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    I'm going to ask for a refund for my apple remote since i consider it worthless without front row.

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    If you watched the video of the World Wide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs explained that Frontrow would not be in Lion.  He gave the reasoning for it also.


    With the Apple TV and iTunes changes, there appeared to be a redundancy.  Also, as some have stated here, Frontrow was never up to Apple standards in its performance.


    Concerning the usefulness of a remote without Frontrow. . .The remote operates several programs on your Mac.  For one, Keynote is useless with a remote.  It also controls iTunes, etc.

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    I think they are just preparing it for Lion so it will be compatible... I'm sure it will be made available as an update soon.

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    You can hack it but it is still blocking itunes music & movies... it does work with non-tunes movies though, such as home videos you may have made.

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    thanks, but how do i get access to these files from snow leopard if i have already installed lion??

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    Front Row is not compatible with itunes 10.4 and higher Music Library. As iCloud will be introduced soon, the new Library format is needed and because it is incompatible with FrontRow ( which was a remote controllable fullscreened Frontend to it's "backend-engine" : iTunes ) it needed to be removed. If only for Fullscreen feature.. well iTunes 10.4 can that now.


    the Apple Remote Control is not produced/sold anymore and newer Macbooks are not shipped with one for a long time now, so the support is gone and in Apple's logic this means that also software taking advantage of such a "rare" hardware can now be dropped..


    That's also the reason why iSync is gone. Syncing solution for the future is iCloud.. Who owns a mobile phone from Samsung,Sony,Nokia ? Don't we all have ipads,ipods and iphones ?




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    For the first time in at least 10 years I am angry with Apple. Losing Front Row is a very dissapointing and cynical marketing move by Apple. I would not have updated to 10.7 if I knew Front Row was no longer and think I will reinstall OSx.6 to get it back.


    Front Row rocked!

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    You can give this a try.



    Also, if you're up to it you can also try Plex which is a Media Center, similar to XBMC, if you have heard of it before.

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    The Apple remote is currently available for £15 from the online Apple store.  The blurb says that it works with Front Row!  I'm with Sovelin.  I want a refund.


    When Steve Jobs explained why he was dropping front row, did he explain that it was because they had extracted all the possible revenue from that product, so now that he has got us addicted to the features he is going to make us buy something else?  I think I've seen this business model somewhere else.

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    radiv78, nice job identifying the important files. But modifying the /System directory really bothers me for all sorts of reasons. So I posted a write up on how to alter the files to create a self-contained, drag-and-droppable Front bundle:


    This won't solve the iTunes update problem though.

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    Sadly there is no replacement for Frontrow, and the workaround doesn't really work. Plex is complicated, ugly, and doesn't touch podcasts. I use Frontrow more than i anticipate using any of lion's new features, so i guess snow leopard is the last stop for me. The Mac mini as htpc is not in Apple's plan.

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    Yup. I've about had it. Shouldn't Apple be working on making an iPad more like a mac instead of the other way around? I mean, I bought an iMac to use ask a desktop, not a mobile device. Also, I still can't watch flash videos. Loading one causes my computer to crash. Nothing has been able to fix this yet. And there are a bunch of other little issues that I keep running into that drive me crazy.


    Anyway, I've decided to upgrade my computer to Snow Leopard. As soon as Apple releases a real operating system, I'll be ready to switch over. But right now, SL works great, I have no issues, and if it isn't broke, why fix it?

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    I'm extremely dissapointed with Apple's decision to erase Front Row. I've had an iMac for two years and a half, after taking a major financial step and paying 1700€, when I could've bought an amazing PC for less. I didn't doubt Apple back then and I never did until I downloaded OS X Lion. I've been extremely happy with my iMac and was planning on increasing my Apple family with other products such as an iPhone or even an iPad, but after using Lion for 4 days, I feel like Apple is turning into the new Microsoft; OS X Lion being the new Windows Vista. I'm sorry Apple but with DOWNGRADES like Mission Control, pointless eye candy like Launchpad and absolute mess ups like leaving Front Row aside, I will be on my way back to Snow Leopard and will probably start thinking of Android or Blackberry instead of iPhone...

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    Yeah, I totally agree. Mac is getting sexed up and dumbed down. It feels like form has trumped fuction. I've been with Mac since my Mac SE, but I think the long glorious run is over.