 2 mins to 5hrs and 20 mins.


    Fired up IChat. Made a small dent. Maybe just 30 mins so killed it.


    Fired up ITUNES. Made a small dent to battery life, even visible or minimized. An Optimized app from Apple for sure.


    Fired up Twitter app. An app I often have open. With it maximized. Stole nearly 2 hours of battery life. Minimized it. Made little to no difference. Still just over 2hrs of battery left. *****. Currently showing just 2hrs and 15 mins left. Killed it while minimized. Shot back up to about 5 hrs after a few mins.


    So there you have it. Pick your apps carefully... buggy or what..

  • Poikkeus Level 4 Level 4 (2,785 points)

    10.7.2 - With a mix of burning, ripping, web use, and idle activity, my 99% full battery fell to 35% after under three hours. After a little over an hour of video viewing, my battery fell to under 5%.


    In other words, after a little over four hours, my battery went from 99% to 5%.


    The update apparently had no effect on the battery. I had already blocked Flash. I'm unaware of what processes might be sapping the battery. With SL, my battery life was about 6.5 to 7 hours; with Lion, around half that.

  • DrChandra Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think that after 10.7.2 it is even more clear what should and what shouldn't be used if you want to preserve battery life. With this on my mind it very hard do see that we are going to see any improvement soon simply because Lion designers were focused on something else and did not care much about basic features.


    Just reading this forum it's easy to make conclusion that Lion doesn't handle well following: any flash content, video chat (any), any graphic card above the average load etc...


    No conclusion, use your own imagination. In meantime I'll start to think how to trick my self to believe that my Macbook Pro is actually a giant iPod Mini

  • IMightBeThomas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just wish the prediction was more consistent. I could swear it was with SL.


    I measured it by timing how long 1% lasted whilst did several things:


    Safari and Mail - Scrolling through safari it worked out to last about 5.30 hours.


    Just word document but constantly typing - 7.20 hours.


    From these measurements, it seems pretty good. But then at 50% scrolling through safari it will just keep changing from predicting 4.58 to 2.22 stopping inbetween etc. Don't understand it.

  • lex_luger Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    yep it seems like the battery prediction is all messed up, it goes haywire

  • [ML] Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Don't see any improvements after 10.7.2 update. So I'm afraid apple will never fix it.

  • Poikkeus Level 4 Level 4 (2,785 points)

    If you pay attention to the predicted battery times promised by 10.7.x, the numbers are computed dynamicamically relative to the system requirements. You can began with a full battery reading, say, 7.0 hours. But as soon as boot Safari, the battery says there's 4 hours left. If you do intensive applications like video conferencing, you may only 2 hours left in your battery.


    The same thing happens with a iPod Touch. Play only audio, and your Touch will last over twenty hours without a recharge. But start playing 3D games, and you're lucky to use the Touch for an hour.


    The problem has nothing to do with the battery. It's clear that Apple applications must draw consdierably less power. It's no problem if you have a desktop Mac, but if you have a MBP, the estimate of battery life will always disappointingly short.


    The only other solution: use your Macsafe adapter all the time.

  • terifromwinchester Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have reset pram and done all the clean up up on MainMenu and CleanMyMac and am still only getting a little over 2 hours on full battery. The "indicator clock" bounces all over the place, but I can't get through an entire Netflix movie on a full battery. Prior to Lion I got 5-6 hours.


    My start up time is minutes, and response time is very slow, often having the wheel just spin and spin on basic functions.


    Going to the Apple Store Saturday and hoping I will get some relief.

  • Franc_Iphone Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    I can absoloutely prove (and reproduce) over and over again that Macs own IPHOTO kills the MAC BOOK PRO battery life under LION 10.7..2 and I can prove that Itunes does not. I can see the battery jump up/down 30-50% each time quit/launch these applications.


    MS OFFICE apps do not kill battery life. Twitter does. Adium does not, SKYPE does. Safari does not, but flash on certain pages does. ICal and Mac mail do not. Again, moving off the flash pages or quitting the bad apps, my battery life increases again quickly.


    The battery killer apps, don't care whether their apps are minimized or not. The same apps were fine under SL, i.e. when the computer woke in the morning and said I'd get 4 hrs, I'd get 3 1/2 - 4 hours. Every day for 3 years running ALL these apps.


    I've spent most of today testing this. I've been on battery today for exactly 5 hours and 20 mins with 1hr 30 mins showing still and that's with me running all these tests all day today. I started early this morning with it showing 8 hours. I am a bench mark guru and written hundreds of automate tests in my life so I realize the importance of stability of environment. Nearly 7 hours on this charge is unique after 8 weeks now I know what apps NOT to launch. (In the real world I need them which is why my normal typical day is just 3 1/2 hours of battery max)


    APPLE have a clear machine here if they care. I can reproduce now all of this at will. It seems some programs, like Twitter, VMWare etc., are the hogs BUT they were written for MAC and fine in SL.

  • msinykin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Looks like the Google Talk plugin forcing discrete graphics has been fixed in 10.7.2.

  • Franc_Iphone Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Well there you have it. 6 1/2 hours use today from my 10 weeks old 15" x 8GB x 512GB SSD Lion MacBook Pro before it finally gave up with 10 minutes left. Started at 6am, it's now 3.30pm with the rest of the time it being alseep in bag. In the last 8 weeks, best I've got is 3 1/2 hours.


    Careful use (just basic simle apps), Mac Mail, Safari, Adium, DropBox, ICal and a number of apps as I've said for testing proves the battery is perfectly capable of spitting out "life".


    Now, we just need APPLE to tell us why these battery killer apps are SUCH battery hogs. A simple program like Twitter for example, even with me turning off ALL internet connection, drained the battery availability by over 40%. Even when minimized. It's NOT a graphics app even. As soon as I quit TWITTER, within minutes, I'd recoup my 40%.


    APPLE, Whatever the TWITTER program is doing to interfere with the battery under LION 10.7.2 is probably the same as the other apps like IPHOTO, SKYPE, Face TIme etc.. How hard can THAT be to debug and fix. then all the apps like Twitter, that were fine under SL, will not kill the battery that we all in this thread are suffering under LION.

  • lillfredrik Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    got sick of seeing my battery health decreasing daily, from 6539 max charge to 6245 max in 2 weeks.  Reinstalled SL and now the battery health instead is increasing, hurray!!

  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6 (14,890 points)

    The problem is you're ignoring the question of what apps are doing in the background.


    For example, the Twitter app may, because you shut off the Internet, be spinning trying to connect and retrying when it fails - check Activity Monitor to find out.


    Likewise iPhoto may well be the most processor and graphics-intensive program you can run short of iMovie, Photoshop or Final Cut Pro.


    The battery time remaining is, of course, an estimate based on how long operation can continue based on what you're currently doing.


    Finally, note that current battery life specs for new machines are all based on life surfing the web via Wi-Fi.

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8 (43,325 points)

    lillfredrik wrote:


    got sick of seeing my battery health decreasing daily, from 6539 max charge to 6245 max in 2 weeks.  Reinstalled SL and now the battery health instead is increasing, hurray!!

    Then you have discovered perpetual motion and will be come the richest man ever, batteries discharge, whatever you do, if SL is telling yo that your battery is increasing (rather than decreasing) its capacity I would suggest reinstalling SL

  • putnik Level 3 Level 3 (765 points)

    msinykin wrote:


    Looks like the Google Talk plugin forcing discrete graphics has been fixed in 10.7.2.

    I'm not sure about that. But I don't have it now, so can't comment on if it is still causing problems.



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